Friday, September 5, 2014

Raising Your Frequency Through Meditation; Achieving Ascension

I talk a lot about meditation, chakras, and energy work. Right now I'd like to talk about what these things lead to; the goal many of us share which is to attain a higher rate of vibrancy - ascension.

Ascension in the biblical sense means we all leave our physical bodies behind and rise into Heaven. In the Spiritual or New Age sense, it is quite the same - yet we do not have to die to do it.

When you meditate, or do yoga, or go on Shamanic voyage, or perform energy work or lightwork of some kind, the desire is Universal and the same from each one of us; rising above the humdrum tedium of the every day world, to achieve a state of peace, higher thinking, Oneness, and calm.
Yet, do you ever wonder what would happen if you continued to rise higher than you typically do?

There is no end to how "high" we can soar, literally, when we are opening ourselves up Universally and rising vibrationally so that we are achieving a higher state of being. There are "limits" to the physical body of course, there are "places" where the vibration is so high, the frequency too intense, and the physical body is just too dense to manage operating within the chaotic-like waves of energetic activity. So we rise as far as we desire to, within the context of being a Human, and there are levels of dimensional reality that we can access which are truly transcendent and blissful. There is no need to fear going "too far" - it's not possible.

It is so human and natural to fear this "place" the first few times you "get there". It's alien to the human body to be bombarded by such rapidly vibrating energy and light, and it can cause the nervous system to respond with anxiety, which can cause heart palpitations, sweats, shaking. Yet if you remember that you are okay, and what you're accessing is always there, surrounding you, and you're simply accessing it consciously for the first times, it becomes easier to assimilate.

Meditation or yoga, chanting, chakra work, all these and more are basically all tools meant to lead to the same destination; which is indeed not a place, but an expansion of consciousness. When you let the stress within the physical body slide off, by oxygenating your blood and brain, and you feel your body begin to truly un-clench as relaxation settles into each limb and part of your body, you then will begin to think, and perceive from a different state of "mind". This is a higher aspect of your reality, and you can rise even higher into it.

Never attempt energy work or astral travel when you are not confident or sure that you are okay - your own thoughts about a thing make it manifest. If there is doubt within you, or fear, you may well create a negative or fearful experience. So be sure you first understand why you are trying to access a higher dimensional resonance.

The reason any of us want to rise upwards vibrationally is to connect to Source; Love, Light, and positivity. This in fact is closer to the true state of your soul, and you'll recognize it as such as you begin to feel those waves of bliss physically roll down your body. You will know intuitively that all is perfect in that moment. If your mind wanders or you face uncertainty just start again, breathing deeply, feeling the weight of the heavy oppressive 3 dimensional world slip off of your body. As you breathe deeply it will feel as though you are becoming physically lighter, and this is also natural.

Allow me to lead you on a quick little journey, right there where you sit.

Just take a few deep cleansing breaths, and then open your mouth just a bit, so that there is a small space between your upper teeth and your lower teeth. With each inhaled breath through your nose, let your tongue rise to touch the roof your mouth just behind your front teeth. As you exhale through your mouth, lower your tongue back down behind your bottom teeth.  Feel your jaw relax. Do this for as long as you'd like, and with each breath in see that all is Light energy of varied speeds and vibrations. Inhale the Light into you, and with each exhale you will expel grey smoke or ash, symbolizing stress, worry, fear, anxiety. Do this for as long as you wish to. In fact do this simple part of beginning a meditation as many times a day as you wish to. Its a great way to reconnect and come back to "your senses". Five minutes of good deep breathing a few times a day can make a great deal of difference in your overall sense of well being.

Okay, when you are content with your breathing, and are full of the Light, as you've exhaled all of your worry and strife, feel that every part of your physical body is actually a minute pinpoint of light. Your skin, the cells, your blood, organs, bones - all comprised of Light energy and carbon and water. Still breathing deeply feel your inner Light shining outwards from within you, until you can feel the light pulsing around you. This is your aura, your Light body. This is where your Chakra's link from your Spiritual body to your Physical body.

Tune into the Light radiating from you, and focus on how light you feel, and intend that you continue to drop heavy dense energy, as you rise upwards vibrationally to a higher state of understanding and awareness. This is a place where deep moments of connection, understanding, kismet and communion take place. And from here you may choose to remain there, or rise even higher.

As you rise above your Spiritual body, feel the Light within and around you pulsating outwards; realize now that it is connected to the Light all around you, of other people, places, animals, plants, the sky, the earth - see how your Light has no real beginning or end - as all Light on a Universal level of reality is all of One source. Some light areas are dense, some are dim, some are brighter, some burn hot, some are cold to the touch, yet all of life on Earth is connected via this Life energy, or Chi. From this place you are capable of sending healing to the Earth, it's inhabitants, creatures, lakes, rivers and oceans, the atmosphere, and everything and everyone on Earth.

You can choose to remain there, in that state of Earthly communion, or continue to rise even higher. Because there are still places you can feel and experience beyond Earth - as you rise and feel your connection to the planets in our solar system, the sun, the moons, the dark energy between everything, and then move out to the many solar systems within our milky way galaxy - this is a journey you can take as far as you want, until you are seeing the entire Universe connected by this essential Life energy.

As you raise your own vibration upwards, you free your mind from small heavy Earthly processes, and become more attuned to your souls thoughts and feelings. Words become less impactful, as everything now processes through your senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste, thought. Explore to your hearts content - Feel how we are all connected by the same essential Light energy - know that you are free to rise above, at any time you wish to.

It is from this higher state of consciousness that I perform a Tarot reading, or cleanse my home, work with Reiki, and commune with my guides and the Universal Source of all Life. You can work on your home, your family, pets, or your city, state/province, country etc. There are no limits to where you can send your Light Energy and Love intentions. Sharing that warmth and love within you is the most delightful feeling your soul can have in your body, and the Love you will feel within you is indescribable.

As always, I am more than happy to help you better understand meditation, ascension, or anything you are having difficulty understanding, or achieving or maintaining. Always know you can reach me by email or on Facebook.

You are divine. You are loved beyond your comprehension. You are gifted beyond your present understanding, and there is no limit to what you can achieve when your heart walks in union with your intuition and wisdom.

With Utmost Love & Blessings,

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