Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Post-Super Moon Energy Alert: Let Go, Let God

Since the "Super" full moon a few days ago, the energy around me has been so volatile, and on a higher level I know that we are going through another massive influx of healing energy from the Source - God.

When we receive healing energy it may seem ludicrous that we go through so much turmoil; why would healing energy feel so bad? Why can't we sleep soundly, why so many bizarre dreams? Why are our stomachs so upset, and our heads aching so badly? And why are we feeling so melancholy, and reliving old hurts, and old pains? Healing first must remove old blocks, stuck energies, chakral impediments, in order to fully take place.

So before we can move into the next phase of our spiritual awakening my dear sweet souls, we must first cast off old habits, old feelings and thought processes, and old memories which no longer serve our highest good.

This is incredibly painful for many of us, and any energy update you read at this time will say much the same as what I'm telling you here; this is a time to simply let go, and let God. Drink as much water as you can, removing caffeine and sugar from your intake, so that you may begin to cleanse your organs, which goes so far to cleansing your first three chakras. If you cannot sleep, do not stress, but rather just use the time to meditate, breathing deeply, inviting the healing in, and letting the stuck and painful parts of you blow out with each exhalation. Read, listen to music, watch a movie; do the things that promote a feeling of well being within you, as this will work towards going with the flow of the massive influx of healing energy around you.

It is natural to feel lost, panicked, and depressed during times like this, however if you do not honor the process we are undergoing at this time, you will simply prolong the inevitable; to get through this smoothly, or as smoothly as possible, honor your body, your mind, and your spirit. Listen to your intuition, and when your mind begins to bombard you with worry, or spends too much time in the past or the future, bring yourself back to center, and focus on this moment, right here and now; it is the only truth.

Ascension, or a spiritual awakening, requires us to rise above the lower levels of density we live amid upon this planet, and to raise our frequency in order to be receptive to Spirit, we have to let go of the old heavy energies we once dwelled within. This is painful, and can come with as many physical symptoms as it does emotional and psychological. So, again, and I can't stress this enough, find a place of communion with Spirit now, give thanks for this healing energy, and ask for spiritual strength and support as you detox and heal.

When we break a bone, often it will require re-breaking in order to set it to heal properly in it's right place. Many of our past experiences did not heal properly, and so we must experience a re-visiting of those pains, in order to let the Light of Chi (Life Essence) properly heal the wounds we have carried within and upon our auric and physical bodies. When a bone is broken we put a cast upon it so that it can heal, and at this time while we revisit old pains to let them heal properly, we must put ourselves into a cast of sorts - a bubble of Light, which will act as a protective barrier to the harsh energies all around us.

It isn't the healing energy which is harsh, but rather the response of the billions of people on this planet which creates a sensation of discord, disharmony, and anxiety. Those who are especially sensitive or empathetic to the feelings of others must work dutifully now to shield themselves from the vibrations of others, lest you get swept up in emotions that simply do not belong to you.

I myself am going through a massive purging of pain and trauma from my childhood, and I have been performing Reiki on myself each day, and am assured that this too will pass - assuredly. If you fight the process, you will simply put it off to occur during the next influx of healing, so please, take a deep breath in, know you are loved and valued by the Universe and your Angelic beings and guides, and just let go and give your troubles and burdens to Source.

Do not put down roots in the places your memories go to at this time, if you must relive old pain, it is simply to see it, acknowledge the role it played in your past, and then seeing that it no longer defines you. So pay it attention for a few moments, or hours, and then lay it to rest and move on. I meditated early this morning on my own childhood trauma which was brought up with this healing energy, and visualized myself laying that experience to rest via the violet flame of Archangel Michael. I dowsed the entire memory in violet fire, watched it burn and purify and become pure white Light. I cut cords, and asked Source to help me let this pain go. And now I feel calm. I am aware that I experienced painful traumatic events in my earlier years for reasons I cannot now possibly fathom, and I am okay with that. I trust that I have learned from past violations, and pains, and that these events brought me to this point in my life. I am learning to see that who I am becoming is exactly who I am meant to be, and that I would not be this person had I not been exposed to the harsh realities I lived through in my childhood and early years.

There is no way to explain the pain many of us have gone through, and I won't attempt to wave a magic wand and say it was all perfect and blessed; in truth we have - many of us - lived through hell. But we survived, and there is still hope, and love, and yes - peace - within. Hold on to that, as you watch the holographic memories in your mind, as you relive the pain you have tried so hard to move away from. Know that the past is just an echo, and you will never feel those pains again, unless you choose to.

So too, the future is a figment of the imagination; all there truly is, is this moment. Now. And in this moment all you are required to do is be real, honest, and maintain your center and balance. Feel what comes up, honestly, yet do not anchor yourself in it. If pain arises, express it, and yet let it go; feel it, and yet do not sit down and get cozy with it. Let it go.

As the week goes by the energy will ease, as people begin to feel something like themselves again, and by weeks end we will be feeling more settled again. Between now and then honor yourself, and make sure your most basic needs are being met and fulfilled; food, drink, oxygen, and rest. Make sure you are giving your loved ones all they need from you, including your pets; our four legged companions are especially sensitive to our vibratory shifts, be sure to reassure them with gentle words, cuddles, and love.

Be at peace in this storm, as you can remain within the eye of it, see it rage all around you, or within  you, and yet maintain balance in a place of observation. Do not get sucked into drama, just observe it.

Please share this with your friends and networks, so that no one suffer needlessly during this time of extreme frequency flux.

I will continue to update as the energy shifts and Spirit directs me. Until the next update, I wish you infinite peace, and a well of love within your heart.

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