Monday, October 10, 2011

Ascension Symptoms

During our Spiritual Awakening experience, which is indeed ongoing and infinite, we find our body, mind, and emotions facing challenges at times. Many people refer to these challenges as "Ascension Symptoms", and this is quite apt, as they are symptoms of an energetic lightening of your aura and Chakra's.

These symptoms can be trivial and barely even noticeable, such as moments of blurred eyesight, or occasional and slight heart palpitations. We can experience exhaustion which can last for weeks at a time, and then out of nowhere we are revitalized with a renewed level of vitality and zeal.

And then there can be more pronounced or even troubling symptoms, which can cause you to feel anxious or fearful for your health and mental well being. Indeed I have had my own rich list of symptoms through the years, and some of them were incredibly overwhelming upon their onset. When I began to experience internal tremors I was petrified that something was "wrong" with me, and saw virtually every type of medical professional I could within a year and a half. As I continued to search for the cause of this inner trembling it became humorous, as one professional was sure it was restless leg syndrome, even though I could feel it in my ears and arms and chest. Another was quite certain I had sleep apnea, even though the tremor is noticeable during my waking hours. Yet another specialist told me that I had  a benign form of Parkinsons disease, and another said it was attributed to peri-menopause and hormonal shifts.

After a while I just let go, and let "God" as it were; and I looked within my intuition. It was clear that this was indeed a large manifestation of ascension symptoms, and it was relative a large leap through dimensional energy patterns. I have been aware that I am an energetic Vortice since my childhood, yet I never imagined that this could be internalized upon a journey of self-aware Awakening.

So now when the tremor occurs I accept that it is a physical phenomena, and it could indeed be exacerbated by my hormones, or my glands or immune system, or the amount of sleep I had the night previous, or even the food eaten that day. But above all of this I am aware that it is perfect.

You see, these symptoms are perfect in that they are messages to us about how our Awakening is coming along, and they point us to our Chakras and any blocks we may have.

I rarely experience the tremor these days, and when I do I go within to my Heart chakra, cleanse it and work it upwards to the Throat with white light. This always helps to lessen the experience of the violent internal shaking.

These Ascension Symptoms serve to keep us abreast of where we are energetically. Because while we may see our physical self as separate from Spirit, they are in no way disconnected, and the state and wellbeing of one does very profoundly affect the state of the other. So when a symptom is irking you, it's like a message from your Higher Self to seek the imbalance.

Sometimes the cause of our energy disruption can be as trivial as not getting enough sleep, or water, or exercise. Sometimes the energy upheaval can relate to something more profound, like ingesting too many preservatives and additives, or foods and beverages which are not stimulating us in a positive way.

It is imperative to each of us who undergo a conscious Awakening of Spirit to be in the "know" as far as your triune self is concerned. You are body, mind, and spirit, and the three work wonderfully when balanced, and yet when out of balance each is affected and each will manifest in such a way as to get your attention.

So pay attention, and listen to your intuition. If you are doing something which is detrimental to your Awakening and well-being, it will nag at you like a tiny voice in the back of your mind. My little voice nags at me about cigarettes, as indeed this is still a vice I have not been able to break free from. I know that this vice does me harm both in body, and in mind, because the guilt I feel for still smoking will also cause me as much harm as the smoking itself. This will cause an imbalance within my Spirit, which will directly affect my Ascension experience. It is all interconnected.

Please know you can come to the Facebook Group for Awakenings and discuss your ongoing Ascension Symptoms, as we can all help each other to see a bigger picture. Sometimes we are too attached to our own experience to be 100% unbiased and receptive. And as you know, Ascension requires us to be honest, even when that honesty makes us feel defensive or unpleasant.

You are never alone, and you are truly Blessed and Loved. If you are experiencing an Ascension Symptom which you do not understand please feel free to contact me. And if you feel you can help others understand theirs please also join the Facebook Group linked above, so that you can be of service to other brothers and sisters of Light.

Treat yourself gently, with love. Eat healthy live foods, drink clean clear water, get plenty of sleep, and keep your thoughts balanced and positive. These can be trying times, and yet when we are in a balanced state of center, we are able to see beyond the polarity of the world around us, to the Peaceful calm which Is Infinite.


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