Tuesday, January 14, 2014

God is Greater Than Your Deepest Truth

I am an ardent seeker of truth, and the truth is subjective, and hides under layers of subterfuge and ego much of the time, so truth seeking can be a needle hunt, and send one off on side tangents and journeys into the darker reaches of the psyche. For one to genuinely wish to see the truth of who they are, to really wish to understand who they are, they must be willing to take a lot of of cosmic anvils to the forehead, a lot of uppercuts to the identity, and it requires much uncomfortable eating of crow.

You see, the truth is something we seldom deal in when looking at who we are, as we tell our stories, and build up layers of comfortable persona-laden tidbits in order to feel more at home within the skin. To know truth one must see the fallacies within, clearly and without bias, and understand their own human condition intimately. It is our condition to seek comfort and safety, and often truth flies in the face of such things, making us feel twitchy and not at all at ease. So we rewrite the past, and build up bits of who we have been in order to live with it in a more peaceful way. 

We do this with God too, and this is indeed the most basic of our conditioning as a species. We identify with a deity that fulfils needs we have deep within, and so we personalize God and build Him in our own image and likeness. God becomes the parent we never had, the mentor we sought growing up, the shoulder we could weep upon and the hand which guides us lovingly. We put our own needs and wants and insecurities into our expectations of God, until we stop addressing God, and replace Him with the being we need; choosing our insecurities over truth.

But God is not the type of deity that coddles insecurity and pats heads and feeds cookies. 

God doesn't lie to Her creations, and does not waste time feeding false delusions with further illusions of grandeur. 

I see people on social networks addressing their Gods, praying for their petty wants and desires, pleading with and posturing and playing politics, trying to bargain with God in order to have their own will be done. Very few people are comfortable at the core with "thy will be done." In truth, we push our agendas on to God, and when God doesn't hand over the keys to the kingdom on a silver platter then victims are born.

I am a big fan of prayer; I pray often, quietly, inwardly and outwardly. I pray when I gaze upon the stars, I pray when I lay in bed at night, I pray when I see a baby smile. And when I think I want something I try to humbly ask God to do as She sees fit, and grant me the serenity to accept that choice. 

To truly love and accept God, you have to love and accept yourself, and understand a few basic principals at the core of your being;

  • God is not invested in your drama, and He grants you free will - you will experience the consequences of your previous choices, so be sure you're able to live with your choices.
  • God is not a wish master, She is not a genie in a bottle, no amount of asking nicely will grant your wishes. Want your prayers answered? Pray for selfless things. God loves givers.
  • God helps those who help themselves. Get off your knees, begging doesn't become you.
  • God is not a physical being, does not look like you, does not experience emotions like you, and is indeed far beyond any of our comprehension. If you truly understood WHO God IS, you would never feel fear, anger, jealousy, envy, or compulsion again.
  • God has better things to do than answer your ever whim.
  • God is greater than your deepest truth, your most fervent yearning, your most sorrowful pain.
To really have a relationship with the infinite energy of the Universe, the Giver Of Duality, the Granter Of Decisions, you will want to stop seeing Him as a He. Stop seeing Her as a She. God is All. God is energy.

God is vibration and sound and elements of light and dark and everything in between. God is ALL.

All couldn't care less about what job you do, or if you fall in love, or if your children are behaved, or if you get the raise, or house, or car, or anything else you ask God for. God gave you all the tools you need to grant these things to yourself.

What God does is exist - within all - lending Universal energy to All. You can access this energy and work with it, or you can ignore it and worship petty godlings and false idols.

And when it comes to world religions - they are all false idols.

Yet none are wrong, and there is no sin. It is all self imposed - God is the most accommodating creator you could conceive of - there is no limit to what you can do in Gods Garden.

I urge you to stop seeing God in the mirror, and start seeing God as more than you are, learn to let go of your dogma and pre-conceived notions, and seek the truth in the most honest and humble way you can. Talk to God, and then still your mind, turn off your agenda seeking ego, and listen.

God is always talking. Birds sing, God talks. Rains fall, God talks. A star falls, God talks. The Moon waxes, God Talks. 

Are you listening?

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