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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Riding Energy Shifts: Making the MOST of Ascension!

As you are well aware by now my friend, Awakening can be a very tumultuous experience. We go through these energy shifts, each new moon and full moon ushers in different frequencies, and to those of us who are deeply empathic these changes can feel like physical blows. One week the energy is vibrant and empowering and it seems like everything is literally going our way! We smile a little brighter, breathe a little easier, feel fantastic and impossibly - sleep deeper than normal! Those weeks are like a healing balm to the soul; it's so good to ride the waves like a professional surfer, riding the crest, staying on top of things, speeding through experiences so smoothly with glee and faith and peace!

And then there are those other weeks. You know what I'm talking about, those energetic drains on the psyche; the days where nothing seems to work, you feel like you're wading in quick sand. At these times we feel as though we're on the wrong path, took a wrong fork in the road, and it just seems like no matter what we do we're facing oppositional energy, everything requires far more effort and patience, people seem to be off their meds and we're the only ones standing there screaming "What's wrong with you people?! Wake up! Can't you see how hard you're making your reality?" Those weeks suck.

As we get further into our journey of self-awareness and wiping the sleep from our eyes, we become a little better at riding the downswing energy, and while it still can hurt, physically, emotionally, and even psychically, we know that getting through those negative periods of time require dedication, honesty, introspective, and above all else balance. Balance, and center, or the great energetic art of grounding. Being grounded in positive energy is a cinch! There's no problem remaining centered and well rounded when the winds of change are blowing softly, nurturing us in warmth and love.

But finding center amid the storms can be a challenge at best. I've been there with you, you're not alone! If we all gathered in a sports stadium to share our stories, not one person among us would be able to honestly say they haven't struggled with maintaining graciousness and compassion during the trying times. You're human, so am I, we may be more deeply aware of our Spiritual nature, and may have a better perspective on life, humanity, and society, but it doesn't make it any easier to navigate our lives when the energy is in transit, and everything just seems to feel pointless.

But grounding is necessary, and key to self-aware peace and serenity; without being centered, focused, and attentive in the moment, we are left blowing in the wind, without direction, in a sense of psychic limbo. So we all work as hard as we can at staying rooted in the physical, grounded in the moment, our energy firmly planted into the Earth, while remaining grateful and open to what the Universe has for us to experience next.

I want you to know it will get easier, and if you think about it, over the past two months the energies have reached a stellar crescendo, and then began to plateau, and now there is a global sense of "ahhhh" as we collectively exhale. Things are settling down already. This isn't to say we won't have more downloads, more offloads of discordant energy again; we most certainly will. This is ascension from lower dense frequencies of energy in our Galaxy, into a higher more vibrant state of awareness; it doesn't come with directions, and there is no seat belt. But that being said, things are going to flow a lot more smoothly for the next few months. We've been through a massive solar storm; now its time to exhale, and then reflect, give thanks, and enjoy!

There are ways you can spend this time now, over the coming weeks and months, which will help you prepare for the next big shift. And you owe it to yourself to be prepared, so you can weather the next storm with more ease, and peace. Also, this is basically one of the prime directives of Awakening: getting better at it. So here are some tips for how to train yourself, and prepare to deal with the next big energetic cataclysm, and I hope you will find truth and peace in these ideas.

Learning to Center:

Center is exactly what it sounds like: the middle. Polarity on Earth is by nature a this vs that reality. We live in a world of extremes. And in order to live peacefully amid the extremes we must find the center, so that we're dwelling in peace, instead of happy vs sad, good vs bad, evil vs good, hate vs love. The center is a place of open minded, compassionate clarity. Living in a centered focused mindset is paramount to peace; achieving it is as simple as checking yourself, breathing deeply, and moving towards Love again.

When you feel yourself being pulled into drama, or
heated emotional response, simply exhale, inhale, and start again. Center yourself, in the eye of the storm that rages around you. The storm is your job, your family, society, global news events, and all of the chaos that happens in our world every day. The eye of that storm is a place where you stand in observation, watching with heightened awareness, realizing what is making people act the ways they act, recognizing the sleeping nature of many people, and being able to remain detached, unaffected, and compassionate.

Being Grounded:

Our energy body, the Aura, and our Chakras, are energetic, or electric, and in constant motion. As we experience emotions, feelings, and thoughts, our energy shifts, dips, raises, lowers; all in response to the stimuli we are experiencing. When we're feeling good it's easy to open our Crown Chakra, and receive Universal creative love energy, feeling inspired, at peace, and serene. Yet when the storm rages in life around us, our energy can become lowered without our realizing it. And then we're operating from our lower three Chakras, relating to life on a more physical, visceral way, and forgetting to balance ourselves in our upper four Chakras. Being grounded is the process of mindfully modulating and regulating your spiritual energy. When you ground, you begin from the Crown Chakra, as opposed to just throwing roots into the ground from your Base Chakra. If you only ground the Root Chakra, you're just assuring connectivity to the base 3D energy we already live within. But pulling that ground down through all of your seven main Chakras ensures your energy is balanced, equalized, and harnessed. So make it a daily exercise, when you wake, to quickly pull your Chakras into alignment, grounding, and then going into your day mindfully and aware.

How To Harness & Ground & Shield:

There are other posts here about grounding, and your Chakras, and energy work. For further detail, take a look at the categories of my articles to the right of this area. But in short point form, here is a quick method to harness the energy of your Chakras, and ground each day.

  • Inhale and exhale deeply three times, sitting or standing or laying down straight, arms at your sides. Visualize white light coming from the Universe, entering your Crown Chakra. 
  • Pull that white light down into your Third eye, so now both Crown and Third eye are connected by white light, while pulsating bright white light themselves.
  • Pull the light down further to your Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacrum, and Root/Pelvis Chakra. 
  • Extend that white energy down both your legs, to the soles of your feet, and then ask Gaia to nourish you and ground you, and visualize that light plunging into the ground, deep into the Earth. I take my grounds down to the core of the Earth itself. I wind them around tree roots, rocks, sediment, tectonic plates on the way down to the core, ensuring I am good and grounded and my body and energy are firmly attached to the planet.
  • Inhale deeply, pull your arms up at your sides, sweeping up until your hands are palm to palm above your head. Then exhale deeply and sweep your arms back down, palms outwards. As you do this, visualize a giant bubble of white light enveloping your body. You've just created an energetic shield around yourself. 
  • Say a quiet inward blessing to allow your Chakras to blaze brightly, give thanks for your blessings, and ask that you be given exactly what you require that day, and ask for the wisdom to be mindful of your experiences, and your responses.
  • Your vibration has now raised due to the energy work you've done, you are prepared to go into the world with heightened awareness, intuition, compassion and grace!
Now you are grounded, centered, and shielded. This takes a couple of minutes at most. And when you get into the habit of it, you can do this almost instantaneously each morning. 
When I begin my day without this intentional anchoring of my energy I find I am usually less focused, jittery, and unaware. The coming months are going to be quite nice my friends; we've been through an intense energy fluctuation and adjustment, and things will now begin to lighten, and we can take peace in the knowledge that the download of frequency we've just received in the last couple of months is working it's magic within all living things and elements on Earth. Now we can work at self-awareness, spirit, and happiness! So it's a wonderful time to start developing good habits, in preparation of the next inevitable frequency burst! 

Another great way to deepen your spiritual knowledge, awareness, and life process is to learn how to tap into and channel the life energy all around us. That prana, or chi, is the love energy of the Universe; it nurtures all life, it is quite literally the "force" of all life. Learning energy healing modalities helps us to better understand this energy, it's fluctuations, and how to bring ourselves in to greater states of balance, awareness, receptivity, and peace. I teach Master Reiki classes online, as well as an Energy Therapy course. These are online classes, you can learn from home, at your own speed and pace. There are also numerous other sources online, and maybe locally to you, where you could learn Reiki and energy work! 

If learning Reiki is a compelling thought to you, and you decide to pursue lessons elsewhere, I wish you the brightest of blessings, and hope you have a beautiful experience learning to unlock your Reiki and Prana. If you should feel nudged by Spirit to choose me as your teacher, it will be my utmost honor and pleasure to take you into my tutelage, and help you develop a strong relationship to your Healing capabilities.

(To learn Reiki with me, simply follow this link.) 

I am here for you, always, as it is my souls mission to assist you with your Awakening, and it is my passion to offer my friendship, counsel, and support in all ways I am able to. Remember to keep breathing, deeply. Take care of your body, your mind, and your spirit.

With endless Love,

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lightwork: The Web of Light Ever Expands!

When I first started offering my Tarot readings online, in 1999, I had no idea just how big a part of my life my clients would become. I had been reading the Tarot for over a decade in my area, and was used to creating deep intimate connections with people as I read for them, but I never imagined that people from all over the globe would become so intricately part of my heart and life. It is unnatural for me to give a reading and then move away from a client; when we have connected in such a deep way it is only vibrationally apt that you become my friend, my brother or sister, my kindred.

One such kindred spirit is a woman who is young enough to be my daughter, yet old enough to astound me with her own Awakening process. She has had some struggles in the last year of her life, and delivering her some of the readings I have was difficult for me, knowing she was moving through energetic disruption and upheaval. How do you tell somebody you love that their current living situation is not nurturing their spirit? How do you warn them with detached compassion and calm to be aware of those in their life who they trust, who are not operating at a level of generosity, but rather malice? Learning how to deliver words of guidance from Spirit to my clients has been my life's work, blessing, responsibility and works to propel my Awakening in amazing ways!

I have learned so much about myself through my clients, and this friend is a strong example of how a client becomes a part of my family, and how they impact ME and my spiritual awakening!

This young lady has grown so far, so fast, and surpassed even my intuitive understanding of her boundaries, by ridding herself of the negative around her. She is currently planning a trip, which involves putting faith in her self, and the Universe, as she shrugs off the mundane world she's become entrenched in, in order to go see the world, living out of a backpack, taking the biggest risk she can think of in order to more deeply and poignantly KNOW herself.

She contacted me this week about learning Reiki before she goes, and though I had not foreseen this, my heart near burst with immediate joy as I realized just how perfect this would be! She is going to pick up her roots, and travel around the world, sharing not only her spirit, and Light as she goes, but also her Reiki, which is MY Reiki, which in essence means I am going to be flowing around the globe with her as she goes! I am elated!

It set me on a deep meditation, as I sought guidance from my higher Spirit in order to glean any other impactful energy I could impart upon my friend before she disembarks on her journey later this year. I was trying to see what I could do, or be, or offer her on her journey of Spirit and Memory.

Little did I think what I would receive from Spirit would be something this young woman would be doing for me...

Every place my sweet friend goes, my own Reiki will be with her, and as Reiki knows no time or space constraints, is infinite, fluid, and ever adapting to it's host, her experiences will be energetically available to me, and my Reiki teacher, and her teacher, and so on. When we share energy healing techniques and modalities we become at One with our teachers, and our students, and if you could see this give and take of vibrational magic you'd see it like a giant web of pure light, spreading from one person to another, from one place on Earth they've been to every other place.

This vision erupted in my 3rd Eye and I felt tears come to my physical eyes as the recognition within me bloomed into full actualization of what I was feeling; this is how we are One in Light. My students become One with me, as I become One with them, as MY Reiki becomes part of YOUR Reiki which is part of your teachers and students Reiki past and future and present.

The web of Light originating from my point in the world, spreading out to each continent via the connections I have made in my 42 years, and then branching out to encompass the connections my teachers, and students have made in their own journeys... lights the entire planet up in filaments of tractable Light energy that astounds and humbles me to tears!

Lightworker; the term confuses some, and I have tried to explain this term, this concept, this way of life... I've tried to share it verbally and academically over the last few decades, and nothing could explain Lightwork in the way which I now see it in my inner Sight.

When you hold Love as a frequency within you, it transmits a Light wave, and everywhere you go that Light wave goes with you, so that it leaps and bounds around the world as you travel, connect, communicate, visualize and make impacts with others. And it crosses over the Light waves of others, until there is this criss-crossing multi-segmented web of Light encompassing an entire PLANET...

I realize today just how deep an impact my Tarot clients, cum FRIENDS, have on me, as their Light waves blend with mine, and create stronger vibratory impulses of Light which then flows entwined where ever we all go. In this way we are seeding Light waves of love energy, and working our Light. Lightworking.

If you could see what my mind has received today, then you'd see a beautiful planet which is quite literally covered in filaments of Light that bisect, connect, drift off, veer and flow in every direction, drawing together, creating ley points of Power and strength, veering off again and flowing out into other directions.

And it is the role of a Lightworker to simply spread that Light. Every person you talk to online, receives your Light and can then anchor it into their region. Every person you connect with becomes a part of your web, which then becomes a part of the webs of every other Lightworker they connect with. Until we are all sharing our Light with every other Lightworker on Earth, whether we've met or not.

This is why when we tap in and participate in global activation days, we can literally feel the Love of the Planet and all who are part-taking... we literally ARE Connected to each and every other person on the planet who is working towards the same ultimate divine goal: waking the world up to the beauty and infinite nature of Love and Light.

So to my dear sister-daughter as she readies to begin learning Reiki, in preparation to go on her trek around Gaia, I say THANK YOU my angelic friend; thank you for connecting your energy to mine, and for taking ME with you everywhere YOU go. In this we will truly be ONE.

I am delighted to be here on Earth at this time, during the great Awakening, to be witness to the pleasure and the pain, to be able to hold Light in place and give/receive Light with all who I come into contact with. I am so humbled to be able to understand this process in a more deep fashion today, and I hope that by simply reading my words your third eye will blaze and bloom into understanding of what I have seen and known.

We are One in intention and heart - and we are One in Light pulses and waves of Love.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Attracting Money & Healing Abundance Blocks

I have been studying Reiki for a few weeks now and have received my Reiki level 1 Certification which is very exciting! I am performing self-healing every day now, working towards my level 2, and am anticipating great things as I begin to work with others, both hands on, and doing distance energy work. As part of my Reiki training I promised myself I would walk through any open doors, and receive any opportunities that were presented to me. So naturally, when I received an invitation to attend an online web seminar (webinar) about increasing your personal wealth through clearing Abundance Blocks, I accepted the invitation and made sure I would be free to watch online.

The webinar was extremely informative and valuable, and though I ended up leaving it before it was completely finished, I gained what I needed, and now would like to share it with you. Why did you leave early though, Dee, you may be asking? Well simply put, after the energy work portion of the webinar ended, the energy shifted as the hostess gave examples of her clients who had succeeded using her program, and as I looked to the website she had provided I saw the "catch"; of course there was a catch! It wasn't anything nefarious, and I am not putting the program she offers down, I just don't personally have an extra thousand dollars sitting around to spend on energy work to help me release my "abundance blocks". However, knowing what I do about energy, chakra's, healing and releasing blocked and stuck energy, I am confident we are all capable of removing these blocks ourselves, and change the way we think, feel, and act about money and wealth and abundance.

So let me share what I have picked up tonight, and also add my own intuitive spin, as I attempt to simplify the process of deprogramming your pre-conceived thoughts and notions about abundance, money, and work. Because let's face it, we've all been programmed and conditioned by our parents, our extended family, society, and experience to believe it is difficult to attract abundance, as well as developing other negative ideas or beliefs about what it "takes" to be financially free.

Let me start by talking about energy, chakra's, and the auric body, just to be sure we're all on the same page.

What Is Energy Work?

First let's understand the Chakra's, which is a sanskrit word meaning 'wheels of light'; these are numerous and plentiful, however many energy workers focus primarily on the first seven chakra's which are connected to the physical body and aura.

The Chakra's are a part of our spiritual body, or etheric soul, and when we are out of spiritual alignment or "center" our Chakra's can become blocked, by negative energy, or become weaker and less stable or productive. When you see an energy healer, such as a Reiki Master, or Shaman etc. they will address these blocks within your energetic body, cleanse them, and heal them so that your spiritual body renews itself with vigor, balance, and love. And as the spiritual body is directly related to our physical body, we can also have blocks arise due to physical illness, injury, or even suffer illness or injury due to a Chakra block or impediment. So hopefully you better understand the Chakra's now, and should you require more information please look here.

Energy workers are intuitive or empathic people who can work with the energy within and around you to help you heal and rebalance your Chakras. The word Reiki simply means "Sacred Life Energy", and a Reiki healer will help you to cleanse any blockages in your Chakra's, and then heal and invigorate them so that they are brightly working in tandem with one another again.

How Do We Get Blocks?

A blockage in your Chakra body is something we all experience, often enough, and its easy to understand how it happens when you begin to see how your energetic body is connected to your physical body. Negative thoughts can cause a blockage in your Chakra's. For example, let's say your significant other broke up with you tonight, out of nowhere, just came to you and said "I don't love you anymore, I'm leaving". How would that make you feel? Betrayed, rejected, hurt, confused to say the least? These feelings can create an energetic block which would then affect your bottom Chakra's, possibly even your throat Chakra if you do not get to express how you feel in response. This block can then sit in your chakra, like an icky black goo or residue, and sort of turn into sludge, which when not healed and acknowledged can fester, and literally cause an energetic block for years, if not your whole life. This can lead to depression, as your energy stops flowing smoothly through your body, and can actually lead to physical illnesses down the road. Everything from your self-esteem, to your perception of the world, to your physical health can suffer due to a blockage in your Chakral system. But clearing and healing your Chakra's is really so very simple, and it's something you can learn to do for yourself!

How Do You Heal Chakra's?

Let's say you're meditating, and thinking about, or visualizing (if you're able to) your Chakra's, and you get a feeling, or smell, or taste or see that there is something just not "quite right" with one of them. What do you do? Stay calm, and ask for healing Light to be sent to the Chakra, so that it may be cleansed, cleared of blocks, and healed. It's truly as simple as that my dear soul.

Using the assistance of a certified energy healer is also very helpful, as often a Reiki practitioner or healer will have the intuitive ability to see deeper into your Chakra's to things you may not be able to detect yourself, and have been trained to work with healing symbols, sounds, and frequencies, in order to help you come back into divine balance.

Close your eyes for a moment, breathing in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, and think about your Root Chakra. It is red, and it is at the end of your tail bone, or at your pubic bone. If you can't see in your minds eye, then imagine eating something red like a strawberry. Or hearing the wail of a firetruck siren. Anything that helps you get in to the vibration of the color red. Now listen to your intuition as you examine your Root chakra; what do you feel? Do you get any emotional responses, or does your body respond with spasms, jerks, yawns etc. Any kind of response you get is an indication as to the status of that particular Chakra. If your intuition tells you something is "off", then explore it, explore the feelings you have within you about that particular Chakra, if a bad memory surfaces, let it, because your Chakra is showing you what caused the blockage, and then you'll know what you need to acknowledge and release in order to bring that Chakra into alignment and healthy vibrancy. Do this with each of your Chakra's, using the chart above if necessary.

Now I'm going to assume that you're on the same page, and understand your energetic body well enough to continue to the meat and potatoes of this post :)

What Is An Abundance Block?

From the day we are born, we are for lack of a better term "brainwashed" by those around us, or you could say "conditioned", to become who our parents and society believe we should become. We are taught what to believe, how to behave, and how to think. At some point in our early years, we are taught what to believe regarding religion, education, politics etc. Well we are also taught how to feel about money, whether we are aware of it or not. Maybe you grew up hearing daddy complain about how hard he had to work, or your parents bickering about bills, or not being able to afford this, and that.

Abundance Blocks are subconscious barriers we have created in our thinking, which sabotage our ability to create and attract abundance, wealth, prosperity. 

Were you taught that "money is the root of all evil" at some point in your past? Did you grow up seeing rich people as greedy, exploitative? Somewhere in your past, were you imprinted to believe that with money comes great risk, responsibility, and it changes you to become someone unethical or cruel? These are all thinking processes which cause blocks to your abundance abilities. And something which I am myself beginning to understand, and wish to share with you, is that God, the Source, Creator/Universe (whatever you wish to call it) doesn't want us to struggle, or lack, or go without. The Source of Love wants us to experience a rich and diverse life, and to generate our wishes, our dreams, and follow our hearts!

Something I learned years ago, but still do struggle with really truly getting on an energetic level is this: Money is simply an energetic way of saying "thank you" to someone who has helped you in some way, or an energetic way of being thanked for a job well done! It isn't the cornerstone of our being, and shouldn't be the focus, however it isn't evil, or wrong, and having it won't make you into some greedy megalomaniac! One thing the woman in the webinar said tonight that stuck with me was this:

Money doesn't change who you are, "money turns up the volume of who you already are." What she meant was that if you're a kind and generous person, and you all of a sudden come into great wealth, then you're a kind and generous person with the new found ability to share that generosity with others through acts of philanthropy. If you're a miserable person without money, you'll still be a miserable person with it. Money isn't what changes people, it's their thoughts about money that do.

Did you grow up believing you have to work your butt off to achieve any kind of financial freedom? That you'd have to work hard your whole life to hopefully retire and have a few good "golden" years? This is more flawed thinking which we were conditioned to believe in, which contributes to Abundance Blocks.

Let me list a few bullet points that focus on how we become blocked:

  • you have to work hard to be a success

  • nothing comes easily in this life

  • if it seems to good to be true it probably is

  • money makes people greedy and un-trusting

  • having money is too great a responsibility

  • you wouldn't know who truly loves you for you if you had a lot of money

  • spiritual people don't need money or things to be happy

These are all cliche's which we have been taught, or conditioned to believe from the day we were born. And who says Spiritual people are less spiritual if they have money? How many beautiful places on this planet can you visit and see if you don't have money? Wouldn't you be better able to enjoy the world our Creator has gifted us with if you had unlimited resources? It is not wrong, or depraved, or greedy or arrogant to want to have unlimited wealth available to you. I'm not saying we should all start trying to manifest millions, so we can all have yachts and summer homes on the Cape; what I am saying is that too many of us think very small thoughts about ourselves, our worth, and our destiny, and it is possible to change the way we think, feel, and heal any blocked energy within our energetic body.

How Can We Change Our Thoughts?

This is where it gets a little tricky, because our thoughts are very deeply ingrained, and culturally enforced. It isn't easy to accept that we are worthy, we are supported, and we deserve abundant happiness, joy, and success. We weren't raised to believe these things! Most of us grew up hearing we had to work hard, study hard, work hard hard hard! And after all that hard work IF you were lucky, maybe you'd be able to retire by age 65 and spend a few relaxing years before you died.

Isn't that fundamentally flawed thinking? Don't you think?

God/Source does love us, each of us, and does want us to create the best, happiest, and most abundant life we can for ourselves. God doesn't want any of us to struggle, or worry, or go without in this life and the reason we end up struggling, worrying, and going without is not because of God, but because of our hardwired thinking, faulty logic, and lack of understanding about who we are in Gods eyes. All life is energetic, we are all intrinsically connected, the water in the oceans, the leaves on the trees, lightning in the skies, comets in the cosmos, all things are all connected via energy; Light. This Light is the eternity of all things, the Source, our Creator. And our Creator wants us to enjoy this experience of being alive!

Repeat after me: My true life purpose includes living abundantly. The Universe wants me to be abundant and happy. It will show me my blocks again and again until I clear them.

By showing your blocks again and again, the Universe will keep delivering you what you believe you deserve; so if you don't think you're worth a significant amount of freedom, joy, relief, and material liberty, then you'll keep struggling. And believe me, I'm right there with you!

I remember the day it happened for me; I mean yes I grew up hearing my own parents moan about money, but there was a pivotal day, when I was maybe 19 years old. I was at work, working late, and the cleaning lady came in to the office. She was an older Italian lady, very cute and sweet, and I loved her accent. We would chit chat frequently, and one day she out of nowhere took my hand, looked at my palm and said very matter of factly "You will never come into money, no no, you will have to work very very hard if you ever want to have money!" At the time I blew the experience off, as we're wont to do.

Yet, all these many years later, her prophecy has rung true. Why is that, do you suppose? Did she see my future? Anybody who knows me as a reader, or as a friend, knows that I don't believe we have one set in stone future, but rather we are creating our reality with each choice we make, moment by moment. So no, I do not believe she saw my future. I believe she saw a possibility, or a probability, or a smudge on my hand (tongue in cheek giggle there folks) and she told me something that I took to heart.

This is an abundance block - and one I can now work on cleansing, and healing. But it won't be as simple as just sending healing energy to my Chakra's, because I will have to change my own thoughts, feelings and beliefs about it.

The woman in the webinar had a really neat way of reprogramming ourselves, and I want to quote her because I just liked it a lot! When I work on overcoming this particular abundance block I'm going to say "I now delete and clear this old thought: across all time dimension space and reality - I invite light in to wash away all those patterns and habits and limits!"

Cute right? I like it, so I'm going to use it, it's simple, and it will help me to see this detrimental thought as a concept I can easily delete - get rid of, like some bad text on my computer - just delete and it's gone!

Here is an exercise we were given in the webinar, try it out yourself, you may find you want to start doing this each day.

Abundance Block Clearing Exercise:

Get into your receptive meditative space now, breathing deeply in through the nose, out through the mouth. Raise your vibration now, to your higher frequency, the one where you're in touch with your divine wisdom.

See, sense, know and allow the Light to enter your crown Chakra, and ask the Light to cleanse your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about lack, limitations, and struggling.

Allow the Light into your eyes, to cleanse your vision, to take away visions of lack, and to give you new clarity about abundance.

Allow the Light into your ears so that you may now receive true wisdom, hear good guidance, and know the way to abundance.

Bring the Light now into your throat, so that you speak your highest Light and Love, and express joy, abundance and bliss!

Now see the Light in your heart, where you can ask it to cleanse any feelings of lack, loss, sorrow, limits.

Draw the Light to your Solar Plexus, where it heals old hurts, frees negative thinking, and lets you know you are always supported.

See the Light move into your Sacral Chakra, removing your fear of being powerless, fear of failure or giving up, and letting you know you deserve and are capable of great things!

Move the Light now to your Root, ridding you of a sense of lack, or inability to step into your power.

Move the Light down your legs, through your feet, into the earth below you, let it move deeper and deeper into the Earth until it's at the core of the Earth where it can be nurtured with mothers Love. Leave the Light rooted there inside Earths protective core, and follow it now back up through the earth, into your feet, legs, back up your spine and out your Heart Chakra where you will now watch it move up and down bathing you in sacred radiating Light in 360 degrees. You are surrounded above and below - by Love, healing Light, as it rises, and expands around you, growing larger and larger, until you are entirely surrounded by this cleansing miraculous Light which heals all of your blocks, and connects you to the truth of the Source, and true unconditional LOVE.

Realize in this space you now hold that you are worthy of every good thing you can conceive of! All of humanity is! You are loved, and unlimited in Gods eyes, and the only limitations you have upon you are the ones you put there yourself, or allowed others to put into place through ignorance and lack of understanding about Love.

Release all negative attachments, and affirm to yourself that: "I am a magnet for positive energy, positive experiences, and abundance! I attract health and wealth and joy and love!" Make this your mantra, as you do this exercise daily, and lets see if we can retrain ourselves, together -- to start receiving the miraculous abundance of the Universes love for us!

Dealing With Specific Blocks:

As you become comfortable with this exercise, you may want to get more specific, because as you go deeper you'll realize these implanted or imprinted thoughts we were forced to believe when we were younger are plentiful! You may discover new blocks each time you meditate, and that's ok, simply clear it, release it, understand where it came from, how you developed it, who in your life taught you to think that way, then bless it and release it and cleanse it.

Money is simply a piece of paper by which we thank each other for goods, services, and acts we perform. When I give a Tarot reading, and accept a payment, I am saying "you're welcome" to the person who is saying "thank you" by handing me a payment. There is no wrong in accepting a payment for work you perform, any more than there is anything wrong in giving someone money for performing a task or service for you!

I'm going to add this to my nightly Reiki routine, to see how I can overcome my own abundance blocks, and I hope you'll add it to your own routine as well! And please do stay connected, and let me know how it's going. Have you been using a technique like this already? Have you got more insight to share? I'd love to hear from you!

I wish you the most abundant life you can live - NOW - Today! In this moment - you deserve all of your dreams to come true, and you deserve to FEEL deserving of all of this and more.

In Great Love,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Post-Super Moon Energy Alert: Let Go, Let God

Since the "Super" full moon a few days ago, the energy around me has been so volatile, and on a higher level I know that we are going through another massive influx of healing energy from the Source - God.

When we receive healing energy it may seem ludicrous that we go through so much turmoil; why would healing energy feel so bad? Why can't we sleep soundly, why so many bizarre dreams? Why are our stomachs so upset, and our heads aching so badly? And why are we feeling so melancholy, and reliving old hurts, and old pains? Healing first must remove old blocks, stuck energies, chakral impediments, in order to fully take place.

So before we can move into the next phase of our spiritual awakening my dear sweet souls, we must first cast off old habits, old feelings and thought processes, and old memories which no longer serve our highest good.

This is incredibly painful for many of us, and any energy update you read at this time will say much the same as what I'm telling you here; this is a time to simply let go, and let God. Drink as much water as you can, removing caffeine and sugar from your intake, so that you may begin to cleanse your organs, which goes so far to cleansing your first three chakras. If you cannot sleep, do not stress, but rather just use the time to meditate, breathing deeply, inviting the healing in, and letting the stuck and painful parts of you blow out with each exhalation. Read, listen to music, watch a movie; do the things that promote a feeling of well being within you, as this will work towards going with the flow of the massive influx of healing energy around you.

It is natural to feel lost, panicked, and depressed during times like this, however if you do not honor the process we are undergoing at this time, you will simply prolong the inevitable; to get through this smoothly, or as smoothly as possible, honor your body, your mind, and your spirit. Listen to your intuition, and when your mind begins to bombard you with worry, or spends too much time in the past or the future, bring yourself back to center, and focus on this moment, right here and now; it is the only truth.

Ascension, or a spiritual awakening, requires us to rise above the lower levels of density we live amid upon this planet, and to raise our frequency in order to be receptive to Spirit, we have to let go of the old heavy energies we once dwelled within. This is painful, and can come with as many physical symptoms as it does emotional and psychological. So, again, and I can't stress this enough, find a place of communion with Spirit now, give thanks for this healing energy, and ask for spiritual strength and support as you detox and heal.

When we break a bone, often it will require re-breaking in order to set it to heal properly in it's right place. Many of our past experiences did not heal properly, and so we must experience a re-visiting of those pains, in order to let the Light of Chi (Life Essence) properly heal the wounds we have carried within and upon our auric and physical bodies. When a bone is broken we put a cast upon it so that it can heal, and at this time while we revisit old pains to let them heal properly, we must put ourselves into a cast of sorts - a bubble of Light, which will act as a protective barrier to the harsh energies all around us.

It isn't the healing energy which is harsh, but rather the response of the billions of people on this planet which creates a sensation of discord, disharmony, and anxiety. Those who are especially sensitive or empathetic to the feelings of others must work dutifully now to shield themselves from the vibrations of others, lest you get swept up in emotions that simply do not belong to you.

I myself am going through a massive purging of pain and trauma from my childhood, and I have been performing Reiki on myself each day, and am assured that this too will pass - assuredly. If you fight the process, you will simply put it off to occur during the next influx of healing, so please, take a deep breath in, know you are loved and valued by the Universe and your Angelic beings and guides, and just let go and give your troubles and burdens to Source.

Do not put down roots in the places your memories go to at this time, if you must relive old pain, it is simply to see it, acknowledge the role it played in your past, and then seeing that it no longer defines you. So pay it attention for a few moments, or hours, and then lay it to rest and move on. I meditated early this morning on my own childhood trauma which was brought up with this healing energy, and visualized myself laying that experience to rest via the violet flame of Archangel Michael. I dowsed the entire memory in violet fire, watched it burn and purify and become pure white Light. I cut cords, and asked Source to help me let this pain go. And now I feel calm. I am aware that I experienced painful traumatic events in my earlier years for reasons I cannot now possibly fathom, and I am okay with that. I trust that I have learned from past violations, and pains, and that these events brought me to this point in my life. I am learning to see that who I am becoming is exactly who I am meant to be, and that I would not be this person had I not been exposed to the harsh realities I lived through in my childhood and early years.

There is no way to explain the pain many of us have gone through, and I won't attempt to wave a magic wand and say it was all perfect and blessed; in truth we have - many of us - lived through hell. But we survived, and there is still hope, and love, and yes - peace - within. Hold on to that, as you watch the holographic memories in your mind, as you relive the pain you have tried so hard to move away from. Know that the past is just an echo, and you will never feel those pains again, unless you choose to.

So too, the future is a figment of the imagination; all there truly is, is this moment. Now. And in this moment all you are required to do is be real, honest, and maintain your center and balance. Feel what comes up, honestly, yet do not anchor yourself in it. If pain arises, express it, and yet let it go; feel it, and yet do not sit down and get cozy with it. Let it go.

As the week goes by the energy will ease, as people begin to feel something like themselves again, and by weeks end we will be feeling more settled again. Between now and then honor yourself, and make sure your most basic needs are being met and fulfilled; food, drink, oxygen, and rest. Make sure you are giving your loved ones all they need from you, including your pets; our four legged companions are especially sensitive to our vibratory shifts, be sure to reassure them with gentle words, cuddles, and love.

Be at peace in this storm, as you can remain within the eye of it, see it rage all around you, or within  you, and yet maintain balance in a place of observation. Do not get sucked into drama, just observe it.

Please share this with your friends and networks, so that no one suffer needlessly during this time of extreme frequency flux.

I will continue to update as the energy shifts and Spirit directs me. Until the next update, I wish you infinite peace, and a well of love within your heart.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Abuse: Healing Through Honest Acceptance

I will begin this post with something of a disclaimer, or a warning; the following post will be personal, intimate, painful, and raw. If you are not in a good place energetically, I suggest you stop here.

I am about to share with you a part of me, my childhood, and my life, which is the hardest thing to share, and though I will not go into details, or even name names, it is going to be hard for me to write, and I can only guess how difficult it may be for you to read.

When I was younger, in my teens, I began to drink, and do drugs, as my home life was unbearable. I was growing up in an alcoholic environment, and there was abuse which taught me to run away, avoid, always be one step ahead of calamity. I drank heavily into my mid twenties, until i no longer desired that kind of life, and stopped. Full stop.

And I knew depression, heavy and deep depression, all encompassing pain which would well up inside of me, and bring me to my knees. Every year in the fall I would become sullen, empty, and eventually learned about seasonal depression, and this "explained" my depression.

I knew, from an early age, that somewhere in my past there had been a moment, in which my innocence had been violently stripped from me. I was not sure where it originated, or by whom, but I always knew, somewhere between foster care, adoption, and a life of so little control as a young girl, that someone had violated my innocence and taken something very dear, and indeed sacred to me.

I went through my life avoiding and running away from adversity, and I learned to use food, drugs, and alcohol to numb my pain. Though I eventually turned away from drinking and drugs, food remained my addiction, my source of comfort. I have lived with this addiction since i was about 9 or 10 years old. And now I completely understand why.

I understand everything now; in looking back with true clarity for the first time today, I see how my life all hinged on the axis of this one particular night, when I was so young, when someone who I trusted, who should have been my protector, turned into my molester. One autumn night, timing, and poor choices led to someone I trust hurting me in a way no child ever deserves to be hurt.

The next day, this person knew I was sad, confused, feeling shamed and raw, and they took me to McDonald's to cheer me up. And this was the day I learned how to use food to sooth myself.

I received my level 1 Reiki certification yesterday, and have been performing self-healing on myself for about a week or two now. I knew on some deep level within me that allowing this powerful healing into myself was going to open certain floodgates; memories I have never felt ready for were going to surface. And yet, the faith I have within me was sure that all would happen in it's perfection, and I would be ready.

Today I woke up feeling ill, and supposed it was just another fibromyalgia day. How many days have I lost to the phantom flu-like symptoms of this nervous system disorder? I was prepared to be rendered fairly inadequate for the day, so I showered, took my medication and went to lay down again. And my mind was going back down certain lanes of my memory which I did not feel good about. Any time my mind has traveled those paths, I have fought it, and changed my thoughts, and decided consciously just not to "go there". And it's happened often enough in my life, where I have begun to connect to those memories, and those pains, and have decided that I was not ready, and so closed myself off from it completely.

Yet today, I knew I had to go with it. I said "i am not ready" and yet knew, I could no longer fight my history.

You see, something horrible happened to me when I was too young to know how horrible it truly was, and the next few decades of my life were spent in a cliche attempt to forget, numb the pain, disassociate from it, and try to be happy. But ignoring the past does not change it.

I opened myself to Reiki as I lay in bed, and began to work with my hands, and my chakra's, and began to have flashes of my childhood, good ones, and then confusing ones, and I knew... I knew it was coming, brimming so close to the surface, and so I finally surrendered.

And I remembered. Somebody I loved, indeed still do love very much, made a very selfish and stupid decision, and changed the course of both of our futures that night. This person did something vile to someone who they had sworn to protect, and cherish, and then instead of trying to make the situation right, they did what so many people often do when they disappoint themselves; they fell into a pattern of abuse, neglect, and anger. This person became a heavy drinker, and never let me feel safe around them again. This person transformed over the following years, going from my Knight in shining armor, to my greatest fear; this person punished me, every day from that point on, for their mistake.

I am forty-two years old, remembering a poignantly painful thing which happened over thirty years ago, and in looking back I can now, for the first time ever in my adult life, completely understand who I have become, in light of that violation. After that night, when my innocence was shattered, I began to change, began to become rebellious, depressed, scared, and confused. I was lost. And I have been mostly lost since then. For three more decades; most of the choices I made in my life were spun on the dime of that one petty selfish act.

I continued using food to numb my pain, and learned to punish my self, and my body, for the shame I felt so deeply inside of myself. I always knew, and remembered, so close to the surface of my consciousness what had happened, and yet stuffed it down, not wanting to really truly remember, because I was afraid that if I let the memories in, I would go completely crazy. Literally.

Well I remember, and I am not crazy. I have not fallen apart today. I want you to know, that even though I have remembered who... I am alright. I spoke with my husband for a couple of hours, and he loved me unconditionally through my tears, my recollections, and we talked about now, and moving forward, and healing from this trauma. And I know I am blessed to be loved by this man, who would never hurt me, or our child, or anybody; he is gentle, and kind, and noble. I am thankful that he is in my life, especially now, at this time while this memory surfaces, because his love is a great part of what will help me heal and move on.

I forgive the person who hurt me. Truly; I know it sounds cliche, but I cannot be angry at them. That person led a very empty sad life from that night onward, and punished themselves in ways I could never, and I feel pity, and even compassion for them.

Yet a small part of me, I guess the very human part of me can't help but feel shame, as though this were somehow my fault. I know it couldn't be, I did not ask to be violated, I did not want to be hurt. Yet I can't help but feel just a small amount of guilt, which leads to feelings of being dirty, unworthy, and repugnant.

I guess anyone who has been sexually abused by a trusted adult would understand this feeling.

I know that working with Reiki energy is going to open me up to further pain that I have locked up deeply inside of myself. That's ok, I think I am finally ready at this point in my life, to withstand reliving those pains, in order to free myself. Finally.

Because to be honest, I've really done very little but punish myself since that night. I didn't realize it until today; I have done a lot of things to hurt myself, to compound that pain, because I was so young when it happened, it simply didn't make sense, I felt deeply in my heart I must have done something bad to deserve it. I know this is foolishness of course, but some part of my inner child has lived with that precise guilt for over 30 years - I must have done something horrible to deserve to be hurt in that manner, by a person who I loved so deeply.

So now that I've faced it, acknowledged it, I guess I have no choice but to start accepting it, and letting it go. I am not good at letting go; I have never been good at letting myself off the hook. I am hard on myself, and punish myself so often, never living up to my lofty expectations of myself. And yet, I know I am a good person, a kind and empathetic woman, who tries to help others in ways she has never truly tried to help herself. If I gave myself an ounce of the compassion, guidance, and love that I give my Tarot clients, my spiritual seekers... this has to be the next step; beginning to give to myself what I have with held for so long; forgiveness.

I will have to find a support group, or see a therapist, as this is something I'm going to have to work out on various levels within me. Writing it here is a beginning, a first step, yet I know this pain is so raw inside of me that i will have to administer doses of healing upon it, and if I keep it locked up within me then I am punishing myself, all over again. To hide it is to be ashamed of it, and I've been ashamed for a very long time.

But I didn't ask to be molested. No one does. And while I continued to love my abuser, and can forgive them now, aspects of my inner child need help, guidance, direction regarding how to let this go.

I am thankful to Reiki, and to all who have encouraged me to follow this path in life, I know I have to finally let go of the hurts I've held on to at a cellular level. I am ready to stop punishing myself, for someone else's very poor choice.

I think a lot of us have been violated in this way; by someone we trusted, and we have hurt ourselves because we didn't really understand that it wasn't our fault. And if you can relate to this in some way, then I urge you to do some deep introspecting, meditating, and realizing that this isn't your fault. None of us ever ask to be hurt, abused, misused, molested, beaten, mistreated.

That someone would do so to another person is a sign of their own sickness, and lack of understanding of love. To hold that pain within ourselves, and hold ourselves responsible for the actions of someone else, well it's to basically keep letting that abuse happen, again and again, and again...

Right now, in this moment, I am exhausted, yet relieved. I don't know how I will feel in five minutes, or five days, but in this moment, I am ok.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Activate & Cleanse: Root Chakra

Preparing for this less than 10 minute long guided meditation requires just a few key ingredients. 

You will want to:
  • Be in a silent, peaceful atmosphere
  • Be sitting or laying down, with your feet on the ground
  • Have 10 free minutes to breathe, eyes closed, while listening to the soothing voice who leads you
  • Be receptive to receiving healing energy
Get your surroundings ready, align your spine while either sitting or laying down with your feet on the ground, and press the "Play" button when you are ready to begin this guided meditative healing session.

I know you want to continue on to the Sacral (Orange) Chakra, but let's end with this session for now. Working with each individual Chakra to begin with is a wonderful way to become familiar with your Auric field, and your wheels of spinning Light.

Continue breathing as you give thanks for the energy just shared with you, and then continue with your day! 

Wishing you a most blessed Now,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blessing & Cleansing Your Home

I talk often of energy work, and using the Universes abundant (indeed infinite) supply of White Light, which is Love energy, to cleanse and bless ones own Chakra`s and being.

You can also access this White Light to bless and cleanse your living space, and all who reside within.

If you have access to sage brush (I use white sage), you will want to use bound sage stalks, which are pre-tied together and easily lit as they are dried out. You can also choose to use loose sage if you have the proper charcoal to heat it with.

Above is a Sage stalk tied in an Abalone shell. Below is a charcoal heat source and loose sage.

When using a charcoal, you will want to make sure it is in a source that can withstand extreme heat, as it will become extremely hot. I use a metal cauldron for charcoal sessions, you can use an old pot (make sure it is thick the heat will spread through metal) with a handle that doesn`t heat, and I don`t recommend using an Abalone shell for charcoal as the heat will bleed through and can crack the shell.

In any event, whether you use loose sage or a sage brush, it is best to first understand why you`re using sage in the first place.

What Sage Does:

Sage is a natural cleansing herb, it grows freely around the world, and the Native Americans knew long before the white man came to North America, that Sage had many wonderfully healing properties. Not only is it a tasty complement to turkey or other poultry and cooking, it also can be used in healing ointments, oils, and pastes. Sage helps lower perspiration, lowers blood sugar in diabetes, is antimicrobial, and helps to dry up lactation glands in nursing mothers. Oil of sage is used actively to combat Candida and salmonella. The healing properties of the Sage plant are far reaching, and those healing affects transcend simply ingesting the plant or using it topically. You can also burn the sage plant to release cleansing smoke into your environment, and to help cleanse away negative energy.

When you light the sage to perform a cleansing, you will notice it`s odor immediately, and it can take getting used to as it is pungent, and may remind you of thanksgiving dinners of your youth if your mother used sage in her dressing. I recommend opening a window or two to help ventilate the smoke as you begin to smudge (cleanse) your home. The smoke from the sage plant gathers up negative particulate ions in your home and transforms them to neutral energy which is then easily converted to positive energy. The smoke will also help you to set up energy grids in your home, creating barriers by which only positive energy can enter, and negative energy will be deflected. In this way, Sage is extremely therapeutic and trans-formative.

How to Begin:

I always begin any type of energy work with a prayer, or blessing to the Universe. I will share with you what I say, but urge you to find your own rhythm, words of power, and to follow your own intuition, as the words I use are powerful for me based on my beliefs, but they may not be as powerful for you. You can say literally whatever you are compelled to say, and call upon whomever you want to call on for healing assistance. But when I begin to do energy work I want to call upon certain elements and beings to assist me, so I begin by standing at my altar, closing my eyes, and saying something along the lines of:

"I call out to my Guides, to the Angels and Ascended Masters, to all whom walk in Light and with Love. I call out to the Universe, and the White Light of all Life which resides in all places at all times. I ask that you come to me now, in Love and Peace, so that I may cleanse my self, and my home of negative energy, thoughts, and attitudes. Please be with me, guide my hand, use my body as an instrument of healing, and work with the Sage smoke to bind darkness away from my home, so that only Light and Love may dwell within."

I then light my sage and go through my home, saging all window's, doorways, all the beds, corners and walls. I continue to talk to the Universe as I do so, to say things such as "cleanse my daughters bed, so that her sleep is deep and restful, her dreams are sweet and supportive, and that she wakes feeling rested and alert", or "Please cleanse every corner, every nook and cranny of my home, please let this smoke filter away all unwanted lower level energy so that only peace may reside within these walls."

Does it Really Work?

The answer to that question lies within your own intentions my friend. When you work with energy, your will and intention is what shapes the very results; if you do not believe at some level, then no it will not 'work', as you will not faithfully be drawing the positive energy towards you that you say you desire. So you must check yourself first and foremost. Do you believe in positive energy? Do you believe that the Universe has your best intentions? Do you feel worthy of receiving help from the Universe to heal your home and body of negative energy? All of these questions lead to your own state of being, and understanding. Only when you understand your connectivity to the Universe, via Light and energy, will you understand that you are an extension of that very Universal Light and that you are capable of great acts of energy work by virtue simply of your belief in yourself.

Get comfortable within the knowledge that you are made of the same magical stuff that the planet is made of, the suns and stars are made of. Feel at home in the knowledge that you ARE Starstuff - and your connection to the Universe is not only energetic, but also organic.

When you set your intention to a task, you must then realize that you are working with the Universe in harmony. If your intention is towards healing, love, and harmonious outcomes, then the Universe will simply fall in line with your desires. If you try to use your connectivity to manipulate, or create dark karma, then you open yourself up to that dark karma pointing right back at you. We don't want to get into acts of dark magick - we simply want to cleanse our home. Right?

So call upon whatever Universal beings you are comfortable working with. I call Archangle Michael during sage smudging sessions, as I have for many years now, and I ask him to stand at the four corners of my home with his swords of Light fire - to create a pillar of light at each of the four corners. From those four corners I ask the Universe to draw a lattice of white Light energy to lay down upon my home, layer upon layer, until it looks like infinite layers of shimmering spiders web laid one on top of the other, and my house is literally ensconced in levels and layers of white shimmering light. 

And always when saging, as with any other energy work, I use my intuition. It tells me when a room is cleansed and I can move on to the next. It tells me when there is particularly heavy energy somewhere that needs extra work. And above all else it lets me know I am not alone in this endeavor and that I am receiving help from the Universal forces of Light and Love.

As to how often you want to do this, that is up to you dear friends. In the beginning you may want to do it daily, or weekly, to get into the rhythm, and become comfortable with wielding this light energy. Eventually you may decide to do it every month, or every few months, as I do. That being said, I do light my sage and smoke myself when I'm dealing with something particularly heavy. For example, if I get really angry about something or extremely sad, I will sage my body, and call upon the Universe to help me rid myself of negative emotions, so that I may remain peaceful, rational, and calm.

When you are done working with the smudge, you can then give thanks to whomever you've called for help, and make sure your sage is properly put out lest it keep burning. Be sure it is out - you don't want to ignite a fire in your home. If worse comes to worse you can always run water over the end of the burning sage, it will dry out for you to use again, and this will guarantee it is out completely and wont keep smoldering. If you've used a charcoal heater for loose sage simply let it burn itself out, or run it under water to put it out.

And that is how simple it is to cleanse your home, and self of negative energy by using Sage. You can of course experiment with other herbs at your leisure, so I do recommend you invest in the charcoal burners, as there are a myriad of wonderful herbs and potions you can purchase at shops or online that have been previously blessed with incantations to help with various desires, ranging from love and money, to deeper healing, or blossoming of psychic gifts. The possibilities are as endless as the Light of Love in the Universe!

I hope you enjoy cleansing your home with Sage - please feel free to comment with your own experiences with Sage, or use the links above to the Forum or FB Group to share there!

With all my love and blessings,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Chakra's: Cleansing & Healing

Before moving forward with this entry, I suggest you read Your Energy & Chakra's to get a full and dynamic understanding of the Chakra's, their relationship to your physial body via your glandular system, and a thorough knowledge of each Chakra and it's placement along your spine.

And once you are sufficiently satisfied with your understanding of the Chakra's, you may then start wondering "How can I heal blocks, and cleanse my Chakra's myself?"

Assuming you are comfortable with Meditation, we can then begin to work towards healing our own Chakra's intuitively and spiritually. This post is intended to give you my own perspective on this, as well as my own guidance towards how to make the most of this connectivity; when you access your Chakra's you will begin to work with a higher more rapidly vibrating dimensional frequency of energy. And it is always best to have a friend lovingly guide you through this process; so here I am.

You will begin by breathing; this is always the beginning of any Spiritual task, objective, or desire. Oxygenate your blood cells, which in turn stimulates your brain and your pineal gland, which is tied to your Crown Chakra. Spend as much time as you want or need with this deep breathing (Which is outlined in the Meditation post) until you begin to feel the physical relaxing, as your limbs loosen up and feel lighter, and the feeling of clenched muscular tightness slips out of your body. Breathing ever deeply, rhythmically in through your nose, and out of your mouth, you will feel the vibration within you begin to stir; this in truth is never gone - you are always vibrating - you are carbon, water, and electricity, you are always at motion on a cellular level. But when you breathe deeply for a time, and let the stress of physicality exit your body, and stimulate your brain and pineal gland, you then tap into a greater sense within you. That sense is aware of your personal frequency or vibration.

In truth, when you sense your own vibration, you can smile gently at yourself as you realize you've just done something "Clairsentient". Clairsentience is like Clairvoyance, it just means clear feeling, rather than clear vision. With Clairsentient you are using an innate spiritual ability within you to sense the higher realms of dimensional energy. 

Do you think this isn't something to take a moment and not exalt in? Because it is a feat, and you've accomplished it now, simply by breathing, relaxing, and intending to connect to a higher aspect of your own energy. Congratulations, you've just reached your Higher state of being. Now, to work on your chakra's, while accessing this higher state of being!

Getting Started

You will be laying down, or sitting up straight, at any rate you want your spine relatively aligned - straight. Breathing deeply still, your arms and legs relaxed, you can now begin to visualize and work with your Chakra's. So take a few deep breaths and follow my gentle instructions, then read a bit more, breathe, close your eyes and go on. Do this throughout the rest of this guided session, until it becomes something you are confident doing on your own to completion. It may sink in right away, or it may take several attempts at reading along with me until you are ready to start doing this on your own; there is no time limit, no rush, read along as often as you want; eventually this will become habitual and you won't need my guidance any longer. Because in truth, this is very simple work we're doing here. You just require a deeper understanding of your Chakra's which hopefully you have reached by this point. 

You'll begin focusing on the Root Chakra, which is symbolized by the color red. It is located right at the base of your spine, around the perineum between your anus and sex organs. You can now focus on the color red by whatever means is most powerful for you. I work at visually seeing the color red in my mind, as well as imagining eating red fruits. 

When you are aware of the red whirling light of your Root Chakra you can begin to explore it. You are the scriptwriter of this, so you choose how you investigate your Root. I like to shine a white light on it to see if there are any cracks, bumps, bruises or dents in the red light. If the red light is dim or dull I know it needs cleansing, and if there are cracks or fissures in it I know it requires the healing of a block. So focus on your red Root now, and look at it, feel it, taste it. Note your body's reactions, every little sensation you have now is tied directly to your Root Chakra, so get familiar with the way this Chakra makes you feel. Do your toes tingle? Or maybe your nose itches? Perhaps you feel feathers upon your legs. Everyone feels their Chakra's in a unique way. Get familiar with it, and determine if it needs cleansing or healing.

How to Cleanse a Chakra:

If the Chakra is dull, dingy, dirty or just not quite "right", you'll want to cleanse it. I do this by two different methods. The first thing I do is "wash" the Chakra with pure white Light from the most brilliant part of the Universe I can feel. I pull this white light down into my body via my Crown Chakra and let it flow down my spine to the Chakra I'm working on, in this case the Root (Red) Chakra. The white light shimmers as it moves from my crown down to my root, then it exits my body via the bottom of the Root Chakra, and flows down into the Earth, until it arcs up from deep within the Earth and flows back into the Universe. In this way you can see yourself funneling a figure 8 of energy down your body, out the Earth, back into the Universe, where it will become clean pure white light again, to enter your Crown. You've become a human mana battery - you are now recycling universal healing energy through your body, to cleanse your Chakra, and ground you to the Earth, and move back out into the Cosmos to be utilized as pure healing white light again.

After I've spent as much time as I want working my white Light battery over the Chakra I'm cleansing, I then re-fill it with the energy which belongs there. In this case we're working still with the Root Chakra, so I use my visual mind to fill the light wheel back up with red vibrant energy - pulsating red light, until I see it is so bright red, so lush, spilling over, vibrating at a dynamic rate, creating a hum and whoosh of cleansed pure Red Light energy.

You may repeat these two steps of cleansing and reactivating your Chakra as many times as you wish to until it feels "right" again. And you will know when a Chakra is rebalanced and cleansed; your body will tell you, via your muscles your lungs, your mind. Everything will drop into place and you will simply feel that the Chakra has been successfully cleansed and reactivated.

Move on to the rest of your Chakra's, and continue this process with each light now.

Healing a Blocked Chakra

Let's say now, that while we were investigating our Root Chakra when we first began exploring it, we discovered not only was the light dim, or dull, but that there was a crack in the Chakra, or it was broken, or had a black spot in or all over it. This speaks to a blockage, which requires healing in order to be able to cleanse it.

To heal a Chakra you will pray to the Universe, or your Angels or Guides, or God; whomever you are most comfortable praying to. Simply ask that your Chakra be healed of the blockage within it, and ask that the lesson attached to the blockage be revealed to you gently, and clearly, so that you can work through it. A Chakra will only become blocked due to some great physical, mental, emotional or spiritual upheaval, denial, facade, or imbalance. So something imbalanced needs your attention in order to make sure that when the Chakra is healed, it does not immediately begin to degrade again.

You know by reading Your Energy & Chakra's that the Root Chakra: 
  • is located at your perineum; adjacent to the base of your tailbone. This Chakra is symbolized by the color red, and is representative of passion. It is directly connected to being grounded in your human body and as such survival, vitality, reality and your individual sexuality. This Chakra expresses itself through the adrenal glands. Some physical distresses relative to this Chakra are: 
    • Anemia, Fatigue, Obesity, Anus, Rectum (hemorrhoids), Constipation, Colds, Body Temperature, Bladder Infection, Rebuilds Blood Cells & Haemoglobin, Sciatic, Numbness, Leukemia

If you have a blocked Root Chakra, maybe there is an issue with sex, sensuality, passion or femininity/masculinity in your life? Or perhaps you've gone through an illness related to your bottom, bladder or blood cells. In any case, you'll want to understand the possible causes of the blockage, so you can work towards healing those as well. Because if you heal the Chakra but not the cause of it's blockage, you will get a block again in no time.

Talk to the Universe. Use your intuition. Listen to your inner child's voice, as well as your own common sense. The cause of the block is usually not hard to identify to yourself. Unless you're not willing to admit or accept it, in which case I urge you to get honest with yourself. Awakening is all about shedding the false layers of persona we build as we grow on this 3D stage of illusion, and polarity. Shake off the dust of old stories you've been living by, and allow yourself to begin writing a new tale, so you can break free of old patterns, habits, cycles, and relationships which have caused you to be anything less than true with yourself.

Once you have prayed, and sent out your intention to have the Chakra healed of it's block, move back into it and perform the exercise listed above for Cleansing your Chakras. You may find the blockage has disappeared already, or just get a feeling that it will be worked on in due course. Don't expect the Universe to do all the work though; remember, God helps those who help themselves. So do your homework while you ask for a healing to be worked upon you, and find out what caused the block, admit it to yourself, and work at changing your behaviors, attitudes, and feelings in order to transcend whatever caused the block to begin with.

After Cleasing & Healing the Chakra's?

After you've completed going through all of your Chakra's in this way, you will have 7 brightly spinning wheels of light turning in your Auric body, connecting to your physical body, and you can choose to then go forward with a deeper meditation, or to disconnect from the exercise. Either way, you will eventually want to turn the Chakra's "off" at some point, to regain mental clarity and connectivity to your physical body. You've just done a lot of energy work, and while it fills you with abundant energy at first, it can leave you feeling drained or just tired afterwards. 

To turn your Chakra's off until the next time, you'll want to first understand we're not really turning them off, as they are always spinning. What we're actually doing is withdrawing our focus from them, and coming back "down to Earth" so to speak. You can use various techniques to do so, anything from doing something very 3D like eating meat, smoking a cigarette, or something visual like flicking the light switches on all of them off. No matter what method you use, it's as simple as just intending to stop working with those Lights for now.

Next time you want to work with your Chakra's, be it to cleanse them, or meditate, or try your hand at Lucid dreaming or Astral Projection, you'll simply do what we've just done here. You can get comfy with the process, fine tune it based on your own comfort levels, and begin to experiment. I have had many profound visions during Chakra cleansing sessions, and often will choose to meditate further after cleansing them. I often do this late at night and follow it up by going to sleep, to let my dreams finish what I began in unlocking aspects of my psyche, in order to heal and constantly be receptive to my own truths.

It really is that simple. I've put down a lot of words here to share the simple task; but once you've read it, and done it, you'll see that it's just a matter of remembering the color of each Chakra, where it is placed, and remembering to breathe.

So inhale deeply friend, then exhale, and go play with your Chakra's at your own leisure. Who knows what lays dormant and unexplored within you, which you can tap into through accessing a higher vibrational state of being?!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Quantum Light Healing

When I give a Tarot reading I always end it with a "shot of Quantum Light Healing", and clients are informed that they will receive this cleansing Light modality the night they receive their reading. Today I received an email message from a Tarot client of mine named Sherry; in it she asked:

"What is quantum light healing?  I'm a reiki master; is it similar to that?"

Let me first start out by saying that I am not the "founder" of Quantum Light Healing, there are many people who use similar healing modalities, however I did not model my healing after anyone else's. Quantum Light came to me about 8 years ago through extensive meditation and introspection; communion with Spirit. Some may call it channeling, however I dislike that term; I really prefer to simplify it by saying I followed my intuition to discover a mode of healing we can all access, easily, readily, and innately as human beings

What Is Quantum Light? 

Let's first start by understanding the word quantum. The dictionary defines a quantum as:


                 1.     quantity or amount: the least quantum of evidence.
                 2.     a particular amount.
                 3.     a share or portion.
                 4.     a large quantity; bulk.
We all know what Light is, but let's refine our understanding, because it isn't just light that is used in healing, it is a Universal aspect of a portion of Light. Not all Light is "healing" - some light is simply illuminating, some of photonic, some is reflective and refractive. The Light used to heal is Photon Light - a quantum (or particular amount) of energetic, nuclear Light - it is alive, active, and reactive. 
So by all intents and purposes, Quantum Light is simply photons which are virtually all over the Universe. 
Modern medicine uses this principal to a small degree when treating cancer cells with radiation - which photons are comprised of. However the radiation used in cancer treatment is destructive, used to kill cancerous cells, rather than heal. So in essence the Quantum Light used by modern medicine to treat cancer is malevolent and used with an intention to destroy.
The Quantum Light I and many others use is the same basic particulate Light, it is made of the same stuff, it is radiated, it is charged and photonic, however the intention with which it is directed is different, and intention is what guides any healing on a cellular level.  

How I Discovered Photon Light Healing 

I don't believe in accidents, or coincidence, and know on a higher plane of awareness that Photon Light Healing is a tool we can all access, however it came to me in a slow unwinding process of self discovery, through years of meditation and reflection. I had expressed an interest in healing modalities about 12 years ago, and looked into Reiki primarily, but after studying level 1 I discovered this was not exactly what I was looking for. My hands knew what they wanted to do, as did my heart, but I had to get my brain to wrap around it in order to begin to really know how to use it. I had been using it my whole life, as do many, unwittingly, but once I began to really firmly grasp what it was I was working with, the name Quantum Light Healing just fit - and so I began to call it that. I didn't coin the phrase and don't wish to make it sound like I discovered anything; I didn't. I simply tapped into an energy healing model and gave it a name which resonated within my intuitive knowing.

How Does It Work?   

It's so simple, and as easy as using your imagination really. If you have worked with your Chakras, and are aware of how to open your third eye and crown up, to connect to a Higher state of consciousness Universally, then you are ready to start weaving Quantum Light Particles. Our Universe is comprised of Light and Dark energy and matter. The Light energy is infinite as far as I know, it is self replicating, and while I am not a physicist it seems to defy the laws of physics by expanding on itself, collapsing, and acting much like the waves on the ocean; it ebbs and flows and is seemingly unending. It is the light stars and suns emit, very radioactive and no doubt incredibly dangerous to the physical body in close contact. And yet when working Quantum Light you are not using it tangibly; you are using it energetically. That is to say, you don't scoop up a handful of photons to apply to the body; you use the radio waves and pulses of the nuclear energy to affect the cells of the body. And this is done via attraction, telepathy, intention, or whatever you want to label it as. 

It may sound bizarre or far fetched, but once you understand how Quantum Light works you understand that it's no different than how the lungs function. We inhale and exhale without thinking about it, and our body lives. If we stop inhaling we stop oxygenating our blood and the physical body stops functioning. But we don't have to think about it, the body simply knows it needs oxygen and the brain regulates breathing in order to provide appropriate amounts of inhaled air. Quantum Light is similar, in that once you recognize it as an intrinsic part of the Universe and our own energy as part of the Universe itself, all you need to do is direct it.  

When you want to pick up a cup on the table in front of you, you reach over and pick up the cup. Right?

When you want to use Quantum Light, you call it to you vibrationally, and then "tell" it what to do. It's as simple as that. 

Well, it's as simple as that if you're able to modify your vibration, and frequency. There is a great deal of self aware body modulating that goes into working QL.

Is It Like Reiki?  

Yes and no. It is like Reiki in that it is pure Universal Light energy being used in a loving manner to direct a healing in the physical or emotional or spiritual body. But it is different than Reiki in that it is not a discipline, and not directed by symbols or manifestations of levels of mastery. It simply IS. And one doesn't need a certificate or fancy title to wield it. All one needs to do is work towards an awakening of self-awareness and spiritual cohesion of the physical and emotional. 

Sound easy? That's up to you. Everyones awakening process varies. Mine has been four decades in the shaping and some days I feel as though I am still utterly ensconced in the sleep of ignorant complacence. 

So What Can It Do?   

That is up to you - the individual. My own understanding of QLH has changed over the last few years, as I've begun to understand I do some of my most powerful healing while my body and mind sleep - it is done in Spirit, through dream weaving, and astral projection. Where I used to spend great amounts of time trying to mold and wield the Light intentionally and visually, now I understand that all I need to do is set the intent, and then visualize, and then sleep. My Spirit always follows what I have laid forth. It is as though I draw a blueprint with my mind, and see it in my third eye, by traveling through the healing in advance and setting my desires for what I'd like to achieve, and then when I sleep my Spirit makes it so.

I also use it while awake though, often through the day, sometimes wittingly, sometimes just instinctively. I see that I am Quantum Light, therefore using it as an extension of my own body and mind and spirit, and breath, is no big challenge. 

But You Have So Many Health Problems? 

This is a valid and real point that I want to address. I have spinal diseases which have limited my mobility and cause me a significant amount of daily pain and disability. I also  have CFS/Fibromyalgia and a few other health issues. Most healers will agree that healing the self is a different commodity than healing another. It is like a mother who spends all her time and money and energy caring for her kids, clothing them well, making sure they have everything they require and desire, and at the end of the day she is wearing second hand clothing quite happily, not really caring that shes out of style and not quite vogue. A mother knows instinctively how to care for her children, putting herself first can be a challenge. And I've come to understand that people with deep empathy find it easier to connect to Quantum Light as they are just more open and 'out there' or accessible emotionally, which also can make them more prone to illness themselves. When you're an open receptacle for other peoples feelings, you're bound to take on issues that don't 'belong' to you. And this leads to illness.

Physician heal thyself - words of wisdom, easier said than done. 

And why would I spend my time directing Universal Light at myself? Feels greedy. I fill my own cup, I'm happy and at peace, and my body may be crippled but my heart is so full of love and compassion I do not feel I am at a deficit really. I would much prefer to direct that QLH outwards, as it seems to be what my Soul is driven to do.

So that is Quantum Light Healing in a nut shell. If you meditate on the concept of Light, what it IS, your body, how it is comprised of that Light, and then how all life is also comprised of varying rays of that light, you will perhaps begin to feel your hands tingle with it. It may make itself known through a pressure on your third eye, or a slight 'whoosh' in your inner ears. And if that is the case for you - send it outwards and see where it goes. Like a pebble in a pond, the ripples are exponential and go in all directions. 

May the Light bless your awareness. Love Always,