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6 Things To Do For Your Spiritual Awakening

A Spiritual Awakening is simply the process of remembering and realizing we are more than mere human beings. As you explore God, the Universe, and the purpose of life, you begin to understand there are things going on in our world that defy establishmentarian explanation. You may see, sense, or feel the energy around you, and note it's changes based on different places, people, and atmospheres. You begin to tap into a deep essence of peace within your being, and it whispers peaceful messages of truth, compassion, and infinite love. And so you then begin to undertake a Spiritual Awakening.

You may have started awakening unconsciously, not wittingly pursuing a Spiritual avenue, and yet at some point you realized on a conscious aware level that you were feeling urged, called, compelled to open your mind, and your heart. So you decided to pursue a Spiritual Awakening, and for that I salute you, respect you, love you, acknowledge you, and am here with you.

We undertake this journey alone, for our self, and yet we are never alone, as we understand that like attracts like, and where one person begins to seek Spiritual peace and sovereignty, others gather. In this way we are creating a battery of love energy on Earth, and each new moment of your Awakening is a new moment to share your Light with others around you! We aren't seeking new members like the Jehovah's Witnesses, or Mormons; we aren't trying to "save" anyone like Christians. We are simply so gloriously thrilled in what we are beginning to experience, feel, and know that we are compelled to share this with others. Not to change them or fix them or enlighten them even; but simply because we feel connected to them in a deep way, and wish for them to know peace.

Here are some surefire steps you can follow on your Spiritual Awakening journey, to help you make the most of your energy, time, emotions and experience. Following these suggestions can make for a very pleasant multi-dimensional experience in this very heavy dense 3 dimensional reality.

  1. Remember at all times: this is ALL about YOU.

Your awakening is about how you are feeling, what you are remembering, what you are learning, what you are intuiting, envisioning, and experiencing. Your awakening is about nobody but YOU - and as such you should always try to remain centered on the knowledge that everything that comes into your world, your reality, is just for YOU. Awakening does not remove negative experiences from our lives; we are still subject to the laws of attraction, and karma on Earth, and we still have so much to remember, and learn, and as such we are still going to be challenged by all of the regular things we've always grappled with. Awakening can rather amplify these things though; now you're consciously pursuing your Spirituality, so you may find negative experiences confront you in more vivid realness! It may seem ironic and utterly laughable at times, as something will pop up to trick you or trap you into old cycles you once lived, and you may have to shake your head a few times, and remember what you know, lest you do fall into the old pitfalls! Life is always going to present challenges, trouble, adversity, and painful situations. As a spiritualist you empower yourself to realize you are NOT a victim - ever - and that while pain is inevitable in this world, suffering is optional. Focus on your self, your behaviors, your reactions, your habits, your negative mindsets, your weaknesses, and then be mindful and watch yourself. If you feel drawn to drama, fighting, ego etc, it's a message from Spirit: You've lost perspective of the big picture. This is about YOU - not "them". This is about how YOU feel - not about how "they" made you feel. This is about what you're putting out there - not what "they" are putting out there. Focus on self-awareness, learn to laugh at yourself, take none of it too heavily, be willing to change, admit your wrongs, and move forward without regret, or judgment, because you KNOW in your being, this has all been a part of your lesson: and the lesson is Awakening to the truth of the Love within you.

2.   Make Time for Your Spirit - Every Single Day!

download (1)You know the 3D work-a-day world we are living in is just a big experiment, based on things like greed, politics, religion, fear etc. The world around us is a mirror to each person living in it, so begin to project the truth of your vibrant and beautiful soul! But doing this type of Light work requires a great deal of transformational energy on your behalf, and can be exhausting. If you're doing energy work, Reiki, healing and helping others in a Spiritual way, this can be taxing after time if you do not stay centered and grounded. If you're giving so much of your Light and your positivity to a world full of cynics and egos, you're going to have moments of utter futility! It's necessary to remain mindful of your own energy, what you can handle, what you cannot, and when you need a "reset". So make time each day, for a meditation, a bubble bath, a quick prayer or blessing. Do something that helps you rejuvenate each day, be it watching the sun rise, or set, or drawing an oracle card. Whatever brings your spirit balanced peaceful calm is something you will want to gift yourself each and every day. How else can you continue to Awakening to such vast amounts of knowledge and energy, while giving so much of yourself to the world around you, and not end up feeling empty at the end of the day? Refill yourself, as you give so much away.

3.   Take EXTRA Care Of Your Physiology!

Your body is attached to it's Aura, and Chakras, and while you are Awakening you are receiving and emitting such great quantities of energy through those centers, that it affects your physical body in ways you aren't even aware of. Each Chakra attributes to a gland or organ, and your Aura is directly a part of your cellular makeup, knowing this can help you remember to care not just for the mind and spirit, but also the body. Ascension is cyclic, one week we will be riding a high energy vibration as we receive massive uploads of Light and wisdom! The next week we can find ourselves crawling around in exhaustion, barely able to focus on simple tasks. This is natural - this is Awakening! So be sure your body is hydrated; water water water, drop caffeine and stimulants where possible, and if necessary, as they can mess with your frequency and cause anxiety during high energy days. Get as much sleep as your body needs!! Some months you may get by on 6 hours a night, even if it's disturbed and fulfilling, you're managing. Then a few months present insomnia challenges, which you manage still to adapt to. Then all of a sudden you'll have a few weeks of deep long slumber, and can feel guilty for suddenly sleeping 12 hours at a time! Please don't feel guilty - know your body is demanding what it needs for GOOD reasons! You do so much energy work on a subconscious level during Awakening, and then you are off Astrally during your sleep too, it's exhausting! And the influx of energy we receive during this process is colossal! So cut yourself a break, sleep, eat, drink water, rest, and just be happy!

4.   Keep An OPEN Mind! The Ego Will Struggle with This!

The ego isn't a criminal, not a villain; it isn't here to make your life impossible, or unhappy. Ego is our sense of identification within the world. It has helped us define our beliefs, about ourselves, and the world around us. The ego has been wonderful in helping us differentiate between the polarities on Earth; we've learned a lot about "good" and "bad" through our ego! Yet, the ego will fight Spiritual epiphanies and truths, as at the core of a Spiritual Awakening is the knowledge that the ego, or the false persona we become in life, is not in truth who we are. We are infinite beings of Light and Love; the ego feels threatened by our realizing this, as it feels as though we are trying to ilimiate those traits which make us individual. But if you can realize you don't need to shed your ego to Awaken, the ego can then calm down somewhat. You don't need to transcend ego in this lifetime, you simply need to recognize it for what it is; a character you've learned to play based on the life you've lived and experiences you've had, and you can then begin to stop playing the character to such extreme degrees! Keeping an open mind is hard for the ego; ego likes to cling to what it feels comfortable with, so when knowledge comes to you and feels threatening to your ego, you're likely going to immediately feel drawn to just shut the knowledge off, call it a lie, and ignore it. But this will be a pitfall in your Awakening at many times in your life, so it's best to stop letting your ego call the shots with Spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Your intuition knows what's what; if the ego can't handle something it's discovered, let your intuition sort it out; you'll know deep deep inside of yourself if ego is having a tantrum, or not. You will face a lot of knowledge during Awakening that will at first rub you wrong, make you feel violated or mistrustful, or even guilty for having fallen for it for so long; but these wisdoms you come across are meant to help you be liberated, and achieve a deeper peace and love, so as much as some piece of learning may make you feel threatened, stick with it, explore your feelings; they reveal so much about who you are, and how your ego defends itself.

A deep and intimate journey of self-awareness can be painful as we come to see things about ourselves that are false, or detrimental, or greedy, or negative. The point is to see it, acknowledge it, make repairs where possible, and then move on. You aren't asked to feel guilty! You're asked to release guilt, understand your previous actions and behaviors with compassion, and then grow from it.

5.   Seek Like Minded People!

There is always strength in numbers, and this is why people of various beliefs gather together. And yet, the reason I TONY-OVERHEAD-DRUM-CIRCLEencourage you to seek kindred people isn't to be stronger, but to be stretched further! The main point in Awakening is to identify ego and "tame" it, so that we can be the truest part of our Spiritual essence. When we gather with others who share similar beliefs, we confront new information, and we can share what we know! We become teachers and students, as well as friends, and this is where information begins to circulate, and minds begin to open even faster! If we explored Awakening alone our whole life, it would be a very one sided exploration. Yet when we befriend others who are striving for Awakening the experience becomes one of examination, observation, reflection, and ultimately it is richer! Be with people who lift you up, inspire you, support you, and do the same to them!

6.   Learn to Face Your Fears.

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real: it isn't real, it's perceived by the one feeling afraid, and that fear amplifies itself so that often fear can seem rather irrational to those observing fear in others. But our fears are real, in so much as we give them validity. So it is my gentle suggestion that you seek to understand your fears, and then overcome them. I work on this daily, as I have a few fears which hold me back. I am afraid of driving fast on the highway, or over bridges or up steep hills. I never had this fear until about 15 years ago when I went through a difficult time in my life. Since then I began to shelter myself, never driving on the highway, avoiding big hills and bridges. Yet in the last few years I knew I could not keep letting these fears defeat me. So I began to explore my fears, in ways that made me very uncomfortable. Yet this uncomfortable feeling spurred me to examine myself on a deeper level, and I eventually came to realize the fear was based on control, or rather a lack of it. So I decided to start trying to drive the highway again. Baby steps at first, get on during rush hour when traffic wasn't moving, and slowly sit in stop and go, and I did this for a few weeks, getting used to actually being ON the highway, even if it wasn't moving. Slowly I began to be able to hop on during quicker times of day, and get off at the next exit. My adrenaline would rush and what a feeling of victory within me as I merged back into regular traffic. I have pushed myself a little further each week over the last half year, and at present can drive the highway all through my city. That is a big feat! I still feel momentary pulses of anxiety, but then I breathe, and draw Reiki energy into myself and my car, and shake that fear off. I am proud of myself, which is egotistical of course, and yet deeper than this, I am impressed with my courage, and encouraged, and hopeful, because I know now I am stronger than I thought I was. Overcoming fears, no matter what they are of, will ultimately lead you to a greater sense of self-awareness and peace. I have a fear of spiders, I know I will never overcome this fear. So I accept it, and myself, as I know I am not hurting spiders, and they understand if they stay out of my home we will not have a problem *grin*.

These six tips for Awakening Spiritually are simply the tip of the iceberg, and yet if you endeavor to make these six things a priority in your Awakening, your experience will be more authentic, honest, and rewarding.

I wish you the brightest of Blessings, as you endeavor to truly know yourself. May you amplify your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and surpass your fears.

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