Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Solar (plexus) Flares

It is nearly 4am and I am wide awake still. I am a night person by nature, but in the last few days it has been extreme, I just can not seem to sleep at night. I don't mind this, as night time is so peaceful to me. I go out onto my balcony and there is silence, no cars, no people talking or kids yelling; it's quite tranquil. I like to be the only one awake at this hour, it feels sacred to me.

My emotions were topsy-turvy today, and I found myself bouncing between peaceful and sadness through the course of the day. A dear friend Irma, who runs the Facebook page called Cosmic Weather and the Facebook group Akashic Wisdom Keepers reminded me today that we are experiencing some extremely profound solar flare activity. According to SpaceWeather.com the flare was an M3-class which means it was medium to large in projection. 

This got me thinking about my emotions, and the fact that the planet Mercury is in retrograde currently; this coupled with the flare activity and astrological alignments at this time really does make for some interesting combinations. So it's no huge surprise to see that many people are currently struggling with sleep, their emotions, communication, and deep rooted feelings of sorrow or anger which have bubbled up to the surface.

So then I began to wonder what I could do as a proactive being to remain centered within myself. And the answer came in the form of some internet surfing.

While I was exploring the SpaceWeather.com website, and looking at the flare activity, I was drawn to a picture of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) taken yesterday. The pictures were phenomenal, and it clicked into place for me as I gazed in awe at the beauty of the streaks of light across the sky; though the sun was producing turbulent and volatile flares, it was creating a beautiful mosaic of light above our atmosphere. Through violence, so much beauty was begotten.

This to me is a simple and yet eloquent reflection of our life on Earth, as physical beings; we go through so much pain and struggle, and  yet the result can be seen as breathtakingly beautiful if we have the eyes to see it.

So yes, while this time indeed is fraught with astrological challenges, solar flares, and potential discord within relationships and communication, the potential for growth and self-aware realization is ever present, and all we need to do is be mindful, observant, and faithful.

The Solar Plexus chakra (wheel of light) is the Yellow center below the heart which is connected to the emotional self, so it isn't any small wonder that we are experiencing emotional flares, as the sun is experiencing it's own flaring as well. My advice at this time is to remain calm, follow your heart, and look for the cosmic silver linings, they may be hard to see in the moment, but they are there if you are willing to look beyond the everyday movements of your material life. 

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