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Solar Plexus Chakra: Personal Power & Will

The third Chakra is the Solar Plexus, which is located above your naval, and above the Sacral Chakra, and the Sanskrit name for it is Manipura, which means "Jeweled City". The Solar Plexus is our internal sun; the solar rays of the Sun in the sky beam directly into our own Solar Plexus, and this Chakra powers us as the Sun feeds the plants and animals on Earth. This Chakra directly relates to our sense of power, self-assured control, contentment within ones self, and being on top of your "game", as it were. This Chakra charges our faith in our intuition, and gut feelings.

The Solar Plexus houses our dignity, pride, ability to have faith in our self, and rise to challenges in life. Through this Chakra we develop confidence, or when misaligned arrogance. A healthy Manipura will shine like the sun, and engender feelings of peaceful love of the self, acceptance for who we are, and an unconditional love for our being. When our inner sun shines within us, we are warm, generous, kind, and giving, because we know on a deep and innate level that we are good the way we are, and we can share of ourselves freely, because we are sure of who we are.

The Solar Plexus is yellow, and is represented by the 10 petaled flower and is directly attached to our sense of self, self-image, will, determination, and self-reliance.

Placed above the naval, the 8th Thoracic vertebrate on the spine. It shines forward and backwards, in a double funnel shape, and radiates just below the breast bone as depicted below.

Where the Sacral Chakra relates to sensuality, joy, and peace within our body, the Solar Plexus is all about a greater sense of who we are, self-awareness, and personal power. An overactive Solar Plexus will cause a high stress type personality; with arrogance, dramatic reactions to life events, often leads to a victim mentality, and a warped self-image. These people can be overly sensitive, emotional powder kegs, and unable to accept personal accountability in a mature responsible way. And as a polar opposite, people with an under-active Solar Plexus will be meek, timid, uncertain of themselves to the point of severe insecurity, or having a guilt complex. They can be extremely passive, and rather watch life happen then leap in and participate.

Manipura Symbol: 10 Petaled Flower

Blocks in the Solar Plexus Chakra:

Blockages in the Solar Plexus can lead to rather serious issues in ones life, as this is the center of our self-image, confidence, and power, therefore a block can lead to rather tumultuous life experiences. When a person is not sure of who they are, or what they're worth, plus don't really trust themselves or have confidence, imagine the amount of stress they live with in their minds. We all have moments of insecurity, and this is natural and human, but to have a blocked Solar Plexus and live with this type of uncertainty all the time is exhausting emotionally. This will eventually lead to psychological problems, which can translate into chemical imbalances, depression, and generally unhappy circumstances. 

Physical symptoms of a blocked Solar Plexus include ulcers, indigestion, hypoglycemia, diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia, and kidney or liver problems. This can also include diseases of the gall bladder, and the nervous system.

It's no surprise so many spiritualists are suffering with these issues, including fibromyalgia, most of the truly spiritually devoted seekers I meet suffer this often debilitating pain condition, myself included. We spend so much time working on our upper Chakras, achieving spiritual connection, channeling, healing with energy and lightwork, and yet we can tend to neglect our lower Chakras, which leads to inevitable blockages.

The good news is it isn't dire; we can always bring our Chakras back into perfect alignment and health. And the Solar Plexus is a real treat to heal, as when we start to work with it, we begin to really get to know who we are. And a self-aware journey of understanding for who we are is a very emotionally nourishing journey to go on. I thought I knew who I was, and what I wanted, for a very long time in my life. It was after my health began to decline that I really began to explore my Chakras deeply. Until then I had simply worked with them during ritual and meditation. But getting to know them better a decade ago launched me on a journey I would never forget! After years of painstaking honesty with myself, real reflective seeking within, calling myself on all my flaws, faults, and facades, I began to know myself in a poignant and very profound way. I can honestly say I love myself. I understand who I am, how I operate, and my cycles. I understand my fears, and my limitations, and how I harm myself with insecurity and uncertainty. My Solar Plexus routinely goes out of whack, and I have to bring it back into alignment often; this is due to my radical journey of self-awareness; I am made aware on a near daily basis of just how fragile my persona is, how fierce my ego is, how funny it can be to watch me slip into old cycles and patterns. Most deep seeking spiritualists will fully understand this, and may be grinning in self-aware identification of this; our facades are entertaining.

Once you really get to know yourself, on a deep enough level to laugh at your own folly, you will find your Solar Plexus begin to radiate health not just within it's light, but also within the areas of the body that have suffered for it's previous blocked state. While I still have fibromyalgia, I no longer suffer excruciating acid reflux, and the pain of my fibromyalgia isn't as horrendous as it was five years ago. Slowly my physical body is righting itself, as I right my Solar Plexus Chakra.

Balancing & Cleansing Your Solar Plexus:

The element for this Chakra is fire, (think Sunshine) and when in balance this element provides warmth and sustenance. When out of balance or blocked the element of fire lends the Solar Plexus fear, and anxiety. Using candles is a wonderful way to express energy through your Solar Plexus, and making a little "candle magick" can go a long way towards unblocking the stuck energy. Light a candle, and say a blessing to grant your "ritual" the Love and support of the Universe. Then focus on the flame as you breathe meditatively, and repeat affirmations and mantras, such as "I am a good person" and "I am in control of my actions and thoughts". The key is to empower yourself as a person, and to begin to get to know yourself, and like yourself.

Healing gems and crystals associated with the Solar Plexus are Moonstone, Citrine, Amber, Yellow Apatite,  and any other yellow or gold stone or crystal. 

Scents that help activate and stimulate the Solar Plexus are:

          • myrrh
          • frankincense
          • balsam fir needle
          • lemon

Solar Plexus Affirmations

"I love and accept myself."

"I stand up for myself."

"I am strong and courageous."

"I am worthy of love, kindness, and respect."

"I choose the best for myself."

"I express myself in a powerful way."

"I am proud of my achievements."

"I honor my self."

"I choose healthy relationships."

"I am authentic."

"I direct my own life."

"I appreciate my strengths."

"I feel my own power."

"I am free to choose in any situation." 

"I seek opportunities for personal and spiritual growth."

"I am at peace with myself."

The solar Plexus rises up to the Heart Chakra (coming soon).

Wishing you Balance, & Peace!

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