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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mercury in Retrograde: The Under-Appreciated Gift!

You are probably aware at this point in your Awakening of just what it means when Mercury goes retrograde. Each planet experiences retrograde phases from our Earthly perspective, as a retrograde occurs when our vantage of a given planet makes it appear to be either in stasis, or moving backwards for a period of time. Of course, the planet isn't really moving backwards, but from where we are observing, the illusion is realistic. And at these times, each planet brings it's highlighted facets to the fore.

As Mercury is the planet that rules communication and technology, when it is moving forward we can surmise that all things are "smooth sailing" in our lives in regards to dealing with other people, and our technological gadgets. However, when Mercury dances backwards from our point of view (which happens 2-3 times per year) we can experience energetic challenges.

The challenges we all face are fairly understandable, as communication with others amps up to a point where we can become confrontational, misunderstandings abound, arguments and hurt feelings become an annoying norm. We can also experience glitches with technology, ranging from computer issues, to electric in the home, car or any other device which uses energy to operate.

In the early stages of a spiritual Awakening, it is very tempting to vilify Mercury in retrograde, as the challenges which accompany it are often just too much to cope with. It is one of those things you hear that make you groan audibly, as you realize "oh sh*.... Mercury is about to go retrograde again!" It's too tempting to hibernate, avoid legal issues, stay away from people who usually push your buttons in the best of times. And yet, it becomes clear as we gain self-awareness that this period of stagnation offers up a rich treasure trove of healing potential.

So the first thing I urge you to do is become familiar with the retrograde dates each year, in advance, and mark them on your calendar. Forewarned is forearmed as they say, and knowledge truly is power. This year Mercury is retrograde from:

  • January 21 – February 11

  • May 19 – June 11

  • September 17 – October 9

You'll note that we are currently midway our January retrograde at the time of this entry, and it's no coincidence, as I find the reminder timely for not just my readers and clients, but also myself.

After you make note of the upcoming retrograde periods of Mercury for your personal knowledge, you will then want to approach the astrological occurrence from a more intellectual perspective, which requires a slight adjustment to your thinking; in other words it's time to exercise objective non-attached open-mindedness.

The Challenges in a Mercury Retrograde

Let's bullet this out so we can be clear and simple.

  • Communication breakdown

  • Legal issues & setbacks

  • Confrontational energy

  • Self-awareness in blurry vision

  • Technology glitches and hiccups

You can see how these five issues can cause people to generally want to avoid other human beings, as when the energy around us seems to support random arguments, nastiness, closed mindedness and hostile judgmentality, it's just a bummer to have to not only observe it in others, but also feel sucked in to it ourselves.

And yet, I urge you to see this as a time of the year to look forward to, as it is chock-full of opportunities to get really really real.

The Opportunity Present

Let me bullet these points to coincide with the challenges listed above.

  • Can break out of old patterns of hyper-sensitivity, over-reaction, egotistical drama-centered self-delusion

  • Learn to pay closer attention to legal matters, dot i's, cross t's, and learn when to let go of the need to be in control.

  • Learning when to choose ones battles

  • Opportunity to clearly see oneself, in all shades of positive and negative, in order to truly grow beyond conditioning and previous limitations

  • A chance to step away from technology and simplify life for a few weeks at a time.

We do not receive energetic challenges from the Universe to cause us pressure, or pain; the Universe is simply answering our own subconscious desires to awaken, to rise above petty 3D illusions, and to become whole love-centered beings of compassion and peace. We cannot truly know peace until we fully understand what removes peace from our state of being.

You understand duality, and know that life on Earth is an ongoing exercise in polar opposites, which is designed to help us find center, and learn to release attachment to extremes. So these opportunities Mercury provides us with three times a year to experience friction in communication and relationships truly are a gift from the Heavens!!

When things are going smoothly in life, we can become complacent, lazy, and stop challenging ourselves to be truer, more authentic beings. So when the hot fiery planet Mercury stands still then moves backwards we are truly being given an opportunity to look in the mirror, identify our own ego and it's need to be right, at the cost of being love, and then take measures to grow beyond the newly identified self-knowledge.

This is a gift, isn't it!

So here are a few tips I have compiled from personal experience through the years, to help prepare for and experience Mercury retro periods, while facing ourselves fully and honestly, and appreciating the individual journey we are all on in life.

  • Be now-focused - dwelling in the past or future at this time is counter-productive, stay rooted in the NOW

  • BREATHE - this is a must at every moment of every day of every year. Oxygenate your brain, it is simple biology

  • Think before speaking; this is also a must for every day of the year, however at these times it is a MUST

  • Practice the "golden rule" with every single person you encounter

  • Use mantra's to help yourself stay mindful, focused, and compassionate. For example "I am peaceful & loving and there is nothing anyone can say or do to change the truth of who I Am"

  • Go slowly, with your words, deeds, thoughts, and also physically - put one foot in front of the other, and be watchful and observant

  • Set your ducks in a row - if the car is overdue for an oil change, get it done. If you haven't run a virus program on your computer, get it done. If you have unpaid parking tickets, pay them. Don't break the law to avoid unwanted legal headaches

  • Remember to take none of this too seriously! Life is meant to be enjoyed, if you aren't having any fun then it's time to BREATHE (remember that - all ways) and regroup, re-think, re-prioritize, and return to a NOW focused state of gratitude, love, and peace

Consider Mercury in retrograde as a gift from God and the Universe to you; the gift may itch, not be the right size, you may want to return it, but the truth is the thought behind the gift is truly what counts. And the thought behind the uncomfortable gift is simple this: Dig deeper, be authentic, rise above petty 3D ego squabbles, remember you are LOVED and LOVE.

I honor and love the Spirit within you, and myself. And as such I will endeavor to speak love and patience, and breathe deeply in each moment, so that when we are communicating I truly listen to your words, body language and energy. And should we start to clash, instead of blaming you or what you said or implied, I will investigate MY OWN behavior, reactions, attachments, and feelings.

When I am responsible for ME and you are responsible for YOU, then we are free to be US without fear of drama, manipulation, abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

I wish you a stellar remainder of the retrograde! I hope you rise to your own truth and beauty, and surpass your own dreams and expectations.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Post-Super Moon Energy Alert: Let Go, Let God

Since the "Super" full moon a few days ago, the energy around me has been so volatile, and on a higher level I know that we are going through another massive influx of healing energy from the Source - God.

When we receive healing energy it may seem ludicrous that we go through so much turmoil; why would healing energy feel so bad? Why can't we sleep soundly, why so many bizarre dreams? Why are our stomachs so upset, and our heads aching so badly? And why are we feeling so melancholy, and reliving old hurts, and old pains? Healing first must remove old blocks, stuck energies, chakral impediments, in order to fully take place.

So before we can move into the next phase of our spiritual awakening my dear sweet souls, we must first cast off old habits, old feelings and thought processes, and old memories which no longer serve our highest good.

This is incredibly painful for many of us, and any energy update you read at this time will say much the same as what I'm telling you here; this is a time to simply let go, and let God. Drink as much water as you can, removing caffeine and sugar from your intake, so that you may begin to cleanse your organs, which goes so far to cleansing your first three chakras. If you cannot sleep, do not stress, but rather just use the time to meditate, breathing deeply, inviting the healing in, and letting the stuck and painful parts of you blow out with each exhalation. Read, listen to music, watch a movie; do the things that promote a feeling of well being within you, as this will work towards going with the flow of the massive influx of healing energy around you.

It is natural to feel lost, panicked, and depressed during times like this, however if you do not honor the process we are undergoing at this time, you will simply prolong the inevitable; to get through this smoothly, or as smoothly as possible, honor your body, your mind, and your spirit. Listen to your intuition, and when your mind begins to bombard you with worry, or spends too much time in the past or the future, bring yourself back to center, and focus on this moment, right here and now; it is the only truth.

Ascension, or a spiritual awakening, requires us to rise above the lower levels of density we live amid upon this planet, and to raise our frequency in order to be receptive to Spirit, we have to let go of the old heavy energies we once dwelled within. This is painful, and can come with as many physical symptoms as it does emotional and psychological. So, again, and I can't stress this enough, find a place of communion with Spirit now, give thanks for this healing energy, and ask for spiritual strength and support as you detox and heal.

When we break a bone, often it will require re-breaking in order to set it to heal properly in it's right place. Many of our past experiences did not heal properly, and so we must experience a re-visiting of those pains, in order to let the Light of Chi (Life Essence) properly heal the wounds we have carried within and upon our auric and physical bodies. When a bone is broken we put a cast upon it so that it can heal, and at this time while we revisit old pains to let them heal properly, we must put ourselves into a cast of sorts - a bubble of Light, which will act as a protective barrier to the harsh energies all around us.

It isn't the healing energy which is harsh, but rather the response of the billions of people on this planet which creates a sensation of discord, disharmony, and anxiety. Those who are especially sensitive or empathetic to the feelings of others must work dutifully now to shield themselves from the vibrations of others, lest you get swept up in emotions that simply do not belong to you.

I myself am going through a massive purging of pain and trauma from my childhood, and I have been performing Reiki on myself each day, and am assured that this too will pass - assuredly. If you fight the process, you will simply put it off to occur during the next influx of healing, so please, take a deep breath in, know you are loved and valued by the Universe and your Angelic beings and guides, and just let go and give your troubles and burdens to Source.

Do not put down roots in the places your memories go to at this time, if you must relive old pain, it is simply to see it, acknowledge the role it played in your past, and then seeing that it no longer defines you. So pay it attention for a few moments, or hours, and then lay it to rest and move on. I meditated early this morning on my own childhood trauma which was brought up with this healing energy, and visualized myself laying that experience to rest via the violet flame of Archangel Michael. I dowsed the entire memory in violet fire, watched it burn and purify and become pure white Light. I cut cords, and asked Source to help me let this pain go. And now I feel calm. I am aware that I experienced painful traumatic events in my earlier years for reasons I cannot now possibly fathom, and I am okay with that. I trust that I have learned from past violations, and pains, and that these events brought me to this point in my life. I am learning to see that who I am becoming is exactly who I am meant to be, and that I would not be this person had I not been exposed to the harsh realities I lived through in my childhood and early years.

There is no way to explain the pain many of us have gone through, and I won't attempt to wave a magic wand and say it was all perfect and blessed; in truth we have - many of us - lived through hell. But we survived, and there is still hope, and love, and yes - peace - within. Hold on to that, as you watch the holographic memories in your mind, as you relive the pain you have tried so hard to move away from. Know that the past is just an echo, and you will never feel those pains again, unless you choose to.

So too, the future is a figment of the imagination; all there truly is, is this moment. Now. And in this moment all you are required to do is be real, honest, and maintain your center and balance. Feel what comes up, honestly, yet do not anchor yourself in it. If pain arises, express it, and yet let it go; feel it, and yet do not sit down and get cozy with it. Let it go.

As the week goes by the energy will ease, as people begin to feel something like themselves again, and by weeks end we will be feeling more settled again. Between now and then honor yourself, and make sure your most basic needs are being met and fulfilled; food, drink, oxygen, and rest. Make sure you are giving your loved ones all they need from you, including your pets; our four legged companions are especially sensitive to our vibratory shifts, be sure to reassure them with gentle words, cuddles, and love.

Be at peace in this storm, as you can remain within the eye of it, see it rage all around you, or within  you, and yet maintain balance in a place of observation. Do not get sucked into drama, just observe it.

Please share this with your friends and networks, so that no one suffer needlessly during this time of extreme frequency flux.

I will continue to update as the energy shifts and Spirit directs me. Until the next update, I wish you infinite peace, and a well of love within your heart.

Monday, April 28, 2014

April Frequency Shift: Something's Shaking!

Anyone sensitive to the shifting energy and atmosphere around us all, whether you call it aura, or emf, or "the force", knows that in the last couple of weeks things have vamped up, ramped up, and have definitely been amped up!

I don't know what's going on for you, but for me personally it's been an up cycle of heightened dreams, deja vu's, intuition, and premonition. A couple of weeks ago the dreams started to become more intense, and that usually signifies the beginning of a new cycle for me on a conscious level. I dreamed of some pretty intense stuff in the last couple of weeks, and even blew my own mind at the level of detail and authenticity. You know when you wake up confused as to where you are, who you are...

Since the lunar eclipse last week, and the waning of the full moon since then it's as though someone has turned the vibrate button to "High". I'm finding that where I was feeling sluggish and dopey coming out of my winter hibernation, I'm now beginning to feel alive, vibrant, and more aware. This comes with an intense sense of "buckle up, here we go!" and I intuitively feel this is not just a personal occurrence in my own life, but a global event. 

We don't all experience the up's and down's of life, and Awakening at the same times, but at this time there is energy on Earth that is designed for everyone. When something like this happens, it feels like a big galactic party which we've all been invited to, and it can cause a lot of what some call "ascension symptoms" to become unruly. So don't be surprised if you're experiencing heightened dream recall, an abundance of nervous energy, possible bouts of insomnia, and the full body tingle that we've grown accustomed to on this journey of spiritual exploration. 

You know you're carbon, and water, and electricity; when you access "higher" levels of energy, as we're doing right now, you're likely going to feel your electrical field respond to the stimulus in ways like itching, tingling, or static-like skin. Your scalp may tingle and vibrate. You may feel a deep heavy pressure between your eyebrows at your third eye chakra. The symptoms of awakening are old hat to most of us by now I'd guess, so I'll skip the details as I don't want to bore you. And if you're feeling what I'm feeling right now chances are you are easily side tracked right now, as the electric energy around you is inspiring you artistically and creatively. 

But Why?

So why do we go through these intense "Up" cycles after long periods of dormancy or "down" times? It just makes sense, when you learn an intense amount of information you have to put the book down for a while and let it all sink in. When you've eaten a large plate of food you need to get up from the table and let it digest. And in this way we also need periods of quiet inactivity spiritually in order to re-ground, let what we've absorbed sink in, and prepare for the next big energetic shift. 

What do these shifts do?

Why are we experiencing them? I could give you reasons and sell them with amazing self-assurance, but that would simply be my ego reaching at explanations in order to sooth myself, and you in turn. The truth is, none of us can truly know 100% of what is going on spiritually speaking; we are in the skin, we can only follow our intuition, and let our gut instincts guide us on this path. Does it feel right? Yes. Is it leading somewhere? No idea. The rewards lay in the journey, not the destination. And each time the universe sends more of this enlightening energy towards the planet we all gain valuable frequency, which we can use to further cultivate our own spiritual discovery.

So utilize times like this to the best of your ability, and flex your intuition. What I do with my Up cycle may be different from what you do, and that's as it should be; my path isn't your path. When the energy turns up like this I tend to want to reach outwards from my consciousness and connect to a Higher state of being, through meditation, Chakra energy work and healing, and guided shamanic imagery voyaging. I will use this time to flex my creative muscles, as I find I am most productive at creating anything when filled with inspired fertile energy; which we are receiving in droves right now.

Do what feels right for you. I guess we've got another couple of weeks of this intense influx of cosmic energy before it shifts down into a gentler grade, and eventually peters back out to the "norm". So follow your heart, it's a super time to learn, create, build, and start new projects. Its also a fantastic time to connect with nature, either individually or in groups, to welcome the Spring, or Beltane, and to send healing energy to mankind through energy and body work.

I would love to hear how you're feeling at this time, so please feel free to respond, or drop me a tweet, and let me know what's going on for you during this intense time of energetic reception!

And remember my sweet friends, the most important thing you can do is just seek to be the peace that IS within you; so focus on what gives you joy, speak your highest truth from a place of pure and deep love, and remember to drink plenty of clean water, and get lots of valuable sleep, rest, or quiet time. 

With all my love; hold on tight - we're on one heck of a ride!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earth Shifts

It has been a very interesting week; it began with a 3 day long migraine, the first of that length and severity ever. This followed the 8/8 energy date, Mercury going into retrograde, the full moon, and several other poignant spiritual indicators in my own personal life.

On Sunday afternoon, a small quaint cottage town in Ontario, located about 3 hours from me, called Goderich experienced an F3 level tornado, the biggest in recorded history for our area. The main strip of this sleepy little beautiful town was decimated, one man was killed while working in a salt mine, and dozens were injured. Winds of nearly 300 k/h were recorded in a twenty kilometer span, the tornado was fierce.

And then today we experienced not one, but two earthquakes in states that are not generally known for earthquakes. The first was near the New Mexico border, in Colorado in the wee hours of the morning. And the second occurred just before 2pm this afternoon (EST) in Virginia. Apparently this is the first earthquake out of Virginia in 40 years. 

So I tuned into the Earth Mother and Her grid of Light, the ley lines of the land. And the electromagnetic impulses are enormous at this time. And it was obvious to me immediately what my role in this is; to help people remain objective in the face of the unknown.

Yes, the world can experience shifts and cataclysmic events, and these events can cause injury, death, personal loss, destruction. Indeed, these ideas can be horrifying to anyone. But it is so important that we remain calm, and peaceful and try to remember that change is a natural cyclic motion in our lives in this Universe. 

Every civilization before us has had it's rise and it's fall, as this too is a natural cyclic motion of life. We are not meant to be infinite in one expression of physicality; that would be pointless. We grow until we reach critical mass, and then we reach a cross roads. Earth is at that cross roads at this time in our evolution, as we have reached critical mass with regards to pollution, destruction, hatred, greed, calamity; our effect on this planet is palpable and as our forefathers before us we will eventually be brought to our own natural end, so that the next great age may rise out of the ashes.

Atlantis fell, Lemuria fell, Babylonia, Sumeria and the Mayan civilizations all fell. And none of this was due to an angry "god" trying to seek justice. None of this was to teach a lesson or right a wrong; it was simply the natural rhythms of life on this beautiful planet. Nothing is forever.

At this time, as people become hyper-paranoid about the 2012 Mayan prophecies, and misinterpretations of the end of the Long-count calender; as people talk about motherships and alien invasion, or mass Ascension to a 5D planet of parallel lineage to Earth, it is essential to remain rooted in your own peace. Be within the eye of the storm, and lead by example. If you see chaos about you, remain calm, do not get swept up into the frenzy of people around you, as you will lose sight yourself of the most simplistic and beautiful of truths: we are infinite energy, and we aren't meant to live in this body forever.

Know that Earth is a live and sentient being, an Angel of incomprehensible love and generosity. Know that She too has her own natural cycles that are beyond our scientific understandings. And support her by sending your love vibration into her crystalline grid of light, which is like a spider web which spans the globe and bisects at places of power, such as Machu Picu, Stone Henge, the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, and other places of great energetic signature. 

Know that we are surrounded by multi-dimensional beings of love and harmonic resonance, who would never dream of over-ruling our free will, would never ask us to do what is not in our own hearts to do. And if you seek deeply into your own heart, you will find the place that is peaceful about these Earth changes.

This is a time of celebration and thanksgiving, because we are here at this most pivotal time on Earth, to assist others and this planet through the changes and leaps of evolution we are currently experiencing, so that the next great beginning may take hold.

So breathe deeply, be of peace, and know that everything is always perfect. Fear is only a vibration, and it can be removed from you as quickly as it appears, simply by remembering to be at peace.

Who knows what is to come next? Can nearly 7 billion hearts full of peace and love change the fate of a spinning orb in outer space? Is anything possible?

You are Love, and you are loved.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Solar (plexus) Flares

It is nearly 4am and I am wide awake still. I am a night person by nature, but in the last few days it has been extreme, I just can not seem to sleep at night. I don't mind this, as night time is so peaceful to me. I go out onto my balcony and there is silence, no cars, no people talking or kids yelling; it's quite tranquil. I like to be the only one awake at this hour, it feels sacred to me.

My emotions were topsy-turvy today, and I found myself bouncing between peaceful and sadness through the course of the day. A dear friend Irma, who runs the Facebook page called Cosmic Weather and the Facebook group Akashic Wisdom Keepers reminded me today that we are experiencing some extremely profound solar flare activity. According to the flare was an M3-class which means it was medium to large in projection. 

This got me thinking about my emotions, and the fact that the planet Mercury is in retrograde currently; this coupled with the flare activity and astrological alignments at this time really does make for some interesting combinations. So it's no huge surprise to see that many people are currently struggling with sleep, their emotions, communication, and deep rooted feelings of sorrow or anger which have bubbled up to the surface.

So then I began to wonder what I could do as a proactive being to remain centered within myself. And the answer came in the form of some internet surfing.

While I was exploring the website, and looking at the flare activity, I was drawn to a picture of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) taken yesterday. The pictures were phenomenal, and it clicked into place for me as I gazed in awe at the beauty of the streaks of light across the sky; though the sun was producing turbulent and volatile flares, it was creating a beautiful mosaic of light above our atmosphere. Through violence, so much beauty was begotten.

This to me is a simple and yet eloquent reflection of our life on Earth, as physical beings; we go through so much pain and struggle, and  yet the result can be seen as breathtakingly beautiful if we have the eyes to see it.

So yes, while this time indeed is fraught with astrological challenges, solar flares, and potential discord within relationships and communication, the potential for growth and self-aware realization is ever present, and all we need to do is be mindful, observant, and faithful.

The Solar Plexus chakra (wheel of light) is the Yellow center below the heart which is connected to the emotional self, so it isn't any small wonder that we are experiencing emotional flares, as the sun is experiencing it's own flaring as well. My advice at this time is to remain calm, follow your heart, and look for the cosmic silver linings, they may be hard to see in the moment, but they are there if you are willing to look beyond the everyday movements of your material life. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mercury Retrograde, August 2011

It is now August 2nd, 2011, and today Mercury goes into retrograde. I am not an Astrologer, but I do follow certain trends and cycles, as I am aware of how they affect me, and people at large. Mercury retrograde used to scare me, to be quite blunt. I would cringe as one of the three to four retrogrades of Mercury would come around each year, as I knew that my computer would inevitably fry, or my car would need major repairs, or the tv or phone or other electro-gadget would go kaput! Not to mention the mis-communcations with people; oh the tempers do tend to fly when Mercury is in a retrograde phase!

Retrograde means to move backwards, and of course Mercury doesn't literally move backwards, as all the other planets in our solar system it is on one constant course at all times. However, three to four times a year it aligns in a certain way with the Sun on it's trip around it (the solar year for Mercury is shorter than ours, seeing as it is much closer to the Sun than Earth is) that from our vantage point, it appears to be moving backwards for a few weeks at a time. Mercury rules communcation and has a strong impact on our technological modes of keeping in touch as well. When Mercury is in retrograde, from my own personal experience, people tend to become a bit more agitated, even sometimes hostile, in their attempt to be heard. Deep rooted emotional issues can boil to the surface, requiring us to look at them closely, when we've done such a good job of stuffing them down deep inside to be ignored. I don't think I've experienced a Mercury retrograde in the last decade that didn't include some level of drama, trauma, or just plain mis-communication of whack proportions with someone.

A friend online helped me to discover this last week that my astrology chart indicates that Mercury was in the sign of Aries when I was born. I've never had a chart done as I do not know my time of birth, so I was pleased to be able to find out the positioning of the planets on the date of my birth! But I was dismayed, to be honest, to hear my Mercury was in Aries. Aries is the sign I understand the least, and have clashed most often with in my life, especially in my youth, with my father who was a very pragmatic Aries, as compared to my ultra idealistic Pisces.

Mercury is retrograde as of today in Aries. So I'm trying to remain calm and centered, but already I feel certain internal issues bubbling to the surface, and it gets me thinking; what can I heal and cleanse at this time?

You see, where I once felt sheer panic at the thought of a Mercury retrograde phase, I now rather welcome it, after the initial shock has worn off that is. Yes, I still experience a modicum of revulsion knowing that little hot planet is going to alter it's movement from our perspective. But when I get my senses back about me, I know now that it is only more of the cosmic "good stuff" from the Universe, sent to help us all deal with the issues we sweep under the rug of the psyche.

We're very good, as a species, at not dealing with the things that hurt, or embarrass, or anger us. We're quick to cling to the warm and fuzzy, and call it good, and stroke it lovingly and bathe in it's glory. However, the bad experiences we often tend to shoo away, and attempt to disown it, so that we don't have to deal with the feelings it brought into our lives. 

But real growth; real spiritual awakening and awareness requires us to look very deeply within. And when you look at yourself through a microscope you're going to find things that just feel awkward, at best! I mean, if I'm being totally honest I can admit that I am fickle, and overly sensitive, and often can let my insecurities get the better of me, rather than think things through thoroughly before reacting. I also know that I am prone to judgment, and sometimes am just downright unfair to myself, and to others. And these are things I don't particularly like about myself. And yet, they will not change if I do not address them.

So when Mercury appears to be moving backwards from our vantage point, it is really a gift to us all. We are given an opportunity to identify things that don't work smoothly within us, and our lives, and our relationships, and these opportunities are always gateways to growth, progress, and epiphany.

So I urge you, as I urge myself, to use the next few weeks to really pay attention to yourself, and to others. Think before you speak, and I mean really think. Feel your response before you give it, and weigh it; is it coming from ego? Is it coming from insecurity or anger? Are your feelings misplaced? What would love do?

Be patient over the coming weeks, with yourself, with others, and with all forms of technology. Do not fall into a polarized sense of victimization either. Just breathe, focus on the moment, and let the Universe know that you are faithful that everything you experience is for your greatest good. Even if it feels pretty darn bad in the moment. 

If you find yourself feeling agitated, anxious or jittery, breathe deeply. Take stock. Move from reactionary thinking to observation, and get out of your own way. Be compassionate, even if there are people around you who appear to be going off the deep-end, and remember we each deal with energy shifts in our own way.

We wouldn't be able to grow if we didn't have some negative experiences to catalyze that growth with, would we. And a strong character is always forged via hardship, adversity, and tenacity. So fasten your spiritual seat belt, keep your ego in check, and be gentle, with yourself and with others.