Thursday, August 14, 2014

Attracting Money & Healing Abundance Blocks

I have been studying Reiki for a few weeks now and have received my Reiki level 1 Certification which is very exciting! I am performing self-healing every day now, working towards my level 2, and am anticipating great things as I begin to work with others, both hands on, and doing distance energy work. As part of my Reiki training I promised myself I would walk through any open doors, and receive any opportunities that were presented to me. So naturally, when I received an invitation to attend an online web seminar (webinar) about increasing your personal wealth through clearing Abundance Blocks, I accepted the invitation and made sure I would be free to watch online.

The webinar was extremely informative and valuable, and though I ended up leaving it before it was completely finished, I gained what I needed, and now would like to share it with you. Why did you leave early though, Dee, you may be asking? Well simply put, after the energy work portion of the webinar ended, the energy shifted as the hostess gave examples of her clients who had succeeded using her program, and as I looked to the website she had provided I saw the "catch"; of course there was a catch! It wasn't anything nefarious, and I am not putting the program she offers down, I just don't personally have an extra thousand dollars sitting around to spend on energy work to help me release my "abundance blocks". However, knowing what I do about energy, chakra's, healing and releasing blocked and stuck energy, I am confident we are all capable of removing these blocks ourselves, and change the way we think, feel, and act about money and wealth and abundance.

So let me share what I have picked up tonight, and also add my own intuitive spin, as I attempt to simplify the process of deprogramming your pre-conceived thoughts and notions about abundance, money, and work. Because let's face it, we've all been programmed and conditioned by our parents, our extended family, society, and experience to believe it is difficult to attract abundance, as well as developing other negative ideas or beliefs about what it "takes" to be financially free.

Let me start by talking about energy, chakra's, and the auric body, just to be sure we're all on the same page.

What Is Energy Work?

First let's understand the Chakra's, which is a sanskrit word meaning 'wheels of light'; these are numerous and plentiful, however many energy workers focus primarily on the first seven chakra's which are connected to the physical body and aura.

The Chakra's are a part of our spiritual body, or etheric soul, and when we are out of spiritual alignment or "center" our Chakra's can become blocked, by negative energy, or become weaker and less stable or productive. When you see an energy healer, such as a Reiki Master, or Shaman etc. they will address these blocks within your energetic body, cleanse them, and heal them so that your spiritual body renews itself with vigor, balance, and love. And as the spiritual body is directly related to our physical body, we can also have blocks arise due to physical illness, injury, or even suffer illness or injury due to a Chakra block or impediment. So hopefully you better understand the Chakra's now, and should you require more information please look here.

Energy workers are intuitive or empathic people who can work with the energy within and around you to help you heal and rebalance your Chakras. The word Reiki simply means "Sacred Life Energy", and a Reiki healer will help you to cleanse any blockages in your Chakra's, and then heal and invigorate them so that they are brightly working in tandem with one another again.

How Do We Get Blocks?

A blockage in your Chakra body is something we all experience, often enough, and its easy to understand how it happens when you begin to see how your energetic body is connected to your physical body. Negative thoughts can cause a blockage in your Chakra's. For example, let's say your significant other broke up with you tonight, out of nowhere, just came to you and said "I don't love you anymore, I'm leaving". How would that make you feel? Betrayed, rejected, hurt, confused to say the least? These feelings can create an energetic block which would then affect your bottom Chakra's, possibly even your throat Chakra if you do not get to express how you feel in response. This block can then sit in your chakra, like an icky black goo or residue, and sort of turn into sludge, which when not healed and acknowledged can fester, and literally cause an energetic block for years, if not your whole life. This can lead to depression, as your energy stops flowing smoothly through your body, and can actually lead to physical illnesses down the road. Everything from your self-esteem, to your perception of the world, to your physical health can suffer due to a blockage in your Chakral system. But clearing and healing your Chakra's is really so very simple, and it's something you can learn to do for yourself!

How Do You Heal Chakra's?

Let's say you're meditating, and thinking about, or visualizing (if you're able to) your Chakra's, and you get a feeling, or smell, or taste or see that there is something just not "quite right" with one of them. What do you do? Stay calm, and ask for healing Light to be sent to the Chakra, so that it may be cleansed, cleared of blocks, and healed. It's truly as simple as that my dear soul.

Using the assistance of a certified energy healer is also very helpful, as often a Reiki practitioner or healer will have the intuitive ability to see deeper into your Chakra's to things you may not be able to detect yourself, and have been trained to work with healing symbols, sounds, and frequencies, in order to help you come back into divine balance.

Close your eyes for a moment, breathing in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, and think about your Root Chakra. It is red, and it is at the end of your tail bone, or at your pubic bone. If you can't see in your minds eye, then imagine eating something red like a strawberry. Or hearing the wail of a firetruck siren. Anything that helps you get in to the vibration of the color red. Now listen to your intuition as you examine your Root chakra; what do you feel? Do you get any emotional responses, or does your body respond with spasms, jerks, yawns etc. Any kind of response you get is an indication as to the status of that particular Chakra. If your intuition tells you something is "off", then explore it, explore the feelings you have within you about that particular Chakra, if a bad memory surfaces, let it, because your Chakra is showing you what caused the blockage, and then you'll know what you need to acknowledge and release in order to bring that Chakra into alignment and healthy vibrancy. Do this with each of your Chakra's, using the chart above if necessary.

Now I'm going to assume that you're on the same page, and understand your energetic body well enough to continue to the meat and potatoes of this post :)

What Is An Abundance Block?

From the day we are born, we are for lack of a better term "brainwashed" by those around us, or you could say "conditioned", to become who our parents and society believe we should become. We are taught what to believe, how to behave, and how to think. At some point in our early years, we are taught what to believe regarding religion, education, politics etc. Well we are also taught how to feel about money, whether we are aware of it or not. Maybe you grew up hearing daddy complain about how hard he had to work, or your parents bickering about bills, or not being able to afford this, and that.

Abundance Blocks are subconscious barriers we have created in our thinking, which sabotage our ability to create and attract abundance, wealth, prosperity. 

Were you taught that "money is the root of all evil" at some point in your past? Did you grow up seeing rich people as greedy, exploitative? Somewhere in your past, were you imprinted to believe that with money comes great risk, responsibility, and it changes you to become someone unethical or cruel? These are all thinking processes which cause blocks to your abundance abilities. And something which I am myself beginning to understand, and wish to share with you, is that God, the Source, Creator/Universe (whatever you wish to call it) doesn't want us to struggle, or lack, or go without. The Source of Love wants us to experience a rich and diverse life, and to generate our wishes, our dreams, and follow our hearts!

Something I learned years ago, but still do struggle with really truly getting on an energetic level is this: Money is simply an energetic way of saying "thank you" to someone who has helped you in some way, or an energetic way of being thanked for a job well done! It isn't the cornerstone of our being, and shouldn't be the focus, however it isn't evil, or wrong, and having it won't make you into some greedy megalomaniac! One thing the woman in the webinar said tonight that stuck with me was this:

Money doesn't change who you are, "money turns up the volume of who you already are." What she meant was that if you're a kind and generous person, and you all of a sudden come into great wealth, then you're a kind and generous person with the new found ability to share that generosity with others through acts of philanthropy. If you're a miserable person without money, you'll still be a miserable person with it. Money isn't what changes people, it's their thoughts about money that do.

Did you grow up believing you have to work your butt off to achieve any kind of financial freedom? That you'd have to work hard your whole life to hopefully retire and have a few good "golden" years? This is more flawed thinking which we were conditioned to believe in, which contributes to Abundance Blocks.

Let me list a few bullet points that focus on how we become blocked:

  • you have to work hard to be a success

  • nothing comes easily in this life

  • if it seems to good to be true it probably is

  • money makes people greedy and un-trusting

  • having money is too great a responsibility

  • you wouldn't know who truly loves you for you if you had a lot of money

  • spiritual people don't need money or things to be happy

These are all cliche's which we have been taught, or conditioned to believe from the day we were born. And who says Spiritual people are less spiritual if they have money? How many beautiful places on this planet can you visit and see if you don't have money? Wouldn't you be better able to enjoy the world our Creator has gifted us with if you had unlimited resources? It is not wrong, or depraved, or greedy or arrogant to want to have unlimited wealth available to you. I'm not saying we should all start trying to manifest millions, so we can all have yachts and summer homes on the Cape; what I am saying is that too many of us think very small thoughts about ourselves, our worth, and our destiny, and it is possible to change the way we think, feel, and heal any blocked energy within our energetic body.

How Can We Change Our Thoughts?

This is where it gets a little tricky, because our thoughts are very deeply ingrained, and culturally enforced. It isn't easy to accept that we are worthy, we are supported, and we deserve abundant happiness, joy, and success. We weren't raised to believe these things! Most of us grew up hearing we had to work hard, study hard, work hard hard hard! And after all that hard work IF you were lucky, maybe you'd be able to retire by age 65 and spend a few relaxing years before you died.

Isn't that fundamentally flawed thinking? Don't you think?

God/Source does love us, each of us, and does want us to create the best, happiest, and most abundant life we can for ourselves. God doesn't want any of us to struggle, or worry, or go without in this life and the reason we end up struggling, worrying, and going without is not because of God, but because of our hardwired thinking, faulty logic, and lack of understanding about who we are in Gods eyes. All life is energetic, we are all intrinsically connected, the water in the oceans, the leaves on the trees, lightning in the skies, comets in the cosmos, all things are all connected via energy; Light. This Light is the eternity of all things, the Source, our Creator. And our Creator wants us to enjoy this experience of being alive!

Repeat after me: My true life purpose includes living abundantly. The Universe wants me to be abundant and happy. It will show me my blocks again and again until I clear them.

By showing your blocks again and again, the Universe will keep delivering you what you believe you deserve; so if you don't think you're worth a significant amount of freedom, joy, relief, and material liberty, then you'll keep struggling. And believe me, I'm right there with you!

I remember the day it happened for me; I mean yes I grew up hearing my own parents moan about money, but there was a pivotal day, when I was maybe 19 years old. I was at work, working late, and the cleaning lady came in to the office. She was an older Italian lady, very cute and sweet, and I loved her accent. We would chit chat frequently, and one day she out of nowhere took my hand, looked at my palm and said very matter of factly "You will never come into money, no no, you will have to work very very hard if you ever want to have money!" At the time I blew the experience off, as we're wont to do.

Yet, all these many years later, her prophecy has rung true. Why is that, do you suppose? Did she see my future? Anybody who knows me as a reader, or as a friend, knows that I don't believe we have one set in stone future, but rather we are creating our reality with each choice we make, moment by moment. So no, I do not believe she saw my future. I believe she saw a possibility, or a probability, or a smudge on my hand (tongue in cheek giggle there folks) and she told me something that I took to heart.

This is an abundance block - and one I can now work on cleansing, and healing. But it won't be as simple as just sending healing energy to my Chakra's, because I will have to change my own thoughts, feelings and beliefs about it.

The woman in the webinar had a really neat way of reprogramming ourselves, and I want to quote her because I just liked it a lot! When I work on overcoming this particular abundance block I'm going to say "I now delete and clear this old thought: across all time dimension space and reality - I invite light in to wash away all those patterns and habits and limits!"

Cute right? I like it, so I'm going to use it, it's simple, and it will help me to see this detrimental thought as a concept I can easily delete - get rid of, like some bad text on my computer - just delete and it's gone!

Here is an exercise we were given in the webinar, try it out yourself, you may find you want to start doing this each day.

Abundance Block Clearing Exercise:

Get into your receptive meditative space now, breathing deeply in through the nose, out through the mouth. Raise your vibration now, to your higher frequency, the one where you're in touch with your divine wisdom.

See, sense, know and allow the Light to enter your crown Chakra, and ask the Light to cleanse your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about lack, limitations, and struggling.

Allow the Light into your eyes, to cleanse your vision, to take away visions of lack, and to give you new clarity about abundance.

Allow the Light into your ears so that you may now receive true wisdom, hear good guidance, and know the way to abundance.

Bring the Light now into your throat, so that you speak your highest Light and Love, and express joy, abundance and bliss!

Now see the Light in your heart, where you can ask it to cleanse any feelings of lack, loss, sorrow, limits.

Draw the Light to your Solar Plexus, where it heals old hurts, frees negative thinking, and lets you know you are always supported.

See the Light move into your Sacral Chakra, removing your fear of being powerless, fear of failure or giving up, and letting you know you deserve and are capable of great things!

Move the Light now to your Root, ridding you of a sense of lack, or inability to step into your power.

Move the Light down your legs, through your feet, into the earth below you, let it move deeper and deeper into the Earth until it's at the core of the Earth where it can be nurtured with mothers Love. Leave the Light rooted there inside Earths protective core, and follow it now back up through the earth, into your feet, legs, back up your spine and out your Heart Chakra where you will now watch it move up and down bathing you in sacred radiating Light in 360 degrees. You are surrounded above and below - by Love, healing Light, as it rises, and expands around you, growing larger and larger, until you are entirely surrounded by this cleansing miraculous Light which heals all of your blocks, and connects you to the truth of the Source, and true unconditional LOVE.

Realize in this space you now hold that you are worthy of every good thing you can conceive of! All of humanity is! You are loved, and unlimited in Gods eyes, and the only limitations you have upon you are the ones you put there yourself, or allowed others to put into place through ignorance and lack of understanding about Love.

Release all negative attachments, and affirm to yourself that: "I am a magnet for positive energy, positive experiences, and abundance! I attract health and wealth and joy and love!" Make this your mantra, as you do this exercise daily, and lets see if we can retrain ourselves, together -- to start receiving the miraculous abundance of the Universes love for us!

Dealing With Specific Blocks:

As you become comfortable with this exercise, you may want to get more specific, because as you go deeper you'll realize these implanted or imprinted thoughts we were forced to believe when we were younger are plentiful! You may discover new blocks each time you meditate, and that's ok, simply clear it, release it, understand where it came from, how you developed it, who in your life taught you to think that way, then bless it and release it and cleanse it.

Money is simply a piece of paper by which we thank each other for goods, services, and acts we perform. When I give a Tarot reading, and accept a payment, I am saying "you're welcome" to the person who is saying "thank you" by handing me a payment. There is no wrong in accepting a payment for work you perform, any more than there is anything wrong in giving someone money for performing a task or service for you!

I'm going to add this to my nightly Reiki routine, to see how I can overcome my own abundance blocks, and I hope you'll add it to your own routine as well! And please do stay connected, and let me know how it's going. Have you been using a technique like this already? Have you got more insight to share? I'd love to hear from you!

I wish you the most abundant life you can live - NOW - Today! In this moment - you deserve all of your dreams to come true, and you deserve to FEEL deserving of all of this and more.

In Great Love,

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