Thursday, March 5, 2015

Riding Energy Shifts: Making the MOST of Ascension!

As you are well aware by now my friend, Awakening can be a very tumultuous experience. We go through these energy shifts, each new moon and full moon ushers in different frequencies, and to those of us who are deeply empathic these changes can feel like physical blows. One week the energy is vibrant and empowering and it seems like everything is literally going our way! We smile a little brighter, breathe a little easier, feel fantastic and impossibly - sleep deeper than normal! Those weeks are like a healing balm to the soul; it's so good to ride the waves like a professional surfer, riding the crest, staying on top of things, speeding through experiences so smoothly with glee and faith and peace!

And then there are those other weeks. You know what I'm talking about, those energetic drains on the psyche; the days where nothing seems to work, you feel like you're wading in quick sand. At these times we feel as though we're on the wrong path, took a wrong fork in the road, and it just seems like no matter what we do we're facing oppositional energy, everything requires far more effort and patience, people seem to be off their meds and we're the only ones standing there screaming "What's wrong with you people?! Wake up! Can't you see how hard you're making your reality?" Those weeks suck.

As we get further into our journey of self-awareness and wiping the sleep from our eyes, we become a little better at riding the downswing energy, and while it still can hurt, physically, emotionally, and even psychically, we know that getting through those negative periods of time require dedication, honesty, introspective, and above all else balance. Balance, and center, or the great energetic art of grounding. Being grounded in positive energy is a cinch! There's no problem remaining centered and well rounded when the winds of change are blowing softly, nurturing us in warmth and love.

But finding center amid the storms can be a challenge at best. I've been there with you, you're not alone! If we all gathered in a sports stadium to share our stories, not one person among us would be able to honestly say they haven't struggled with maintaining graciousness and compassion during the trying times. You're human, so am I, we may be more deeply aware of our Spiritual nature, and may have a better perspective on life, humanity, and society, but it doesn't make it any easier to navigate our lives when the energy is in transit, and everything just seems to feel pointless.

But grounding is necessary, and key to self-aware peace and serenity; without being centered, focused, and attentive in the moment, we are left blowing in the wind, without direction, in a sense of psychic limbo. So we all work as hard as we can at staying rooted in the physical, grounded in the moment, our energy firmly planted into the Earth, while remaining grateful and open to what the Universe has for us to experience next.

I want you to know it will get easier, and if you think about it, over the past two months the energies have reached a stellar crescendo, and then began to plateau, and now there is a global sense of "ahhhh" as we collectively exhale. Things are settling down already. This isn't to say we won't have more downloads, more offloads of discordant energy again; we most certainly will. This is ascension from lower dense frequencies of energy in our Galaxy, into a higher more vibrant state of awareness; it doesn't come with directions, and there is no seat belt. But that being said, things are going to flow a lot more smoothly for the next few months. We've been through a massive solar storm; now its time to exhale, and then reflect, give thanks, and enjoy!

There are ways you can spend this time now, over the coming weeks and months, which will help you prepare for the next big shift. And you owe it to yourself to be prepared, so you can weather the next storm with more ease, and peace. Also, this is basically one of the prime directives of Awakening: getting better at it. So here are some tips for how to train yourself, and prepare to deal with the next big energetic cataclysm, and I hope you will find truth and peace in these ideas.

Learning to Center:

Center is exactly what it sounds like: the middle. Polarity on Earth is by nature a this vs that reality. We live in a world of extremes. And in order to live peacefully amid the extremes we must find the center, so that we're dwelling in peace, instead of happy vs sad, good vs bad, evil vs good, hate vs love. The center is a place of open minded, compassionate clarity. Living in a centered focused mindset is paramount to peace; achieving it is as simple as checking yourself, breathing deeply, and moving towards Love again.

When you feel yourself being pulled into drama, or
heated emotional response, simply exhale, inhale, and start again. Center yourself, in the eye of the storm that rages around you. The storm is your job, your family, society, global news events, and all of the chaos that happens in our world every day. The eye of that storm is a place where you stand in observation, watching with heightened awareness, realizing what is making people act the ways they act, recognizing the sleeping nature of many people, and being able to remain detached, unaffected, and compassionate.

Being Grounded:

Our energy body, the Aura, and our Chakras, are energetic, or electric, and in constant motion. As we experience emotions, feelings, and thoughts, our energy shifts, dips, raises, lowers; all in response to the stimuli we are experiencing. When we're feeling good it's easy to open our Crown Chakra, and receive Universal creative love energy, feeling inspired, at peace, and serene. Yet when the storm rages in life around us, our energy can become lowered without our realizing it. And then we're operating from our lower three Chakras, relating to life on a more physical, visceral way, and forgetting to balance ourselves in our upper four Chakras. Being grounded is the process of mindfully modulating and regulating your spiritual energy. When you ground, you begin from the Crown Chakra, as opposed to just throwing roots into the ground from your Base Chakra. If you only ground the Root Chakra, you're just assuring connectivity to the base 3D energy we already live within. But pulling that ground down through all of your seven main Chakras ensures your energy is balanced, equalized, and harnessed. So make it a daily exercise, when you wake, to quickly pull your Chakras into alignment, grounding, and then going into your day mindfully and aware.

How To Harness & Ground & Shield:

There are other posts here about grounding, and your Chakras, and energy work. For further detail, take a look at the categories of my articles to the right of this area. But in short point form, here is a quick method to harness the energy of your Chakras, and ground each day.

  • Inhale and exhale deeply three times, sitting or standing or laying down straight, arms at your sides. Visualize white light coming from the Universe, entering your Crown Chakra. 
  • Pull that white light down into your Third eye, so now both Crown and Third eye are connected by white light, while pulsating bright white light themselves.
  • Pull the light down further to your Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacrum, and Root/Pelvis Chakra. 
  • Extend that white energy down both your legs, to the soles of your feet, and then ask Gaia to nourish you and ground you, and visualize that light plunging into the ground, deep into the Earth. I take my grounds down to the core of the Earth itself. I wind them around tree roots, rocks, sediment, tectonic plates on the way down to the core, ensuring I am good and grounded and my body and energy are firmly attached to the planet.
  • Inhale deeply, pull your arms up at your sides, sweeping up until your hands are palm to palm above your head. Then exhale deeply and sweep your arms back down, palms outwards. As you do this, visualize a giant bubble of white light enveloping your body. You've just created an energetic shield around yourself. 
  • Say a quiet inward blessing to allow your Chakras to blaze brightly, give thanks for your blessings, and ask that you be given exactly what you require that day, and ask for the wisdom to be mindful of your experiences, and your responses.
  • Your vibration has now raised due to the energy work you've done, you are prepared to go into the world with heightened awareness, intuition, compassion and grace!
Now you are grounded, centered, and shielded. This takes a couple of minutes at most. And when you get into the habit of it, you can do this almost instantaneously each morning. 
When I begin my day without this intentional anchoring of my energy I find I am usually less focused, jittery, and unaware. The coming months are going to be quite nice my friends; we've been through an intense energy fluctuation and adjustment, and things will now begin to lighten, and we can take peace in the knowledge that the download of frequency we've just received in the last couple of months is working it's magic within all living things and elements on Earth. Now we can work at self-awareness, spirit, and happiness! So it's a wonderful time to start developing good habits, in preparation of the next inevitable frequency burst! 

Another great way to deepen your spiritual knowledge, awareness, and life process is to learn how to tap into and channel the life energy all around us. That prana, or chi, is the love energy of the Universe; it nurtures all life, it is quite literally the "force" of all life. Learning energy healing modalities helps us to better understand this energy, it's fluctuations, and how to bring ourselves in to greater states of balance, awareness, receptivity, and peace. I teach Master Reiki classes online, as well as an Energy Therapy course. These are online classes, you can learn from home, at your own speed and pace. There are also numerous other sources online, and maybe locally to you, where you could learn Reiki and energy work! 

If learning Reiki is a compelling thought to you, and you decide to pursue lessons elsewhere, I wish you the brightest of blessings, and hope you have a beautiful experience learning to unlock your Reiki and Prana. If you should feel nudged by Spirit to choose me as your teacher, it will be my utmost honor and pleasure to take you into my tutelage, and help you develop a strong relationship to your Healing capabilities.

(To learn Reiki with me, simply follow this link.) 

I am here for you, always, as it is my souls mission to assist you with your Awakening, and it is my passion to offer my friendship, counsel, and support in all ways I am able to. Remember to keep breathing, deeply. Take care of your body, your mind, and your spirit.

With endless Love,

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