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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Overcome Anxiety: Meditative Breathing & Oxygen

It was about 2001 that I was diagnosed as having "Panic disorder". At that point in time my anxiety was manifesting as hyperventilation, dizzy spells, chest pains, and an immense sensation of fear and foreboding. It only got worse before it got better, and for a few years I was plagued by panic attacks, agoraphobia, and general fears and worries of all types. 

It wasn't until I started to really heal and make progress that I had the clarity to look back on my life and realize that I have always had panic disorder. I think back to my childhood, different times and experiences, and realize that what my parents thought of as tantrums, or acting out, or being too emotional and sensitive, were actually panic and anxiety attacks that were out of my control. 

When I was first diagnosed I did what regular society expects you to do; I saw a therapist, a psychiatrist, and took different medications. These medications proved helpful, in that they shut down my emotions, and rather removed all feeling. But that was a problem in and of itself; I'm a highly feeling woman, taking away my emotions was pretty much like removing my ability to relate to life. After a few years of therapy and medication, and after a year of intensive daily meditation on my own, and a vigorous determination to be well, I walked into my shrinks office one day and essentially fired her.

What an empowering day!

How Does Meditation Help With Anxiety?

Oxygen is essential to our biology; when our brain doesn't receive enough oxygen our entire vascular, heart, and blood system is deprived, and we end up breathing shallow and not thinking clearly. These days, many people are oxygen deprived and it is obvious by the staggering amount of anger in the world. If everyone took a few seconds to breathe deeply after a scary or frustrating situation, then they would be better equipped physically and psychologically to deal with adversity. When we don't get enough oxygen our brain is literally working overtime without all of it's necessary components.

Meditation has many definitions and understandings, but I'm going to bust through the new age spiritual aspects and get to the physical benefits of meditation: breathing.

When you breathe in deeply and hold the inhale in for a few seconds, you allow a rich supply of oxygen to travel through your lungs, into your blood stream, cells, heart, veins, and eventually to your brain. This is like pumping high octane gasoline into your car; your car can run well enough with regular gas, but a high test gas is going to improve the overall performance of the car! The same applies for the human brain and oxygen.

Meditation begins and ends with breathing; no matter why you're meditating, or what your goals are, every single person upon the planet who meditates does so with normalized deep inhalations of breath, and slow steady exhalations. This rhythmic inhale/exhale exercise is easy, anybody can do it, anytime. You can breathe deeply right now while you're reading these words and I urge you to do so. Begin now, by taking one long cleansing breath in, and steadily count in your head to about 5 or 6 as you inhale. Once your lungs are full of rich air, hold the breath in for a count of anywhere from 3-6 seconds, then slowly and steadily release the breathe by exhaling to a count of about 4-5 seconds. Do this a few times. As you read these words, breathing deeply, exhaling steadily, feel your muscles in your shoulders, arms, legs and ankles begin to un-clench. Feel your body begin to truly relax, as your muscles now start to let go of contained energy and stored tension. 

Do you feel that? 

This is the basis of any and all meditation; breathing.

You do not need to do anything beyond this, for now this meditative breathing will suffice, as you are now empowering yourself by doing something which gives you instant results and gratification. You don't need to sit in the lotus, or chant, or try to astral project; these are not the goals of meditation anyways. 

Meditation is simply about clearing ones mind to focus on the purity and pervasiveness of this very moment; now. This never ending moment which is sliding second by second into each new moment, is all you need to focus on as you breath deeply in, and exhale deeply out. And in doing this, and focusing on only this moment, you become aware of your self, and your body, and your environment, in this moment. And this is the only consistent truth in the world you can surely rely upon besides death; this moment, and your environment..

There are other posts here on Soul Searching about Meditation and you can search that category or contact me on the Facebook Group to find out more, but for now, if you've come here to find relief for your own depression, anxiety, panic, or agoraphobia, then this is a good place for you to start.

This moment now, with you, breathing deeply, hearing the ambient sounds around you, smelling the scents around you, feeling your body, each muscle, each twitch, your lungs filling and emptying, this is the key to liberating yourself from the fears which hold you in stasis right now. 

Do this breathing often, several times a day. I breathe deeply when stuck in traffic, when cleaning my home, when reading, when walking, when arguing with someone, when faced with a difficult decision, when stressed beyond my limits. I breathe deeply and give myself an advantage by enriching my brain with oxygen, and pulling my awareness into this very moment right now. In doing this I liberate myself from victim mentality, and take control of something only I can control: my oxygen intake, and my thoughts.

I wish you blessings and strength as you move on from this post, and begin to use deep meditative breathing to begin to truly heal yourself. I will continue to post more and more about overcoming anxiety and depression. I will always have depression, and I will always have a propensity towards panic. But I no longer have panic attacks, and my bouts of depression are few compared to what they were even a decade ago. 

Trust in your intuition; if it tells you to trust in me, then favorite this page, or subscribe to Soul Searching, and let's work together to bring you back into the moment, in balance, and with nothing but peace and hope.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Solar Plexus Chakra: Personal Power & Will

The third Chakra is the Solar Plexus, which is located above your naval, and above the Sacral Chakra, and the Sanskrit name for it is Manipura, which means "Jeweled City". The Solar Plexus is our internal sun; the solar rays of the Sun in the sky beam directly into our own Solar Plexus, and this Chakra powers us as the Sun feeds the plants and animals on Earth. This Chakra directly relates to our sense of power, self-assured control, contentment within ones self, and being on top of your "game", as it were. This Chakra charges our faith in our intuition, and gut feelings.

The Solar Plexus houses our dignity, pride, ability to have faith in our self, and rise to challenges in life. Through this Chakra we develop confidence, or when misaligned arrogance. A healthy Manipura will shine like the sun, and engender feelings of peaceful love of the self, acceptance for who we are, and an unconditional love for our being. When our inner sun shines within us, we are warm, generous, kind, and giving, because we know on a deep and innate level that we are good the way we are, and we can share of ourselves freely, because we are sure of who we are.

The Solar Plexus is yellow, and is represented by the 10 petaled flower and is directly attached to our sense of self, self-image, will, determination, and self-reliance.

Placed above the naval, the 8th Thoracic vertebrate on the spine. It shines forward and backwards, in a double funnel shape, and radiates just below the breast bone as depicted below.

Where the Sacral Chakra relates to sensuality, joy, and peace within our body, the Solar Plexus is all about a greater sense of who we are, self-awareness, and personal power. An overactive Solar Plexus will cause a high stress type personality; with arrogance, dramatic reactions to life events, often leads to a victim mentality, and a warped self-image. These people can be overly sensitive, emotional powder kegs, and unable to accept personal accountability in a mature responsible way. And as a polar opposite, people with an under-active Solar Plexus will be meek, timid, uncertain of themselves to the point of severe insecurity, or having a guilt complex. They can be extremely passive, and rather watch life happen then leap in and participate.

Manipura Symbol: 10 Petaled Flower

Blocks in the Solar Plexus Chakra:

Blockages in the Solar Plexus can lead to rather serious issues in ones life, as this is the center of our self-image, confidence, and power, therefore a block can lead to rather tumultuous life experiences. When a person is not sure of who they are, or what they're worth, plus don't really trust themselves or have confidence, imagine the amount of stress they live with in their minds. We all have moments of insecurity, and this is natural and human, but to have a blocked Solar Plexus and live with this type of uncertainty all the time is exhausting emotionally. This will eventually lead to psychological problems, which can translate into chemical imbalances, depression, and generally unhappy circumstances. 

Physical symptoms of a blocked Solar Plexus include ulcers, indigestion, hypoglycemia, diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia, and kidney or liver problems. This can also include diseases of the gall bladder, and the nervous system.

It's no surprise so many spiritualists are suffering with these issues, including fibromyalgia, most of the truly spiritually devoted seekers I meet suffer this often debilitating pain condition, myself included. We spend so much time working on our upper Chakras, achieving spiritual connection, channeling, healing with energy and lightwork, and yet we can tend to neglect our lower Chakras, which leads to inevitable blockages.

The good news is it isn't dire; we can always bring our Chakras back into perfect alignment and health. And the Solar Plexus is a real treat to heal, as when we start to work with it, we begin to really get to know who we are. And a self-aware journey of understanding for who we are is a very emotionally nourishing journey to go on. I thought I knew who I was, and what I wanted, for a very long time in my life. It was after my health began to decline that I really began to explore my Chakras deeply. Until then I had simply worked with them during ritual and meditation. But getting to know them better a decade ago launched me on a journey I would never forget! After years of painstaking honesty with myself, real reflective seeking within, calling myself on all my flaws, faults, and facades, I began to know myself in a poignant and very profound way. I can honestly say I love myself. I understand who I am, how I operate, and my cycles. I understand my fears, and my limitations, and how I harm myself with insecurity and uncertainty. My Solar Plexus routinely goes out of whack, and I have to bring it back into alignment often; this is due to my radical journey of self-awareness; I am made aware on a near daily basis of just how fragile my persona is, how fierce my ego is, how funny it can be to watch me slip into old cycles and patterns. Most deep seeking spiritualists will fully understand this, and may be grinning in self-aware identification of this; our facades are entertaining.

Once you really get to know yourself, on a deep enough level to laugh at your own folly, you will find your Solar Plexus begin to radiate health not just within it's light, but also within the areas of the body that have suffered for it's previous blocked state. While I still have fibromyalgia, I no longer suffer excruciating acid reflux, and the pain of my fibromyalgia isn't as horrendous as it was five years ago. Slowly my physical body is righting itself, as I right my Solar Plexus Chakra.

Balancing & Cleansing Your Solar Plexus:

The element for this Chakra is fire, (think Sunshine) and when in balance this element provides warmth and sustenance. When out of balance or blocked the element of fire lends the Solar Plexus fear, and anxiety. Using candles is a wonderful way to express energy through your Solar Plexus, and making a little "candle magick" can go a long way towards unblocking the stuck energy. Light a candle, and say a blessing to grant your "ritual" the Love and support of the Universe. Then focus on the flame as you breathe meditatively, and repeat affirmations and mantras, such as "I am a good person" and "I am in control of my actions and thoughts". The key is to empower yourself as a person, and to begin to get to know yourself, and like yourself.

Healing gems and crystals associated with the Solar Plexus are Moonstone, Citrine, Amber, Yellow Apatite,  and any other yellow or gold stone or crystal. 

Scents that help activate and stimulate the Solar Plexus are:

          • myrrh
          • frankincense
          • balsam fir needle
          • lemon

Solar Plexus Affirmations

"I love and accept myself."

"I stand up for myself."

"I am strong and courageous."

"I am worthy of love, kindness, and respect."

"I choose the best for myself."

"I express myself in a powerful way."

"I am proud of my achievements."

"I honor my self."

"I choose healthy relationships."

"I am authentic."

"I direct my own life."

"I appreciate my strengths."

"I feel my own power."

"I am free to choose in any situation." 

"I seek opportunities for personal and spiritual growth."

"I am at peace with myself."

The solar Plexus rises up to the Heart Chakra (coming soon).

Wishing you Balance, & Peace!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sacral Chakra: Feelings & Sensual Identity

The Sacral Chakra, the second, and next up from The Root Chakrain Sanskrit the name being Svadhishthana meaning "Ones own base" or "dwelling place of the self". The Sacrum is associated with the element of water, the sense of taste, and the act of procreation. This Chakra directly relates to your pleasure, enjoyment, and passion. It is tied to your sexuality and sensuality and is located above the Root Chakra, below your naval.

This is the center of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection. As such, the challenges within this Chakra are found in our ideas of sexuality, societal conformity, our ability to express our sensuality and experience orgasm, and to reach deep levels of intimacy in relationships with others. Wounded Sacral Chakra energy will express itself in sexual repression, inability to climax, judgment of others sexuality, or your own sexuality, and a lack of pleasure within ones self and life.

The Sacral Chakra is orange, represented by the six petaled flower, and is very closely related to our creative and expressive natures which we explore more closely in the upper next two Chakras.

Placed at the abdomen, this Chakra shines outwards from the spine, to the front and back of the body, as illustrated below. It is located in the first Lumbar vertebrate, affecting the ovaries in women, and the spleen in men. 

As you can see, it widens as it exits the body, and when healthy and clear it shines brightly in a spiral, or funnel shape and consistency. 

If the Root Chakra pertains to security, and remaining grounded, then simply put the Sacral Chakra relates to our body, and ability to be at peace, and joyful within it and our self. If we do not feel free to simply be who we are, this Chakra experiences difficulty. It is typically called the "Sex Chakra", and while it does encompass our sexuality, it is not limited to just that. Our freedom to express ourselves arises from this Chakra, as does our sense of self, security as a person, independence, and inner contentment and happiness. 

Svadishthana Symbol: Six petaled flower

Blocks in the Sacral Chakra:

When the energy within the Sacral Chakra is inhibited and blocked, there will be many emotional and mental symptoms to evidence it; among them being insecurity, guilt, shame, impatience, creative blocks, and tension. 

Physical symptoms of a blocked Sacrum include Impotency, cystic ovaries, IBS, menstrual problems, Prostate and Testicular dis-ease, as well as frigidity and lack of ability to reach an orgasm. 

This can be a touchy Chakra to work on, unless you are prepared to examine your sexuality, and experience possible stimulation and sensations within your sex organs. When you work at clearing the Sacrum and begin to work with the energy, it can lead to sexual excitement, or downright feelings of being horny! And there is nothing wrong with this; our society has been conditioned to view sex as something private, naughty, and somewhat wrong, and we have to break these outmoded ways of thinking in order to heal and cleanse this Chakra. We are sexual beings by nature, we were not born with sex organs simply to pro-create and make children! We were gifted with our genitalia in order to enjoy them! Why would we be able to achieve orgasm unless we were meant to? And a good orgasm can be the most thrilling, fulfilling, and healing experience going! 

So get ready to get real when working with the Sacral Chakra, as it's going to draw your attention to your genitals, and the warmth that floods you when your sexual chemicals release. And that's okay!!! Explore your sexuality and sensuality through this Chakra, understand that as Souls we are neither male nor female, and in our bodies we are not limited to being simply male or female, unless we choose to be. I for one find the female body extremely attractive, and am not ashamed to admit that when I see women kissing it is a turn on! I don't rely on gender labels to define who I am, I am a sexual human being, and I derive pleasure in many different ways, and so should you. 

Balancing & Cleansing the Sacrum:

The element for this Chakra is water, so being in or near bodies of water is a very good place to start when working with the Sacral Chakra. As with the Root Chakra before it, this Chakra is wonderfully attuned and healed when we meditate, and also responds beautifully to crystals, pendulums, yoga, mantras, and scent.

Some powerful crystals for working on your Sacrum are; Hematite, Orange Carnelian, Amber, Orange Calcite, Citrine, Blue Jasper, Red Jasper, Topaz.

The Scents this Chakra most actively is stimulated by are:

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

"I love to feel pleasure in my body"
"I easily accept pleasure"
"I am surrounded by relationships that feel good"
"I am a sensual and creative being"
The Sacral Chakra rises up to meet the Solar Plexus!

Wishing you Balance, and Passion!

The Root Chakra: The Base of Security

The Root Chakra, in Sanskrit called the Muladhara which means: Mula - "Root", Adhara - "Support, Foundation". The Root represents our sense of security and safety in life, and as such this is where we store our childhood trauma; as we get older and either let the trauma go, or hold on to it, it is either let go of or stored within the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra is red in color, comprising the bottom three vertebrates of your spine, your pelvis, and your tailbone, and then emits outwards from your perineum (the area between your sex organs and your anus). It becomes wider as it travels out of your body.

The Root Chakra is the first of the seven primary Chakras; they all flare out like cones, the five internal Chakras flaring out into double cones front to back, and the Root and Crown (bottom and top) flaring outwards.This picture illustrates this:

The Seven Main Chakras
You can see the Root goes far beyond your body, down into the ground below you, and this is in fact where we achieve Grounding. When you extend your Root energy into the Earth, you can make it take hold, connecting your physical and spiritual body into the Earth itself, taking root (see the connection?) in order to keep you "grounded". This has the effect of keeping you connected to the 3D reality you live within, while you explore higher dimensional vibratory levels of awareness in your waking and sleeping world. 

When the Root is healthy, and shining freely, we are unfettered and grounded quite simply. Yet the Root is a cause for concern for most people, as this Chakra relates to your sense of security and safety in this Earthly world. Our childhoods tie closely into this Chakra, and any abuse, or disharmony can become a clogging factor in the energy and the way it vibrates. Any thing or one that inhibits your sense of liberty, safety, and security lends to a sense of disconnect within the Root.

Much of what you feel in regards to comfort and stability in your life now has less to do with what your life is actually like now, and more to do with your childhood, and the residual memories that live within your mind, and your Root Chakra. When you do energy clearing and healing work on this Chakra you can release those residues, which will manifest emotionally, letting you face and confront them so you can then release them, as well as dissipating that energy disruption within the Chakra itself.

It is important to know that when doing energy work of any kind, the energy will always translate into levels of self awareness, emotional understanding, and mental understanding. In this way, when you release trauma from a Chakra, you must also face that trauma in a conscious way, in order to be sure it does not re-emerge to block the Chakra again in the future. 

Muladhara Symbol - Four Petaled Flower

Blocks in the Root Chakra:

Blockages that stifle the energy flow in the Root Chakra will evidence themselves in many ways, such as anxiety, depression, nightmares, phobias, and irrational thoughts and behaviors. 

Physically these blocks and emotional/mental disorders can lead to problems with incontinence, problems with the bladder and colon, lower back, legs, feet and possibly eating disorders.

It is vital to understand that these blocks do not mean you are out of alignment at this time; you may be experiencing a beautiful divine awakening process, and be consciously aware of who you are, and yet still carry trauma in this Chakra, which will inhibit your health, well-being, and development. There is nothing to be ashamed of! I myself have quite profound issues in my Root which I'm only recently really coming to identify and understand. I am working daily at releasing past trauma from my Root in order to identify it, and let it go. This is what our awakening is for; to help us rise above the lower dense vibrations we have lived within all our lives.

Balancing & Cleansing the Root:

Cleansing and balancing our Chakras is simpler than many will tell you; yet in that simplicity comes a need for repetition, and the forming of new healthy habits. A cleansing may work at first try, yet if you leave off and don't pay attention to that Chakra, it will become blocked again, so the key to cleansing and balancing lays within developing a conscious desire to be energetically aware of yourself. 

Meditation is a pure and powerful tool for energy balancing. Meditating outside is powerful, as the Root is directly connected to the Earth. Meditation aligns the physical body and mind with the Spiritual body and mind, giving us access to our Soul or Higher Self, and letting us know a sense of peace. When you practice meditation regularly you begin to develop faith in your Higher Self, and a Higher Power. It does not matter what that Higher Power is, so long as you have faith in it and it's love for you. Titles are not important; simply knowing there is a greater energy in existence which nurtures you and loves you is enough, as meditation is how we come to know a greater sense of spirit. 

So become a meditation machine, while you drive, or sit at your desk, or walk in the shopping center; no matter what you're doing, even housework, the most mundane or trivial task can be done while meditating. Meditation requires you to breathe deeply, and clear your mind. When the mind babbles, simply clear it again. Continue to do this until it is second nature; and your thoughts are so vast that you are focused on nothing in particular; this is the place where the peace flows from above.

You can work with crystals, pendulums, pyramids, or other tools to help clear your Chakras. Red or black stones or crystals will work well with your Root, helping to release the stuck energy and regulate the flow and vibratory rate of your Muladhara. Some powerful stones for this Chakra are: Bloodstone, Obsidian, Onyx, Hematite, Tigers Eye 

Other ways to heal this Chakra are yoga, mantras, mandalas, and colors

The Sense of Smell is directly connected to your Root Chakra, so you can also use scent, essential oils, incense, or whatever you desire to help connect you to the Root meditatively, to enact a release and balancing. Scents that are beneficial for the Root are:
        • vetiver
        • nutmeg
        • cinnamon
        • ginger
        • myrrh
        • patchouli

Root Chakra Affirmations:

“I trust in the power of the earth”
“I am safe, loved and I belong”
“I love my body as it supports me on the earth”
“I am creating a solid and powerful life experience”
“I trust in the process of life”
The Root Chakra rises up into the next Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, which you can explore when you are ready.

Wishing you balance & grounding!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Riding Energy Shifts: Making the MOST of Ascension!

As you are well aware by now my friend, Awakening can be a very tumultuous experience. We go through these energy shifts, each new moon and full moon ushers in different frequencies, and to those of us who are deeply empathic these changes can feel like physical blows. One week the energy is vibrant and empowering and it seems like everything is literally going our way! We smile a little brighter, breathe a little easier, feel fantastic and impossibly - sleep deeper than normal! Those weeks are like a healing balm to the soul; it's so good to ride the waves like a professional surfer, riding the crest, staying on top of things, speeding through experiences so smoothly with glee and faith and peace!

And then there are those other weeks. You know what I'm talking about, those energetic drains on the psyche; the days where nothing seems to work, you feel like you're wading in quick sand. At these times we feel as though we're on the wrong path, took a wrong fork in the road, and it just seems like no matter what we do we're facing oppositional energy, everything requires far more effort and patience, people seem to be off their meds and we're the only ones standing there screaming "What's wrong with you people?! Wake up! Can't you see how hard you're making your reality?" Those weeks suck.

As we get further into our journey of self-awareness and wiping the sleep from our eyes, we become a little better at riding the downswing energy, and while it still can hurt, physically, emotionally, and even psychically, we know that getting through those negative periods of time require dedication, honesty, introspective, and above all else balance. Balance, and center, or the great energetic art of grounding. Being grounded in positive energy is a cinch! There's no problem remaining centered and well rounded when the winds of change are blowing softly, nurturing us in warmth and love.

But finding center amid the storms can be a challenge at best. I've been there with you, you're not alone! If we all gathered in a sports stadium to share our stories, not one person among us would be able to honestly say they haven't struggled with maintaining graciousness and compassion during the trying times. You're human, so am I, we may be more deeply aware of our Spiritual nature, and may have a better perspective on life, humanity, and society, but it doesn't make it any easier to navigate our lives when the energy is in transit, and everything just seems to feel pointless.

But grounding is necessary, and key to self-aware peace and serenity; without being centered, focused, and attentive in the moment, we are left blowing in the wind, without direction, in a sense of psychic limbo. So we all work as hard as we can at staying rooted in the physical, grounded in the moment, our energy firmly planted into the Earth, while remaining grateful and open to what the Universe has for us to experience next.

I want you to know it will get easier, and if you think about it, over the past two months the energies have reached a stellar crescendo, and then began to plateau, and now there is a global sense of "ahhhh" as we collectively exhale. Things are settling down already. This isn't to say we won't have more downloads, more offloads of discordant energy again; we most certainly will. This is ascension from lower dense frequencies of energy in our Galaxy, into a higher more vibrant state of awareness; it doesn't come with directions, and there is no seat belt. But that being said, things are going to flow a lot more smoothly for the next few months. We've been through a massive solar storm; now its time to exhale, and then reflect, give thanks, and enjoy!

There are ways you can spend this time now, over the coming weeks and months, which will help you prepare for the next big shift. And you owe it to yourself to be prepared, so you can weather the next storm with more ease, and peace. Also, this is basically one of the prime directives of Awakening: getting better at it. So here are some tips for how to train yourself, and prepare to deal with the next big energetic cataclysm, and I hope you will find truth and peace in these ideas.

Learning to Center:

Center is exactly what it sounds like: the middle. Polarity on Earth is by nature a this vs that reality. We live in a world of extremes. And in order to live peacefully amid the extremes we must find the center, so that we're dwelling in peace, instead of happy vs sad, good vs bad, evil vs good, hate vs love. The center is a place of open minded, compassionate clarity. Living in a centered focused mindset is paramount to peace; achieving it is as simple as checking yourself, breathing deeply, and moving towards Love again.

When you feel yourself being pulled into drama, or
heated emotional response, simply exhale, inhale, and start again. Center yourself, in the eye of the storm that rages around you. The storm is your job, your family, society, global news events, and all of the chaos that happens in our world every day. The eye of that storm is a place where you stand in observation, watching with heightened awareness, realizing what is making people act the ways they act, recognizing the sleeping nature of many people, and being able to remain detached, unaffected, and compassionate.

Being Grounded:

Our energy body, the Aura, and our Chakras, are energetic, or electric, and in constant motion. As we experience emotions, feelings, and thoughts, our energy shifts, dips, raises, lowers; all in response to the stimuli we are experiencing. When we're feeling good it's easy to open our Crown Chakra, and receive Universal creative love energy, feeling inspired, at peace, and serene. Yet when the storm rages in life around us, our energy can become lowered without our realizing it. And then we're operating from our lower three Chakras, relating to life on a more physical, visceral way, and forgetting to balance ourselves in our upper four Chakras. Being grounded is the process of mindfully modulating and regulating your spiritual energy. When you ground, you begin from the Crown Chakra, as opposed to just throwing roots into the ground from your Base Chakra. If you only ground the Root Chakra, you're just assuring connectivity to the base 3D energy we already live within. But pulling that ground down through all of your seven main Chakras ensures your energy is balanced, equalized, and harnessed. So make it a daily exercise, when you wake, to quickly pull your Chakras into alignment, grounding, and then going into your day mindfully and aware.

How To Harness & Ground & Shield:

There are other posts here about grounding, and your Chakras, and energy work. For further detail, take a look at the categories of my articles to the right of this area. But in short point form, here is a quick method to harness the energy of your Chakras, and ground each day.

  • Inhale and exhale deeply three times, sitting or standing or laying down straight, arms at your sides. Visualize white light coming from the Universe, entering your Crown Chakra. 
  • Pull that white light down into your Third eye, so now both Crown and Third eye are connected by white light, while pulsating bright white light themselves.
  • Pull the light down further to your Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacrum, and Root/Pelvis Chakra. 
  • Extend that white energy down both your legs, to the soles of your feet, and then ask Gaia to nourish you and ground you, and visualize that light plunging into the ground, deep into the Earth. I take my grounds down to the core of the Earth itself. I wind them around tree roots, rocks, sediment, tectonic plates on the way down to the core, ensuring I am good and grounded and my body and energy are firmly attached to the planet.
  • Inhale deeply, pull your arms up at your sides, sweeping up until your hands are palm to palm above your head. Then exhale deeply and sweep your arms back down, palms outwards. As you do this, visualize a giant bubble of white light enveloping your body. You've just created an energetic shield around yourself. 
  • Say a quiet inward blessing to allow your Chakras to blaze brightly, give thanks for your blessings, and ask that you be given exactly what you require that day, and ask for the wisdom to be mindful of your experiences, and your responses.
  • Your vibration has now raised due to the energy work you've done, you are prepared to go into the world with heightened awareness, intuition, compassion and grace!
Now you are grounded, centered, and shielded. This takes a couple of minutes at most. And when you get into the habit of it, you can do this almost instantaneously each morning. 
When I begin my day without this intentional anchoring of my energy I find I am usually less focused, jittery, and unaware. The coming months are going to be quite nice my friends; we've been through an intense energy fluctuation and adjustment, and things will now begin to lighten, and we can take peace in the knowledge that the download of frequency we've just received in the last couple of months is working it's magic within all living things and elements on Earth. Now we can work at self-awareness, spirit, and happiness! So it's a wonderful time to start developing good habits, in preparation of the next inevitable frequency burst! 

Another great way to deepen your spiritual knowledge, awareness, and life process is to learn how to tap into and channel the life energy all around us. That prana, or chi, is the love energy of the Universe; it nurtures all life, it is quite literally the "force" of all life. Learning energy healing modalities helps us to better understand this energy, it's fluctuations, and how to bring ourselves in to greater states of balance, awareness, receptivity, and peace. I teach Master Reiki classes online, as well as an Energy Therapy course. These are online classes, you can learn from home, at your own speed and pace. There are also numerous other sources online, and maybe locally to you, where you could learn Reiki and energy work! 

If learning Reiki is a compelling thought to you, and you decide to pursue lessons elsewhere, I wish you the brightest of blessings, and hope you have a beautiful experience learning to unlock your Reiki and Prana. If you should feel nudged by Spirit to choose me as your teacher, it will be my utmost honor and pleasure to take you into my tutelage, and help you develop a strong relationship to your Healing capabilities.

(To learn Reiki with me, simply follow this link.) 

I am here for you, always, as it is my souls mission to assist you with your Awakening, and it is my passion to offer my friendship, counsel, and support in all ways I am able to. Remember to keep breathing, deeply. Take care of your body, your mind, and your spirit.

With endless Love,

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Understanding Ascension: The Multi-Dimensional Body

We use these terms in spiritual circles, in regards to our experience, and often I am amazed to find people use the words but don't really understand them.

I want to dispel any misconceptions, because I find it absolutely meaningful for you to really fully comprehend your Awakening experience, in order to enjoy it to the fullest, and be in control over your process and actions.

We understand what we are Awakening to; the truth of our spiritual connectedness to the Universe, and all life, and the nature of our very soul and being. We know we are more than simply human beings; we are infinite beings of Gods creative Love and Life, expressed in a physical body, gaining experience in the realm of polarity, as part of an endless experience of action and reaction in the Universe of free will and karma.

I want to discuss a few of the usual key terms, and what they truly mean to you and your spiritual journey. If I leave anything out it's probably not pertinent to my train of thought at this time. But for now I want to look at:


We live on the level of conscious reality called the Third Dimension. We are living in a template of sight, form, mass, quantity, volume, and being. We experience everything through the filter of mind and heart and intuition, and as we begin to awaken to our infinite souls nature, we realize that there are higher dimensional realms, and lower ones as well, which are part of the great Oneness of the Universe. The lower the dimensional realm, the heavier the weight and density of its reality, the slower it vibrates. You remember science class, and the particle theory? When particles are cooled they slow their vibratory rate, and move more slowly and heavily. When particles are heated they speed up vibrationally and move more quickly.

When our spirit engages within the physical body, it does so through the etheric body of aura and chakras. When the etheric body is "heated" by raising the vibration to a higher rate of frequency, through meditation, or shamanic voyage, or ritual, we then "lighten" the body's and their ability to be aware of a higher dimensional reality. The same is said when someone becomes heavily entrenched in the 3D reality they are living in, and deprive the spirit its needs; they will vibrate more slowly, experiencing mainly the 3rd dimensional reality, or lower. A lower dimensional reality would feel like "hell" in that you are not aware of the Light and infinite nature of Love in all of life, and you would be cut off from your chakras, aura, and spirit. This would feel lonely, lead to isolation, depression, likely even leads one ego into delusions, and possibly psychotic disconnection. This is why much of the world seems to be so lacking in love, compassion, and enlightenment; many human beings are spiritually disconnected, and they energetically reside on a base dimensional reality and vibration. They are living within their own personal "hell on earth" in that they are only perceiving the physical, and not the spiritual.

Ascension is the process of raising  your personal frequency, your electricity, your aura, and your Chakras, to a higher vibrational rate, which enables you to perceive higher dimensional realms and realities. It is at these higher levels of reality our souls reside, our guides, the saints and angels and ascended masters. When you consciously undertake a journey of Awakening, intending to ascend your energy, it is to do so in order to be in unity with the higher dimensional beings in the Universe, in order to live a truth which transcends physicality. This is not just a spiritual theory, but rather a scientific fact; we are water, carbon, and electricity. We are made of billions of atoms which are 90% empty space within each of them. These atoms comprise particles and cells which are constantly in motion in the physical form; your intention, and understanding of yourself, the Universe, and love, can either speed or slow the vibration of your own personal energy fields; your meridians, aura, and Chakras. And this leads me to the next item I believe needs understanding:


We are vibrational beings of electricity and water, right? That is a given, we understand this. You hear spiritualists talk about the importance of being grounded, but do you really understand what this means? If you were to enter an electronics manufacturing plant, chances are you'd be asked to plug in before entering the shop floor, or "grounding" yourself. If you did not ground, and touched circuitry chances are you'd conduct electrical static, which could potentially damage the circuitry. Our bodies are natural conductors of electricity, making us very susceptible to being shocked, and conducting that shock or pulse. You've rubbed your feet along the carpet, touched someone and shocked them? Or rubbed a rubber balloon against your hair, causing your hair to stand on end? We conduct electric energy. When we are working actively at a spiritual Awakening we start to do things designed to heighten our frequency and raise it to reach higher spiritual states of awareness and consciousness. And as we 'ascend' energetically we speed our vibratory rate, which generates more electrical power. If we don't ground we run the risk of experiencing spiritual "shock"!

These shocks evidence themselves as premature kundalini blossoming, which can lead to psychotic episodes in people who are not spiritually mature enough to access this powerful life energy. If you try to run before you can walk you're going to fall down; and this is true of our spiritual journey. So when a spiritualist recommends you "ground" or "center" yourself before meditating, or working with your Chakras or energy, what they are suggesting is that you quite literally ground yourself to the earth, and center your energy centers so that as you raise your vibration you are "insulated" against spiritual shock!


Grounding is the process of taking your own personal vibration and extending it into the Earth, so that it takes root within the very dense and heavy vibration of the planet itself, in order to help you stay connected to your physical body, and to help your Chakras remain centered between "above" and "below". You are the midway point between Heaven and Earth, and as such, when you go exploring higher dimensional planes of reality,  you shift a balance within your energy vortex and structure. When raising or ascending energetically, be sure to extend yourself energetically into the lower energies of the Earth; this assures that no matter where you "go" in an astral sense, you will be firmly connected to your physicality.

As you can see at this point in reading, you are absolutely much more than a spirit living in a body; you are a vibratory being of light, frequency, vibrations and waves; and as you gain spiritual knowledge and seek to reach higher states of consciousness, you become responsible for the energy within and around you. It then becomes important to keep your home cleansed of negative energy, as when we travel in the astral realms, we bring "back" with us whatever we've encountered. At times your meditations or visions can end up attracting stray spirits or energy patterns, who are drawn to your brilliant vibrational light! So when you are finished any ritual, meditation, or energy work, take a few moments to cleanse your atmosphere and body, and then also:

Cut Cords

As we travel energetically and astrally, we meet with guides, angels, ether-dimensional beings, and can form relationships and attachments with them. You are familiar with cutting cords to rid yourself of painful physical relationships with people on Earth, but have you ever thought about the cords you have etherically? They exist, and while they may be rooted in loving relationships with your angelic friends and family of light, you owe it to them and yourself to cut those cords to remain independent, rather than co-dependent. You can visualize a white bubble of light encircling you, and as it does, picture it melting away any cords or energy strings of light coming out of your body or aura. This is like the end of a hug, and on a psychic level it demonstrates to the Universe that you respect the beings of Light who are assisting you, and respect your self enough to not have to rely upon them. Lest we become energy vampires, it's just good manners to cut cords after any energy work is done.


You are a person on Earth with a physical body, which is surrounded by 7 layers of an auric body, which houses 7 main primary Chakras. These invisible layers of your spiritual bodies are as real and impactful as your physical body. So get into the practise of understanding how those bodies function, and then how to keep them clean and well maintained. You cut your hair, trim your nails, bathe, and brush your teeth, all in an effort to keep your physical body well taken care of. So too should you meditate, breathe, center, ground, and honor your energetic bodies and the higher dimensional realities you encounter when performing Light-work of any kind.

As the Oracle at Delphi said, "know thyself." Once you truly understand the electric vibratory state of being of your etheric spiritual bodies, and how they relate directly to the physical body you inhabit, it becomes so much more obvious how we not only impact our surroundings, but how they impact us. So know thyself, and continue to strive to know thyself. The process of Awakening is not a grand epiphany moment; no one "Wakes up" all at once and knows everything. Awakening is a series of epiphanies in a lifetime, that reach higher states of awareness, and help one access higher realms of truth. Focus on the journey, not a destination, and don't let your ego interfere with your Awakening. It isn't about your personal identification as the person you've been trained to be; it is about the truth residing within your heart, intuition, and soul; these are the things we reach for in a spiritual Awakening.

I wish you bright blessings, on your infinite journey of self-realization and awakening. Love,

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lightwork: The Web of Light Ever Expands!

When I first started offering my Tarot readings online, in 1999, I had no idea just how big a part of my life my clients would become. I had been reading the Tarot for over a decade in my area, and was used to creating deep intimate connections with people as I read for them, but I never imagined that people from all over the globe would become so intricately part of my heart and life. It is unnatural for me to give a reading and then move away from a client; when we have connected in such a deep way it is only vibrationally apt that you become my friend, my brother or sister, my kindred.

One such kindred spirit is a woman who is young enough to be my daughter, yet old enough to astound me with her own Awakening process. She has had some struggles in the last year of her life, and delivering her some of the readings I have was difficult for me, knowing she was moving through energetic disruption and upheaval. How do you tell somebody you love that their current living situation is not nurturing their spirit? How do you warn them with detached compassion and calm to be aware of those in their life who they trust, who are not operating at a level of generosity, but rather malice? Learning how to deliver words of guidance from Spirit to my clients has been my life's work, blessing, responsibility and works to propel my Awakening in amazing ways!

I have learned so much about myself through my clients, and this friend is a strong example of how a client becomes a part of my family, and how they impact ME and my spiritual awakening!

This young lady has grown so far, so fast, and surpassed even my intuitive understanding of her boundaries, by ridding herself of the negative around her. She is currently planning a trip, which involves putting faith in her self, and the Universe, as she shrugs off the mundane world she's become entrenched in, in order to go see the world, living out of a backpack, taking the biggest risk she can think of in order to more deeply and poignantly KNOW herself.

She contacted me this week about learning Reiki before she goes, and though I had not foreseen this, my heart near burst with immediate joy as I realized just how perfect this would be! She is going to pick up her roots, and travel around the world, sharing not only her spirit, and Light as she goes, but also her Reiki, which is MY Reiki, which in essence means I am going to be flowing around the globe with her as she goes! I am elated!

It set me on a deep meditation, as I sought guidance from my higher Spirit in order to glean any other impactful energy I could impart upon my friend before she disembarks on her journey later this year. I was trying to see what I could do, or be, or offer her on her journey of Spirit and Memory.

Little did I think what I would receive from Spirit would be something this young woman would be doing for me...

Every place my sweet friend goes, my own Reiki will be with her, and as Reiki knows no time or space constraints, is infinite, fluid, and ever adapting to it's host, her experiences will be energetically available to me, and my Reiki teacher, and her teacher, and so on. When we share energy healing techniques and modalities we become at One with our teachers, and our students, and if you could see this give and take of vibrational magic you'd see it like a giant web of pure light, spreading from one person to another, from one place on Earth they've been to every other place.

This vision erupted in my 3rd Eye and I felt tears come to my physical eyes as the recognition within me bloomed into full actualization of what I was feeling; this is how we are One in Light. My students become One with me, as I become One with them, as MY Reiki becomes part of YOUR Reiki which is part of your teachers and students Reiki past and future and present.

The web of Light originating from my point in the world, spreading out to each continent via the connections I have made in my 42 years, and then branching out to encompass the connections my teachers, and students have made in their own journeys... lights the entire planet up in filaments of tractable Light energy that astounds and humbles me to tears!

Lightworker; the term confuses some, and I have tried to explain this term, this concept, this way of life... I've tried to share it verbally and academically over the last few decades, and nothing could explain Lightwork in the way which I now see it in my inner Sight.

When you hold Love as a frequency within you, it transmits a Light wave, and everywhere you go that Light wave goes with you, so that it leaps and bounds around the world as you travel, connect, communicate, visualize and make impacts with others. And it crosses over the Light waves of others, until there is this criss-crossing multi-segmented web of Light encompassing an entire PLANET...

I realize today just how deep an impact my Tarot clients, cum FRIENDS, have on me, as their Light waves blend with mine, and create stronger vibratory impulses of Light which then flows entwined where ever we all go. In this way we are seeding Light waves of love energy, and working our Light. Lightworking.

If you could see what my mind has received today, then you'd see a beautiful planet which is quite literally covered in filaments of Light that bisect, connect, drift off, veer and flow in every direction, drawing together, creating ley points of Power and strength, veering off again and flowing out into other directions.

And it is the role of a Lightworker to simply spread that Light. Every person you talk to online, receives your Light and can then anchor it into their region. Every person you connect with becomes a part of your web, which then becomes a part of the webs of every other Lightworker they connect with. Until we are all sharing our Light with every other Lightworker on Earth, whether we've met or not.

This is why when we tap in and participate in global activation days, we can literally feel the Love of the Planet and all who are part-taking... we literally ARE Connected to each and every other person on the planet who is working towards the same ultimate divine goal: waking the world up to the beauty and infinite nature of Love and Light.

So to my dear sister-daughter as she readies to begin learning Reiki, in preparation to go on her trek around Gaia, I say THANK YOU my angelic friend; thank you for connecting your energy to mine, and for taking ME with you everywhere YOU go. In this we will truly be ONE.

I am delighted to be here on Earth at this time, during the great Awakening, to be witness to the pleasure and the pain, to be able to hold Light in place and give/receive Light with all who I come into contact with. I am so humbled to be able to understand this process in a more deep fashion today, and I hope that by simply reading my words your third eye will blaze and bloom into understanding of what I have seen and known.

We are One in intention and heart - and we are One in Light pulses and waves of Love.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Developing & Strengthening Your Psychic Abilities

Do you dream in vivid imagery? When you are sleeping, does your mind bloom into technicolor, surround sound, and entertain you while you slumber?

The more vividly you dream, the stronger your capabilities are. And yet, if you don't experience realistic dreams, or question whether you could have latent psychic abilities, let me assure you; we all have psychic abilities!

Every single person with a brain, and more importantly pineal gland, has access to a sixth sense. Call it intuition, higher sight, or clairvoyance, it all comes down to the same thing; the souls ability to see beyond the physical.

Now let me preface this by laying down the laws as it were, regarding psychic ability. Even though we are all born with this ability, we have been convinced and conditioned through the millenia to doubt this belief, mystify it, and otherwise see those as having psychic ability as either in league with the devil, or too special to relate to. Let's dispell the myths before going any further, because as you should know at this point my dear friend, our thoughts do indeed make our reality manifest. If you doubt yourself, and your ability, you will continue to receive reasons to doubt. Do you understand? The Universe is always pumping out more of what you are vibrating; if you're vibrating doubt and insecurity, you will receive further affirmative pushes towards being doubtful and insecure.

So learn to see past the limited reality your world around you has set in stone for you - break free of the perception of other people, and get in touch with your intuition.

Intuition is the first step!

Whether you're spiritual or not most of us believe in intuition. Some call it the inner voice, or the sub-conscious, others believe it to be the voice of God, or guardian Angels. The truth is, these are all accurate depictions of the intuitive process, as it is a deep internal aspect of a Higher more etheric part of the Soul. I encourage you to get intimate with your intuitive process, so that you understand not only how your own intuition works, but also how you respond to it physically, emotionally, and vibrationally.

Those moments of connection, which are beyond denial, like when you think of a friend out of the blue, and a moment later they call you, or you're driving and get the nagging urge to turn down an unexpected road, and as you do you bypass an accident; these things are intuitive nudges which we are all gifted with!

When you think of a song, seemingly out of the blue and then the radio begins to play it, this isn't a coincidence. There is no such thing as coincidence, and your intuition is in fact a facet of your own sixth sense! If you heard the song in your mind before it began to play, you've just exercised Clair-audience, or the ability to 'clearly hear'. If you saw the song, via it's video, or band, you've exercised Clairvoyance, or the ability 'clearly see'. And if you tasted the song, via memories of foods or drinks you associate with the song, or felt it like ripples on your skin, then you've exercised Clair-sentience, or the ability to 'clearly feel'.

I'm a highly visual intuitive, and yet have a deep sense of Clair-sentience as well. And I have had experiences of Clair-audience as well, which is always a shocking and exciting sense to realize. From a very early age I exercised and honed my psychic abilities, as I was nurtured by my mother who also is very psychic, and was free to express and develop my abilities. I didn't face the blocks many of us do in society, and even though I encountered the same conditioning which tells us "psychics aren't real" or "you're imagining it", I knew on a deeper intuitive level that this wasn't the case. And I've always relied very strongly on my intuition.

I urge you to do the same, always.

Realize and actualize that "My intuition is my connection to deep wisdom, and Universal truth."

You may want to journal your experiences with your intuition, in order to see a clear pattern emerging. Or you may just trust that it is unfolding perfectly, as do all things in the bigger picture.

Trust your intuition, knowing it is God gifted, and Divine. And shift your thinking to that of "I am" rather than "I want to"... as this is a way to actualize your reality, instead of pushing away the things you desire. Stating "I am in tune with my psychic awareness" is a far more powerful message to the Universe than saying something like "I really want to heighten my psychic abilities". The message of "I want" is always a message of "I doubt" in the long run, as want signifies something is lacking.

And the truth is, you are not lacking; your psychic abilities are real, and marvelous, and just waiting for you to remember, strengthen, and recognize.

Now, as with all things, it requires dedication, focus, and discipline. You would not decide one day to run a marathon and just go run it, you would train, alter your diet and lifestyle, strengthen your body and your mind, and spend time preparing. Right?

The same is true of anything worth achieving, not the least of which are your God gifted talents and abilities.

So here are a few tips for training to unlock and strengthen your psychic abilities:

  • Avoid alcohol as it dehydrates the brain, and switch to clean water, herbal teas, and other drinks that do not contain large amounts of caffeine, sugars, sweeteners etc. The more natural, the better, always.

  • Avoid processed foods and unhealthy eating. Treat your body like a temple, as your body is like the processor, which powers the mind, and the mind requires a clean system in order to be able to boot up quickly and efficiently. Know that meat lowers your vibration, eliminating it while striving for awareness is helpful.

  • Meditating at least once a day helps get you into the practice of deep breathing which is a key to raising your vibration in order to open your Brow and Crown Chakras, which are paramount in psychic ability.

  • Use Crystals and gemstones upon your Chakras to cleanse and unblock your energy centers.

  • Reiki treatments can quickly enhance and open your Chakras, propelling your perception of your abilities.

  • Believe the Universe is supporting your growth, and know you will receive wisdom as you are ready for it. In this way do not be sad if your skills do not explode to life all at once, Awakening is an ongoing process, and it can take time to unlock your psychic abilities.

  • Seek enhancement of your entire spiritual sense of self and well being, as psychic abilities require a certain sense of spiritual ethics, responsibility, and grace; only through striving for Love and Spiritual balance will you be able to unlock the gifts within your soul.

When I was in my teens I spent a lot of time using crystals to help unlock my visions, and have always just known deep within that I would always receive exactly what I was meant to. As such, I have always received my visions thankfully, and then entered times of disconnection, and non-psychic activity with faith as well. With any ability, we will grow to a point, then seem to experience a "time out" of sorts, as the body and mind catch up to the spirit. If you encounter times of lull, or disconnect, know that this is blessed too, and spend the time regenerating, by continuing to meditate, honor your body, and seek inner knowledge.

When you have developed a firm understanding and relationship with your intuition, you may want to flex your psychic abilities with more fervor. You may want to begin to really work at developing your abilities, so here are a few exercises you may want to endeavor upon to strengthen your clairvoyance, sentience, or audience.

  • Use flash cards, with symbols for example, and have a friend or loved one "drill" you.

  • Have a friend of loved one think of numbers between 1 and 10 to start, and work at receiving what they send you. Work on sending to them as well, as psychic ability isn't just about receiving!

  • Sit under the full moon and ask the Mother Goddess to help you open up to Universal messages, signs, visions and truths.

  • Ask the trees and plants to communicate with you, and then faithfully listen.

  • Work with babies, and toddlers who do not yet use words to communicate, as they are still pristine sources of psychic gifts, and are always communicating via their senses, some of the most powerful psychics you will ever meet are under a year old.

  • Pray, and ask the Universe to help you realize what it is you need to do in order to raise your vibration and awareness enough to be in full capacity of your psychic awareness.

I hope you find this a useful starting off point! If you have any questions, or would like to further discuss this, please feel free to comment below, or contact me via the links provided at the top of the page!

With much Love, I wish you clear sight, hearing, and senses,