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The Root Chakra: The Base of Security

The Root Chakra, in Sanskrit called the Muladhara which means: Mula - "Root", Adhara - "Support, Foundation". The Root represents our sense of security and safety in life, and as such this is where we store our childhood trauma; as we get older and either let the trauma go, or hold on to it, it is either let go of or stored within the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra is red in color, comprising the bottom three vertebrates of your spine, your pelvis, and your tailbone, and then emits outwards from your perineum (the area between your sex organs and your anus). It becomes wider as it travels out of your body.

The Root Chakra is the first of the seven primary Chakras; they all flare out like cones, the five internal Chakras flaring out into double cones front to back, and the Root and Crown (bottom and top) flaring outwards.This picture illustrates this:

The Seven Main Chakras
You can see the Root goes far beyond your body, down into the ground below you, and this is in fact where we achieve Grounding. When you extend your Root energy into the Earth, you can make it take hold, connecting your physical and spiritual body into the Earth itself, taking root (see the connection?) in order to keep you "grounded". This has the effect of keeping you connected to the 3D reality you live within, while you explore higher dimensional vibratory levels of awareness in your waking and sleeping world. 

When the Root is healthy, and shining freely, we are unfettered and grounded quite simply. Yet the Root is a cause for concern for most people, as this Chakra relates to your sense of security and safety in this Earthly world. Our childhoods tie closely into this Chakra, and any abuse, or disharmony can become a clogging factor in the energy and the way it vibrates. Any thing or one that inhibits your sense of liberty, safety, and security lends to a sense of disconnect within the Root.

Much of what you feel in regards to comfort and stability in your life now has less to do with what your life is actually like now, and more to do with your childhood, and the residual memories that live within your mind, and your Root Chakra. When you do energy clearing and healing work on this Chakra you can release those residues, which will manifest emotionally, letting you face and confront them so you can then release them, as well as dissipating that energy disruption within the Chakra itself.

It is important to know that when doing energy work of any kind, the energy will always translate into levels of self awareness, emotional understanding, and mental understanding. In this way, when you release trauma from a Chakra, you must also face that trauma in a conscious way, in order to be sure it does not re-emerge to block the Chakra again in the future. 

Muladhara Symbol - Four Petaled Flower

Blocks in the Root Chakra:

Blockages that stifle the energy flow in the Root Chakra will evidence themselves in many ways, such as anxiety, depression, nightmares, phobias, and irrational thoughts and behaviors. 

Physically these blocks and emotional/mental disorders can lead to problems with incontinence, problems with the bladder and colon, lower back, legs, feet and possibly eating disorders.

It is vital to understand that these blocks do not mean you are out of alignment at this time; you may be experiencing a beautiful divine awakening process, and be consciously aware of who you are, and yet still carry trauma in this Chakra, which will inhibit your health, well-being, and development. There is nothing to be ashamed of! I myself have quite profound issues in my Root which I'm only recently really coming to identify and understand. I am working daily at releasing past trauma from my Root in order to identify it, and let it go. This is what our awakening is for; to help us rise above the lower dense vibrations we have lived within all our lives.

Balancing & Cleansing the Root:

Cleansing and balancing our Chakras is simpler than many will tell you; yet in that simplicity comes a need for repetition, and the forming of new healthy habits. A cleansing may work at first try, yet if you leave off and don't pay attention to that Chakra, it will become blocked again, so the key to cleansing and balancing lays within developing a conscious desire to be energetically aware of yourself. 

Meditation is a pure and powerful tool for energy balancing. Meditating outside is powerful, as the Root is directly connected to the Earth. Meditation aligns the physical body and mind with the Spiritual body and mind, giving us access to our Soul or Higher Self, and letting us know a sense of peace. When you practice meditation regularly you begin to develop faith in your Higher Self, and a Higher Power. It does not matter what that Higher Power is, so long as you have faith in it and it's love for you. Titles are not important; simply knowing there is a greater energy in existence which nurtures you and loves you is enough, as meditation is how we come to know a greater sense of spirit. 

So become a meditation machine, while you drive, or sit at your desk, or walk in the shopping center; no matter what you're doing, even housework, the most mundane or trivial task can be done while meditating. Meditation requires you to breathe deeply, and clear your mind. When the mind babbles, simply clear it again. Continue to do this until it is second nature; and your thoughts are so vast that you are focused on nothing in particular; this is the place where the peace flows from above.

You can work with crystals, pendulums, pyramids, or other tools to help clear your Chakras. Red or black stones or crystals will work well with your Root, helping to release the stuck energy and regulate the flow and vibratory rate of your Muladhara. Some powerful stones for this Chakra are: Bloodstone, Obsidian, Onyx, Hematite, Tigers Eye 

Other ways to heal this Chakra are yoga, mantras, mandalas, and colors

The Sense of Smell is directly connected to your Root Chakra, so you can also use scent, essential oils, incense, or whatever you desire to help connect you to the Root meditatively, to enact a release and balancing. Scents that are beneficial for the Root are:
        • vetiver
        • nutmeg
        • cinnamon
        • ginger
        • myrrh
        • patchouli

Root Chakra Affirmations:

“I trust in the power of the earth”
“I am safe, loved and I belong”
“I love my body as it supports me on the earth”
“I am creating a solid and powerful life experience”
“I trust in the process of life”
The Root Chakra rises up into the next Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, which you can explore when you are ready.

Wishing you balance & grounding!

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