Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Perspective on an Old (New-Age) "Movement"

As promised a few days ago, I've overhauled this blog entirely, to better suit my current state of being. You will note there is a more gentle palette of colors and images, however as with all things created by me - there is a certain sense of "Dee" about the place still.

The reason I find myself wanting some change these last many months, is simply due to my ever-changing perceptions and observations about myself as a physical being, and a spiritual seeker. In the last few years my previous "New Age" notions began to feel hollow to me; no more did I take great comfort from the online channelings from galactic bearers of "peace and love". In fact I began to find their words pap, regurgitated one after another. I could easily sit down and bang out a nice "channeling" by the Galactic Federation of Light, my daughter could, I daresay anyone with the mindset could. It's a simple formula; engage the reader with platitudes of love, draw the reader into a state of euphoria with reminders from a far off Home, where they are great spiritual beings of Light and Love, who have chosen to degrade themselves by coming to Earth to shrink down their omnipotent size to fit into the small vessel of a "human". Spend a few paragraphs spouting out the rules of engagement for "Project Ascension" on Earth, ie: Wake the sleepers, fire the grids, light your inner Chi, blah blah blah. Then for a good shot of WOW factor - throw in some cataclysmic prediction which can only be staved off by the readers willpower and inner Light. Then, at the risk of scaring the reader off, close off with more fluffy notions of "missions" and "loved ones" waiting "beyond the veil" yadda yadda yadda.

Do I sound a bit jaded? I guess I do come off rather cynical and maybe even condescending. I can't help it; where once I found great shelter in those types of messages, now I just see snake oil salesmen and women.

Somewhere along the way, the New Age "movement" stopped moving. I've said it quite a few times here in this blog already, so to anyone who's actually been paying attention this is just reiteration. But for those of you who are new to my thoughts and opinions, I don't say these things to put anyone down, or build myself up, actually my intent is rather the opposite. It took me some pretty harsh Universal reminders to get this far, and I'm only just making baby steps at this point. You see, I believe the New Age "movement" was at first a great planetary experiment, in which we carried forward what the flower children in the 60's began, and used Light and Love as our compass. Really, it's all I want. It's all any of us wanted when we bought the books, the tools, the crystals and cards and candles... isn't it?

But somewhere along the way we got off track. And I feel pretty certain that the internet was the thing which brought the "movement" to a screeching halt. Now, that is not a slam against the internet, I mean come on, I'm using it right now right? I very gently with tongue in cheek chide any single one of us who came online looking for others like ourselves, you remember those first days don't you? We gathered in forums, and other online groups and communities, and we shared everything we could get our hands on; and it was all new and exciting!! Suddenly these inner notions of peace and Love were manifesting globally right before our eyes and it was amazing!!! For the better part of the new millennia we bought all the books and e-zines, met for the online "Fire the Grid" gatherings, met in small and larger circles online to hold healings and vibrational activation ceremonies. I look back on those days with a very real sense of melancholy; I met some of my best friends during those days here online.

And yet, somewhere along the way we stopped going in the direction we initially set out upon; and soon everyone was becoming a preacher, an author, a speaker, a reader, a healer... we were quickly running out of people to share our wisdom with because everyone was becoming a guru!!! :)

So I think in it's own way, just as video killed the radio star (smiling widely here folks) the internet killed the New Age "Movement".

And when I move past my selfish melancholy and yearning for simpler days, I am glad. Yes. I said I am glad.

It isn't just me who feels this way; I know many of you do. I've seen it happening over the last 5 years, so many of us who thought we were steps away from some great Ascension and  Awakening, truly waking up to the stark reality before us. Just what is all this talk of Light and Love doing to change anything here on Earth? Are we really trying to Ascend and go to some higher dimensional place so we can rid ourselves the shackles of the dark oppressive energy of planet polarity?

Of course not.

Listen, I don't have all the answers, I'm pretty certain I don't have any to be honest. But I have some pretty decent ideas, and my intuition is learning how to fire on all cylinders again; I'm not waiting for some channeling to set me in the right direction anymore, and now I'm finally starting to get back in touch with my own inner sense of knowledge. The real knowledge, the Universal knowledge, not some airy fairy breezy far away concept of a euphoric state of being I want to get to by breathing deeply while playing with some tibetan singing bowl... Real and true knowledge - and it all begins within.

Within me I am quite certain that we've taken this whole new age concept as far as we can go with it, because the records been skipping for the better part of a decade, and no ones really getting anything from it anymore. I see so much spiritual ego strutting around the internet as person A tells person B how wrong they are as though they have any more an idea about what is what in the vastness of our Universe!

It wasn't a pointless journey, the last twenty something years brought us together in new ways, helped us build a bigger picture of desire for our future; for our childrens futures. We got a really fantastic grasp of physics through our new age moving and shaking, and many people began to finally understand that everything they know is only hand-me-down knowledge which we are all spoon-fed from the day we're born. So we've learned about sovereignty, and discernment, and the powerful essence of this moment - right here - NOW. We've made a lot of really cool discoveries together! And we've shared some intense and insanely profound LOVE together.

But it's time to get off the cloud, because it's not moving. It's stuck in limbo, heading neither back down to Earth nor to shangri-la...

So that's why I'm opting to take the road less traveled now. I'm not following the flow or the current, in fact I've lost a lot of "friends" and acquaintances over the past few years because of my "radical shift in perception where all this is concerned. But it's all good, I'm not here for popularity points. At the height of my online experience with Ascension, I had a successful Starseeds website, in fact it was among the top 3 websites globally for information about Starseeds, the Pleiadians, and Awakening. I had a couple really cool forums, in fact one of them is still kicking around, just under a new name, and with a new look. Mostly it's housed by tumble-weeds, as people are outside playing, and have better things to do with their time than inspect the lint in their belly buttons any longer. Anyways, I remember the days when I went from being a passionate Tarot reader and "Facilitator of Light", to a businesswoman. Yes, I was writing the new age book, to go on the shelf next to the Walch's, Tolle's, and Marciniak's. I was asked to be in a documentary about Tarot readers, which eventually fell through. I was asked on a couple online radio shows which I never ended up doing. Long story short, at some point the "movement" became a very attractive opportunity to me, and the dollar signs in my eyes made me shudder in denial, so I promptly buried head in sand (up own ass as my good friend Jenny would say) and ignored my moral compass... and for a couple of years I flip-flopped with my websites and forums. I was battling my conscience. And in the end, good conquered evil *laughing very loudly* :)

I have no designs on book tours, fame or fortune. I don't even enjoy reading the Tarot anymore. I hope one day I'll re-discover my passion for it, because I know I have something different to offer through my readings. But until the passion returns, the cards sit dustily on a shelf. My websites are kaput, and I've only held on to the Awakenings forum because it felt like the "right" thing to do. I'm even content to slowly hand the reigns over on that project, to younger more passionate people, so that if it does reignite and come to life again one day, I won't be there tripping over my ego and messing the place up with my agenda.

The New Age "movement" stalled friends. Time to get out of the vehicle and choose a new destination.

I highly recommend taking the road less traveled; the discoveries you can make on your own are far more enlightening than the ones other people will tell you to make.

With lots of love and respect I'll end this entry, considering this day one of the new direction for this blog. And if in a month or year or decade I pull the plug on this too, you'll hopefully just smile knowingly, think "that's Dee for ya" and get on with something else, and much more stimulating, in your life.

Eternally Yours,

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  1. Funny, I happened upon this after reading your comment on George's post--kinda fits my status, although it was in reference to something completely different. I, too, hope passion is reignited for readings again at some point. You are an amazing reader! For now, enjoy just being you aa you are today, and take care of yourself <3 Susanna


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