Thursday, October 11, 2012

Energetic Frequency: Ebb & Flow

I'm having the epiphany I have so been yearning for. Right now, as I type, I am on a range and frequency I have not achieved in over two years. I breathed so deeply inwards and felt the tension in my body. It was so heavy and unyielding; it is literally like a weight that has been lifted from my physical body.

And I remember.

The smile that I'm sure is on my face makes this warmth run through my body;  being connected again feels right. It feels like "home". And it's exhilarating because now I know, for sure, and without a doubt, that everything I felt previous to my period of "darkness" was true. It wasn't imagined. I wasn't having some pineal chemical effect from oxygenating my blood through intensive breathing and meditation; I have indeed been in tune with the light of the life force on this Planet - the Grid of Light - Gaia. And All. I cannot call it god; those entities are not the eternal force I'm remembering and reliving. It is All.

Everything is okay. I get that now. I feel it, and the smile widens as tears roll warmly down my cheeks. I have been so disconnected in the last few years, and that's okay. Everything is alright, no matter what I choose, no matter what road I go down. I'm really never truly alone, and now I remember that.

I want to share something with you, as my friends, and followers, and fellow beings of life and light; everything is really always alright. It's all frequency; all of our life essence and truth and energy are frequency; levels and layers of whirring pulsating energetic tone and hue. And in the human body we have the ability through free will to play with that frequency, because that's alright too. All the time.

When our frequency is slowed down it is "lazier" for lack of a better term. I guess it really equates to the theory of relativity by Einstein ( a brilliant man ) because in the simplest terms our energy level is determined by our input towards it. It's like water in a pot on the stove, it only boils when you apply energy in the form of heat. You take that water and put it in the freezer and the molecules will slow down and eventually the water becomes a solid in ice form.

Our physical body is like that water; if you apply a little heat, energy - stimulate it vigorously, it gets active and dances all over itself in an explosion of bubbles. If you then put it into a scene where it's slowed down rapidly and forcefully it just stops moving, freezes in place.

For a couple  of years I've been frozen water; stuck in one place, riveted to the spot by my very structure and being. My entire body has been stuck, literally and figuratively. And that lack of energy or vibration has slowed my frequency; I have become the very rut I felt I was stuck in.

And in the last week something has been slowly flowering within my conscious mind and psyche; and I've been having impulses I haven't had in ages, and my thoughts have deepened, and I even grabbed my tarot off off the dusty shelf  and started to really feel a truth inside my gut again.

And this morning I woke up knowing things are different now, again. We have moments in life which are pivotal forks, and sometimes the fork is confusing and we don't know which way to go. Not this time; my fork is clearly marked with a giant arrow, and some unforeseen but extremely felt force is urging me gently down the particular road I'm verging on to.

A true Awakening isn't a thing to achieve; it's not the sudden realization of the meaning of life. It's equivalent to life itself in that there are stages to it, levels, layers, and things we must experience, and things we must endure; if there were no subtext, why awaken at all?

What are we Awakening from? Simply a long sleep of the frequency. We slow it down in childhood as we start to identify ourselves individually and lose some of our innocence. It's natural human processing which is as valid and primal as life itself.

It's a literal veil that comes down over us, a filmy layer of blurred haze which befalls our true eyes, not the eyes which see for the body; but eyes which feel for the wholeness of Self. The inner or 3rd eye, the intuitive and instinctive part of ourselves. We all have this; it's another part of our biology; it allows us to raise our vibration to achieve our fullest frequency.

Well, I'm not sure this is the fullest frequency, or that we can achieve it in physical bodies, maybe it's too powerful in it's fullest form for our molecules to hold on to without exploding - too much friction and movement and the water may leap out of the pot in hot steamy bubbles.

Everything is okay, always.

I have so much fear within my molecules. Fear is like iron filings being pulled towards the magnet of our musculature. To feel fear settle on oneself is depressing, it falls on you like a wet blanket that weighs you down, as you feel your calves tighten and your arms tense up. It falls onto your chest and constricts true freedom of breathing.

To feel fear move away from you as you realize it's only being held in place by your thoughts; well there is nothing so liberating. It's so liberating. To sit here, and let it slip off of me, as I realize there is nothing in my life which requires all that worrying, it's just so peaceful and free to feel this way again. I ask myself "why do I spend so much time with worry and fear?" and the answer is "i just forgot I didn't have to."

Awakening is cyclic. And when you reach a new "level" (if that's even the term) is to realize that you know less than you did the previous level, and then to laugh out loud and smile knowing that the less you know, the fuller you are.

It's simple. It's all so very simple. Science quantifies it all and categorizes and analyse it and helps life and biology make sense to the pragmatic brain. And yet feeling it is a simple exhalation and release of clenched muscles. A deep breath in to stimulate the overall body; and then a conscious choice to stay relaxed and unclenched.

After that you can pretty much do what you want to do :)

And that being said and done, I'm going to just enjoy this now. I don't know if I can achieve this frequency all the time, or periodically, because my biology and personality/ego are used to the structure and schedule of fear and worry and anxiety. But I'm going to work on retraining those impulses, because this just makes more sense.

Take a deep breathe, and don't think - just feel, that everything is alright, and okay, and always is.

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